Texere - Complexity of Cloth with Simple Composition in 3D

Michael Novia shared a beautiful 3D project of personal explorations using Cinema 4D titled Texere, which is an exploration of composition and color. I've experimented with organic cloth simulations and vibrant materials. Texere attempts to blend the complexity of cloth with simple, uncomplicated composition and dramatic lighting.

Windows 11 Wallpapers in 3D with Blender + Octane

Sonny Nguyen shared an awesome 3D project created using Blender and Octane render. If you’re like me you will agree that Windows 11 wallpapers are beautiful. Sonny truly liked them so went a step farther and decided to create his own wallpapers in 3D using Blender with Octane render. But it doesn’t end there, Sonny also shared a tutorial on how to make them. There goes my weekend :)

Smooth Flow Series — 3D Inspiration

Danny Ivan shared a collection of 3D images and abstract compositions for his Smooth Flow Series. This one for the second quarter of 2021. As usual it’s a beautiful set of smooth, colorful and simply beautiful images. Danny describes it as “shapes and Gradients Flow represents the interaction with technology and human behaviors.” — all the work was done using Maxon Cinema 4D and SideFX Houdini.

3D Architecture - The ‘Japanese Garden’ Series

Six N. Five is an art direction and imagery studio based in Barcelona, Spain. They shared an experimental 3D art mixed with architecture titled 'the Japanese Garden' series. It's a full CGI illustration series about a culture that is truly fascinating to me. For those, you know me is fully knowledgeable of my love for Japan and everything that comes through this modern and contemporary traditions. First of all, just by looking through this series, they all look like photographs.

Quarantine Selects - Beautiful 3D Work by Santi Zoraidez

Santi Zoraidez, like many of us, has been using design and personal projects to alleviate the anxiety and stress of this weird year. Santi put together a beautiful collection of abstract 3D work. All super stylish and full of color. I am definitely using these as reference for me to try to recreate them in either Adobe Dimensions or Blender. 

Abstract 3D Illustrations by Mathieu Le Berre

Mathieu Le Berre is an art director into motion and 3D based in Paris, France. We are taking a look at his series titled 'Andromeda' which is a 3D abstract piece as I quote: 'objects of the natural, real or imaginary world, but only shapes and colors for themselves.' It's purely imaginative, creative, vibrant, and I really dig the art direction. You should definitely check out more of his work via his Behance and other social feeds. He has lots of amazing projects and more to come I am sure.

8 Favorite Rappers in 3D

Carlos Antón Varó used his 3D design skills to pay tribute to his 8 favorite rappers of this century. The 3D models have a quite playful look, looking like emojis. For this task Carlos used Maxon Cinema 4D and Redshift for rendering. The images are in no particular order.

預言 Prophecy Series — Cinema 4D

Recently I was watching this novelty on Netflix titled 'Wish Dragon', it tells the story about a 'wish-granting dragon'. I would definitely recommend it. As I was searching for inspiration for kick-off the week, I stumbled across the work of KaoMing. He is a motion & CG artist based in Taipei, Taiwan Region. He shared a series named '預言 Prophecy' and it's basically a collection of jade pieces representing different traditional figures like a dragon, lion, fish, and so on.

Konica Pop - 3D and Motion Design

In November 2020, Thibaut Crepelle came across an eye flashing lil compact film camera, the Konica Pop, the yellow one (coolest one). Thibaut completely fell in love with its design, its vibrancy and instantly bought it, because he knew a little bit about that camera.

Breathing Nature - Abstract 3D Breathing Wildlife

Marcio Flausino shared a beautiful 3D project titled Breathing Nature. In this set of 3D compositions, Mario explores natural environments with abstract breathing wildlife. Take a moment to pay attention to your breath. The tools used were Maxon Cinema 4D and Redshift in addition to Adobe After Effects.

