If I’m Honest Motion Design

Hussam Eissa shared a motion design project featuring a retro look mixed with clever use of 3D. If I’m Honest is a music video made for DJ Gem that takes the viewer through a magical summer journey. The video explores the concept of a twin flame love, a magnetic connection that shows up in the different phases of your life. 

3D & Analog Printing for Kapitaal Screen Print Studio

Kapitaal, a screen print studio based in Utrecht, invited Rutger Paulusse for their New Print exhibition in February 2020. For this event a different artist is invited each month, to create a new screen print. It was the perfect opportunity for Rutger to explore the relationship between cgi work and analog printing techniques further.


J.King Chou shared a 3D and motion design project titled DISPERSION. As the name suggests it’s about light effects and some abstract choreography of shapes overlapping. You all know by now that I am a fan of this type of effect. Perhaps it’s time to dust off my old Photoshop skills.

Clarus Via Motion Design

Anxo Vizcaíno shared a 3D and motion design project titled Clarus Via. Clarus (latin for light, clear) Via (latin for way, path) is a short story about light, an exploration of its behaviors and its capacity to create space and time. It's also about being born, exploring, understanding and finding. Thierry Urbain's work has been a great source of inspiration, along with wonderful architecture works around the world.

Some Handsome Hands - 3D Series

Hands are the part of our body that best allows us to interact with the outside world, it is with our hands that we can act in a magnificent and magical way in our society. It is mainly with hands that humankind created art, and as Ben Harper once sang: "now I can change the world with my own two hand".

Fighting Fish - Motion Design Sculptural Visions

‘Fighting Fish’ is the collision of the sculpture and motion design practices of North Boy South aka multi-award winning motion artist (and Stash alumni) Simon Robson. 2020 with all its ructions has allowed time for many creatives to re-evaluate their paths and Simon is no exception. After years of secretly dreaming and drafting his sculptures on paper, this year Simon has dared to make his practice a reality, diving into the physical realization of his sculptural visions.

GEOMETRY 3D Product Visualization

Peter Janov shared a personal exploration of a set design and 3D product visualization. The main subjects of these renders are furniture pieces manufactured by an Italian brand Cimento. Colorful palette and nice simple shapes of their products inspired me to such an extent that Peter decided to model them and create this set of visualizations. 

3D Typeface Compositions in Cinema 4D

Jeison Barba is and art director based in Medellín, Colombia, he shared a colorful and detailed project via his Behance. Titled 'Typeface Compositions', it's a personal experiment made in Cinema 4D. I am just stunned by the level of details and how the depth is so creative on the actual typography. From a bold message like 'Stay home' to simply 2020; you just gotta appreciate how Jeison explore different color schemes through his pieces.

Nothingness: Eerie 3D Art

Nothingness is the titled of a new set of beautiful but also eerie 3D images created and shared by Murat Yıldırım. The images have a photorealistic style, which made me think they were photos, until I saw the floating boats one. The color, the mood, everything is super inspiring. The 3D software used was Maxon Cinema 4D.

Learning Blender 3D

For the past month or so I started to learn 3D. My tool of choice, Blender. I played with Cinema 4D in the past. I think it’s a phenomenal tool, however, I cannot ignore the fact that it is expensive. Well, at least for me, which the purpose right now is learn and have fun, no ROI. I also knew about Blender, but didn’t know how active the community was. So many tutorial videos and resources available for free. It reminded me a bit of the early 2000s when I started the blog with Photoshop tutorials. 

Abstract Perspective of Glass in 3D

Karan Gujar shared a set of 3D illustrations titled The Cogitation Of Glass. The idea is the action of thinking deeply about glass fusing with different environments creating a set of scenic 3d digital illustrations, viewed through an abstract perspective, the glass portrays the adaptation capabilities of any living matter in any environment creating a visual story connecting with life.

‘Cycle’ - A Short Film by MNFST.studio

'Cycle' is an abstract take on plastic - from its organic origins to how it is slowly becoming a part of the natural cycle. Made by humans to last, MNFST studio questions whether plastic will outlive nature itself. 

Project 365- Daily 3D Challenge

Hussain Almossawi shared a incredible set of 3D explorations that were part of his process as a designer to challenge himself on a daily basis to be more creative. He set a goal to create a series of abstract, futuristic, and surreal looking still frames using different techniques and methods. Each image evokes a different kind of emotion and different visual experience.

Motion Design for Tom Dixon Fat Chair Intro

Tom Dixon needed a creative partner for their latest product creation - the Fat Chair.  Jonathan Formento working closely with the incredible team of the acclaimed British designer to bring the chair to life in a fun and compelling way. They split the film in three chapters: Intro, Materiality and Finale. Below you can se some of the behind the scenes as well as beautiful 3D renderings.

DYST Op. - A Dystopic Cyberpunk Character Series

DYST Op. Became a reality thanks to the global "pandemic" that touched us all. Yes, you read that right, thanks to the pandemic! For many years Lucas Savelli wanted to learn 3D and start creating his own world, but he never managed to make this dream come true.

Texere - Complexity of Cloth with Simple Composition in 3D

Michael Novia shared a beautiful 3D project of personal explorations using Cinema 4D titled Texere, which is an exploration of composition and color. I've experimented with organic cloth simulations and vibrant materials. Texere attempts to blend the complexity of cloth with simple, uncomplicated composition and dramatic lighting.

Ceramic Therapy in 3D using Cinema 4D

Miles Hellyer shared a quite inspiring 3D project titled Ceramic Therapy. The reason I say that is because it’s a simple example of working with 3D. Not hyper realistic or crazy renders. Still, as he says, there are some little details here that make use of a Voronoi fracture, emitters and dynamics but the focus is always on that sweet sweet ceramic goodness.

Squishy Rocks in Blender 3D

If you, like me, are trying to learn a bit more of 3D and chose Blender as the tool of trade I recommend that you check out the work of Matti Tauslahti. This project also links to a nice tutorial on how to create a similar effect. The main object was made with Blender, following bla tadej's tutorial. Textures are made with Affinity Photo and Filter Forge, using base and normal maps. There’s also the mention of Adobe Dimension, which I don’t know if that was used for the render.

21 User Interface Inspired 3D Animations in Blender3d

Derek Elliott created a series of 21 3D animations inspired by user interfaces. They all stick to a theme of white and orange, with simple, machine-inspired animation. The work was done in my newest favorite tool, which I am trying to learn, Blender 3D. 

Geological Maps into 3D Art

Dmitriy Vorontzov is an art director and motion designer based in Moscow, Russian Federation. He shared an intriguing project titled: 'Geological art' and it's basically geological maps turned into 3D art. They look quite amazing and so creative! They are inspired by what we would call 'elevation maps', and pure nostalgic flashback to these big Atlas books. I am starting to be quite fascinated by these.

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