Welcoming Projector. A powerful creative tool to discover.

Is there a place for another tool? What if I say there is a combination of Figma and Google Slides? Curious now right? We would like to share a warm welcome to Projector. What is Projector? It's a web browser-based tool that helps individuals and teams turn ideas into beautiful visuals across any format. Inspired by modern media, you will get quickly familiar with its ways of helping you build and shape your ideas. I would like to personally thank the team at Projector for granted me early access and seeing what they are building. Now it's their time, so I invite you to Try Projector.



Hello Projector

Once signed up or logged in, this is the interface of Projector. There are some resemblances to Figma and Google Slides but ‘supercharged’. After a few clicks, you totally understand its purpose and it’s friendly enough to get by. I took the liberty to share a quick walkthrough below, give it a look.

Some resemblances to Figma and Google Slides but ‘supercharged’

Choose a template

I think this is where Projector shines in my opinion. You can quickly navigate through the different categories of templates. They are quite beautiful and definitely give you a perfect hint of what you are choosing. I just wanna highlight there are templates for Instagram, TikTok and some of them are animated. Props to the Projector team for providing such a variety in the templates.

Start from scratch

You can also start from scratch. I haven’t gone super deep in the editing of its capabilities but it has a lot to offer. First of all, selecting the perfect frame for your needs is right on from the start. I just dig how they thought about the little frustrations we had when using Google Slides for example and find its way to make it more simple and intuitive.

A platform that empowers you with design abilities. Excites you with trending resources. And embraces you into a community that stokes your creative fire.

Try Projector


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