Elegant Cloth — 3D Art by Vinicius Araújo

I think most of us have seen the release of the new Windows 11, whatever you like it or not. I think it was a bold release in terms of visuals and branding. I also think we all noticed that 'elegant cloth' texture, this is why this personal recreation by Vinicius Araújo caught my eye. Vinicius is a graphic & motion designer based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and he has done beautiful attempts. I somehow enjoy the orange scheme somehow, it's probably because it's the warm season.

3D Pixel Retro Electronics by Joanna Ngai

From Seattle, Johanna Ngai is an illustrator and UX designer at Microsoft. She proved to us that you can be filled with skills, and it definitely shows in her artwork. These pixel 3D illustrations are just hit right in the spot, and they are nostalgic too. Most of the electronics from that era are dated but were very appreciated and most loved by our generation but also to the generation to come. Here some more of her work and you'll get lose yourself in it, inspired by all the little details and angles of her illustration. Hope you will like them.

Nissan Fairlady Z in Autodesk 3ds Max

Yuri Rodchenko is a 3D automotive modeler based in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. He shared on Behance, a stunning creation of the 'Nissan Fairlady Z' made in Autodesk 3ds Max and also with Vray, and Phoenix FD. The result looks completely stunning almost like a photograph. I think what I appreciate the most is the car dashboard where it straight up synthwave and retro madness.

Satisfying Loops using Cinema 4D and Octane Render

Ben Fearnley shared a series of, as he says, very satisfying loops created using Cinema 4D and Octane Render. As a fan of 3D and trying to learn a bit more in my spare time, this type of work definitely gives me the boost of motivation to keep going.

3D Animal Portraits by Maxim Shkret

This is the best opportunity to share some colours into your feed. Nothing to bring joy and inspiration than the work of Maxim Shkret with our constant admiration of his 3D animal series. Maxim is a digital artist that is super-talented and it's always refreshing. We pleasurably featured his work before and it's what we all needed right now, at this time in the World.

Ventures II - 3D Lo-fi geometric scenes

Ventures II is a beautiful 3D and motion design project created and shared by Ryan Hawthorne. Expanding off of the original series Ventures II continues to explore light, form, scale and perspective. In this iteration of the series Ryan played with a new set of portals and a bit of game theory to create another set of moody, Lo-fi geometric scenes. Ryan is also excited to see where this series goes next as the Ventures continue. If Ryan is, imagine us.

Playing with Glass Refraction in 3D

Yuklung Young shared a quite beautiful 3D project using Maxon Cinema 4D and Octane Render. The idea was quite simple but the execution was flawless. Basically it’s a set of explorations of glass refraction of basic forms (circles and squares) in primary colors. For some reason I love this type of experimentation and especially how it looks.

3D Digital Experiments by Ana Gomez Bernaus

Ana Gomez Bernaus is an art director based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. She shared her series titled 'Digital Paint' which is a series of 3D experiments on how the paint will look through transparency and reflection. The results are completely stunning, it truly feels like when you were a kid exploring the real world through the prism shape. I am digging seeing Ana's work and how she just explore different things. Make sure to check out her site and her Behance profile.

Favorite Fonts in 3D with Blender 3D

Juri Friedlein shared a beautiful 3D project where the goal was to create 3D illustrations of Juri’s favorite and most used fonts. The result is a quite beautiful set of monochrome compositions highlighting Bodoni, Futura and Helvetica. The best part of the whole thing is that it was done using my favorite 3D tool, Blender 3D :)

3D Personal Explorations by Leonardoworx LWX

We always enjoy how Leonardoworx LWX takes new leaps with his personal explorations in 3D with this series titled: 'LOST TAPES Spring 21'. He is a digital artist based in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. On abdz, we have featured his work many times and yet it's always has inspiring through the techniques, and just look at those colours! With a combination of tools like Cinema 4D, Procreate, Illustrator and more. Nothing stops Leonardoworx LWX to push the boundaries of his creativity.

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