Realpaw Amazônia - Branding

Realpaw is a premium line of natural products for dogs that uses only natural ingredients to help humans who already have an ecologically responsible lifestyle and want well-groomed, happy and long-lived dogs. The brand believes that pets are like family members and should be treated and cared for as such. Thus its products are cruelty-free, and it supports institutions that care for destitute and homeless animals.

Realpaw Amazônia was born to help people keep their dogs beautiful and smelling good while using natural and non-toxic extracts from the Amazon Rainforest, which are sought in partnerships with responsible extractive communities with reforestation actions.

For your dog, only the best.

The brand positioning, Good care for who does you good, reflects both the brand's purpose of taking care of your companion and its concern with the environment. Besides that, it also leaves room for the brand to expand not only its product portfolio without having to adjust its positioning, but also its actions regarding other social causes.

The verbal identity was developed with a kind voice that conveys care and attention, and a tone that is simple - clear and to the point, transparent - speaking things as they are, and Brazilian -  reinforcing both its founder and its ingredients' origin. 

The visual identity was developed to resonate the premium and natural aspect of the product, without resembling the clichês of eco conscious brands. We use two typefaces: KyivType Sans for titles, that brings a stylistic and elegant look, combined with Moderat for body texts, a contemporary typeface with geometric shapes and edgy accents.

Our illustrations help to bring a “human” and “natural” feel to our brand, through a more artistic and irregular brush and some rough textures. We present our super ingredients in their natural form, including leaves and fruits. They can be combined to create an Amazon Rainforest mood and also according to the ingredients of the products’ formula.

For more information make sure to check out Behance for all the contributors for this great project.

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