Graphic Design and Visual Identity: Feiner Herr

Let’s take a look at this visual identity & graphic design work by Hojin Kang in collaboration with Sebastian Haus for Feiner Herr; a street food startup that is all about pancakes with a twist. I really appreciate how the approach totally fits with what Feiner Herr is all about from the colours, product, the chef and that fancy looking truck. Hojin totally nailed it, hope you will enjoy!

Published on Behance, it's the work from Hojin Kang. He is a designer based in Berlin, Germany; focusing his work into art direction, graphic design and branding. Hojin is also the co-founder of a visual collective called: LDMA.

Feiner Herr – pancake moderne, corporate identity for a street food startup, based in berlin
Graphic Design and Visual Identity: Feiner Herr Adobe Stock: Adobe Stock: The Female Creator


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