Blink brings a Tactile Journey to Editorial Design

Blink magazine recognizes that the rise of the Internet has left the beauty of print media in the dust. The audience has unlimited access to information and resources online that is only a click away, however the intimate experience of a well designed magazine through the aesthetic quality of sheets will always leave a lasting impression. That’s the description of the project that Victoria Ng shared on their Behance profile.

Like all humans, we are made up of different layers and at Blink we uncover the hidden journeys behind the careers of our interviewees. The magazine focuses on individuality, it is a raw art that exposes trendy design and the craft behind it all.

The aim for this magazine was to bring the reader into a tactile journey whilst maintaining a minimalistic appearance through the different layers and paper material; mediums that cannot be experienced online. The use of tracing paper is a symbolism of the transparency that Blink magazine promises to their audience. The translucent layers was although difficult to hand-bind it reflected the core concept of Blink - the notion of invisibility and movement.  White Ink on translucent paper did not only maintain a simplistic visual style but ensure the text-imagery wouldn’t overcrowd the content and gives depth to the page.

The aim for this magazine was to bring the reader into a tactile journey

For the web component, it is important to maintain a visual relationship with the magazine. Thus, I chose to use the same fonts and color coordination for easy navigation. The broken shapes shadowing behind the main screen emphasizes this idea of transparency (relating back to the use of translucent paper). 

Editorial and Web Design

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