Introducing Craft Styles by Invision LABS

Invision LABS has just released Craft-Styles, a tool (only available on Sketch) where you can create stunning, comprehensive style guide with just a few clicks. Craft has been a game changer in their recent release to a sustain increase of productivity among us designers. This is what I really do enjoy about this community, creating better tools together.

We have seen significant adoption among the design community, with 86% on Sketch and 14% on Photoshop.

• Styles, which exists within the new Craft Manager, creates a new page within Sketch with the project's color palette, fonts, and text styles.
• Users can also include a host of custom elements, like buttons, symbols, and more.
• The Styles-generated guide syncs to projects, so when designers make a change to the guide, the change applies across the entire project.
• Styles is exclusively for Sketch users. Craft is 100% free. When users update or download Craft, they will get Styles and the new Craft Manager too.

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