Intercellar - Accidental Anomalies of Particle Wallpapers

Intercellar is a series of free wallpapers designed 'by accident' by Crtomir Just. I mentioned 'accident' because 'the images are the results of errors in particle simulations'. I think they are super stunning and crispy. We took the liberty to share Crtomir's entire collection and their 'download links'. You can download the 8K wallpapers, this feature is a reminder of what we used to do back in the days. We are definitely living in different times but it's always a nice reminder to remember what we were made of.

These images are the results of errors in particle simulations. While accidentally trying to scrub through the timeline, the otherwise predictable simulation explodes and is forced to take strange turns by blindly filling the gap between missing frames.

About Crtomir Just

Crtomir is an art director and 3D artist based in Murska Sobota, Slovenia, his work slightly shifted and it’s plain awesome. Make sure to follow his work on Behance and store.






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