Learning Blender 3D

For the past month or so I started to learn 3D. My tool of choice, Blender. I played with Cinema 4D in the past. I think it’s a phenomenal tool, however, I cannot ignore the fact that it is expensive. Well, at least for me, which the purpose right now is learn and have fun, no ROI. I also knew about Blender, but didn’t know how active the community was. So many tutorial videos and resources available for free. It reminded me a bit of the early 2000s when I started the blog with Photoshop tutorials. 

Learning a new tool is not easy, but the sense of accomplishment is quite rewarding, even when the result is not that great. I just wanted to share some images I’ve created in the past couple of weekends. If you have feedback, tutorials to share or links, please let me know. You can also see my latest experiments here or on my personal Instagram (@fmsasso)

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