Introducing Adobe XD CC

Adobe just announced the preview or public beta version of their highly anticipated design tool for interface designers. I got the chance to test drive during the first closed beta and since day one I was quite impressed with the tool and how Adobe decided to take action. Well, they killed my favorite tool, Fireworks, so they had to do something about it :). Jokes aside, Adobe Experience Design CC also known as project Comet is a promising tool that still needs some work but there's a lot to love the way it is.

The first thing you will notice when using it is how fast it is. Compared to Sketch, it's crazy, I wish Sketch was that fast. Figma, another great tool is also super fast but I give the edge to Adobe. Other things that draw me to the tool is the new UI, nothing like old Adobe apps, simple and elegant. Some bets they took are also admirable at last, like not having a layers list and keeping the app laser focused on fewer things.

As I said, there's still some work to be done, like multiple shadows, a more robust prototyping tool, mobile preview, etc but I know Adobe is working on that and the best thing to do is to download, use it and provide feedback to them. They have been super attentive to what the community wants.

So for this post I want to share a project created with Adobe Experience Design CC Preview. The project was created by Serge Vasil and originally posted on his Behance page.

I'm thrilled to have been asked by Adobe to test and explore the new Experience Design CC (formerly Project Comet). Using this advanced software, I designed and prototyped a mobile application that showcased the revolutionary new features and benefits of this program while simultaneously creating valuable assets for Adobe to be used in further demo and instructional materials.

For more information check out Adobe Experience Design CC website.

Live Prototype

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