Minimalist Flower Vase by Shinya Oguhi

Flowers are always beautiful from bud to withered. Intending to show off the beauty of flowers, this flower vase was conceived, not any flower vase, but an elegant example of great industrial design.  The author is Shinya Oguhi, an award winner industrial designer based in Tokyo, Japan. There’s not much to say about this project, it’s the perfect combination of form and function. Minimalism at its best.

Artists are eager to draw flowers because every flower has different color and shape and also the condition is changing every time. Moreover, people naturally think that flower is beautiful. Then it is an attractive object for artists. Artists use a brush to draw flowers on a canvas but this time, a fresh flower will turn to be a fresh picture.


You can also check out how it was made. I don’t speak Japanese, but the images definitely give a sense. Making of -> .

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