Collection of Abstract 3D Explorations

Atilla Kurt shared a collection of abstract 3D explorations created using  Autodesk Maya, Maxon Redshift, Adobe Photoshop. They feature simple compositions using spheres with beautiful materials/textures and lighting. The attention to details really set the work appart, especially the golden elements with realistic reflections.

Unreal & Abstract Architecture

Peter Tarka is an art director and 3D artist based in London, United Kingdom, we have been featured his work for many many years. He never failed to inspire and take us to places where we wish we could simply be. He has released via his Behance titled 'Abstract Architecture', a series of 3D pieces he built in Maxon Cinema 4D, Otoy Octane, Adobe Photoshop. With this never-ending pandemic, we needed some 'Peter Tarka' through these inspiring spaces. Check it out!

Le Kunst - Classic Paintings Style in 3D

Berd . shared this incredible 3D project on Behance that started as a personal challenge trying to recreate “the lighting” used by the painters but then it became a journey to practice and learn new skills like organic modeling, shader creation and composition. In addition to the opportunity to collaborate with different professionals that helped Berd to create the desired results.

Dimensional Typopgraphy Experiments

It’s the weekend and if you like me, like to spend your weekends trying to learn something new here’s a little motivation, to be more specific, some 3D and typography motivation. Rishabh Gandhi shared a 3D project aimed to explore type forms in a distinctive medium, experimenting with 3 dimensional motion graphics. It’s simple, but it’s also a great for folks to try to recreate that to learn the tools. 

Chance Architecture in 3D

Noelia Lozano STUDIO shared a 3D project exploring the idea of magical architecture places mixed in an environment full of visual metaphors highlighting the textures and light in this surreal wonderland. All compositions were made using Cinema 4D.

Miro Paintings Turned Into 3D Art

Alina Druzhaeva shared a collection of 3D artwork that is her free interpretation of the painting of the Spanish artist Joan Miró. Inspired by the graphic richness of his work and some typical techniques, she made two 3d compositions in which Miro's quirky characters became three-dimensional figures. Instead of using canvas, brush and paint, her tools of choice were Cinema 4D and Arnold for render.

Tech Cubes in 3D with Cinema 4D and Octane Render

Virtual Loop Designs shared a collection of 3D compositions titled Tech Cubes. These abstract images were created in Maxon Cinema 4D and rendered in OTOY Octane Render. As you can see, they all have awesome light effects, a prerequisite to get featured on the blog as you all know, I am a fan of light effects :)

Periodic Table of Elements in 3D

Nemanja Pesic shared a 3D project using Modo 3D and VRay exploring some of the elements of the periodic table and how/where they are used in our daily lives. From a Helium balloon to a neon light, everything realistically rendered in 3D.

Hikari - Japan Inspired 3D Lights

From Pom Pom’s office in Stockholm, Thomas Pomarelle and Simon Appel meditated around the concept of light during the lockdown. As they were wandering around, looking through the window, they decided to take a spiritual journey to the last and still vivid memory they had from the world from before: Japan. All the work was created using Maxon Cinema 4D and Redshift

3D Pokemon Art made with Cinema 4D

With all the time we have been spending home in confinement. I guess we all have our share of streaming and binging TV shows and movies. I recently watched Detective Pikachu and somehow have this new appreciation for these cute characters. For this new finding, let's take a look at these amazing 3D illustrations of Pokemon made with Cinema 4D, created by 이 형주 aka Studio Bugaboo based in Seoul, Korea.

Organic Series 3D Abstract Botanicals

Nouran Zedan shared a 3D and motion design project titled Organic Series, a collection of abstract botanicals with some loops that show it’s subtle movement in its natural environment. Each of the Images have subtle lights, showing the translucency of the petals and stems. Avoiding the traditional leaf textures, I made some wavy lines textures in Photoshop to show more of the eccentricity of the plants. All of them are modeled and animated using Cinema4D and rendered in Octane.

Microsoft 365 - The New Way 3D Illustration Series

Mathieu L.B and Matthieu Braccini have shared their collaboration project with Microsoft Design on the Office 365 Suite. They had the amazing task to produce a series of 3D illustrations and the results are mesmerizing. Kudos to Mathieu, Matthieu to take the time to share the process, BTS, and seeing the motion design both mixed in a delightful representation.

3D and Motion Design for Döcke

LOOP shared a motion design project full of awesome 3D work For Döcke, one of Russia's leading suppliers of building materials for suburban housing construction. The team at LOOP came up with a concept of advertising the products using visual techniques that are common for cutting edge phones, sport cars, sneakers and cosmetics, showing the materials in metaphorical and exquisite way that is more appealing and not familiar for the audience in this particular context.

3D Abstract & Colorful Shapes

Danny Ivan shared a set of 3D colorful images created in Maxon Cinema 4D as well as Photoshop. Titled Abstract Shapes 1.0 the collection as the name suggests some abstract forms that look perfect for a wallpaper to be used on your computer or phone. I’d even just print it and frame it on a wall. 

3D Shapes Inspired from Old Microsoft Logos

Deep Yellow, Nertil Muhaxhiri, and Microsoft Design shared an awesome 3D project celebrating a tribute to the history of microsoft design. They developed 3D shapes inspired from old Microsoft logos. Together with the Microsoft team Deep Yellow created a set of three dimensional shape series unfolding the design and brand evolution of Microsoft Design.

Shapes - Realistic Renders, Non-realistic Shapes & Objects

Mehmet Özdemir shared a set of beautiful 3D compositions titled Shapes. These images have simple forms and shapes like spheres and cylinders using materials such as glass and matte colors. The beauty is in the color palette, the movement of each scene as well as the realistic light and rendering. All of that using Blender, my favorite 3D tool.

Gudetama 3D

Diego Maricato shared an incredible image as part of the 3D course he was taking at the Unhide School. Gudetama is a self-study project applying the knowledge and skills acquired during the course, from digital sculpture with Zbrush to texturing and rendering with Cinema 4D. The idea was to take a different approach from what the instructor took. The result is quite amazing, check it out.

3D Studies on the 'Never-Ending Content'

A really cool 3D series by Ben Fearnley, a 3D artist and designer based in New York City, USA. Titled 'Never Ending Content', it's a 3D digital art series that reflects an abstract point-of-view of what most of us are doing during our free time especially during a never-ending global pandemic. SCROLLING through our endless applications whatever is to stream a movie or TV series, music streaming, wallpapers, and what our buddies are doing during their confinement as well. Not all of us do.

3D Big Sur Icons

How about a rad series of Big Sur icons made in 3D to kick off the year? Team duo Vivian Niu and Vikiiing are both designers from Beijing, China. They have released these beautiful, stylish, and 3D icons inspired by iOS 14 Big Sur, at a quick glance, every single icon is there. It's nice to see their own take on icons like Sketch for example who looks much more like a real diamond which is nice.

Deformation Shapes Through Geometric Proximity in 3D

This is the last one in a series of 3D animations in which Maria Pan explored deformation of simple shapes through geometric proximity. Its mesh was created with Blender, and rendered with Octane Render (blender edition). If you, like me, are interested in learning more about using Blender I highly recommend that you check out Maria’s work. It’s truly inspiring. 

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