Designing your own capsule espresso on the go - Industrial Design

Another subject that I would like to share about, 'industrial design', it's something I dearly enjoy to the point that maybe one day I will make a career switch but not yet... Let's take a look at this cool concept of the Cosso, a way to re-invent how we make our espresso and using its feature of making your own capsule as well for later use. I am a fan of coffee and I would totally see myself using this machine for my daily life whatever you would want your coffee on the go at all times. Just like the way you would store those Airpods? Let's dive into this concept more in-depth, it's a lovely design by Studio Fountain.

Can people who enjoy their own coffee taste drink their coffee anytime, anywhere?

Industrial Design

About Studio Fountain

Fountain Studio is a design studio based in Seoul, Korea, they are mostly focused on industrial design but recently jumped into paper craft. It's time to see them putting an effort on education and exploring new medium like paper craft for example.

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