Hykavy Stylish Personal Rebrading

José Augusto Hykavy really went above and beyond with his personal brand redesign. The colors for me are simply fantastic. His goal behind this project was to not be just a symbol or monogram, but a complete and striking identity that could be recognized and applied anywhere.

José Augusto Designer — extensive and with little personality — I changed to my surname, HYKAVY, it reads "hikavi", of Ukrainian origin and has no specific meaning, it was given as a physiological characteristic.


The gradient as a graphic support was inspired by the holographic material. Bringing prominence,  brightness, strong vibration and irreverence in applications. The mix of colors means the countless  experiences and references that we absorb during our career and life, adds Jose. This acquired knowledge results  in a vast amount of ideas, possibilities, paths, colors, shapes, etc. Through the creative process this influences and inspirations result in the final solution.

Branding and Visual Identity

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