Elegant Waves of Light by Maria Grønlund

Maria Grønlund has shared an elegant series titled: Waves of Light. This is a return to her insanely popular and game-changing project 'I speak fluid colors' she published back in 2013. Still in the atmosphere of a study in colors and Illustrator techniques based on Illustrator blends tweaked in Photoshop. The results are just as mesmerizing as she originally worked which is pretty upscaling. Let's give it a look!

Colors communicate at the speed of light, speaking to all no matter what country or language is yours. Light waves travel from the sun through space and reach our eye in an instant. Wordlessly, poetic. Yet with an abundant explosion of hues that create moods, feelings, and evoke souls to create art.

Digital Art

About Maria Grønlund

Maria is a graphic designer from Lystrup, Denmark. While surfing her profile, I really do appreciate how her work just keeps improving and progressing to a better outcome. Make sure to follow her work!

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