CGI Recreation of the iconic Lancia Stratos HF Zero

The fine folks from Mondlicht Studios have shared their CGI recreation of the iconic Lancia Stratos HF Zero. For those who are not familiar with the Lancia Stratos, well it's a sports car and rally car made by Italian car manufacturer Lancia. The rally portion of the car won the World Rally Championship in 1974, 1975 and 1976. What is the most striking aspect of the car is its design.

FabricHeart Campaign, living the heartbeats - Animation & Cinema 4D

G R A Z A ™ has shared a cool animation & 3D project via his Behance. Titled: FabricHeart / El corazón de todos, it's a full campaign he worked for Cerveza Cristal in goals to create an animated motion video where the concept where 'FabricHeart' is the result of a collection of heartbeats coming from fans from the Peruvian Soccer team. Coming together into a unique Soccer T-shirt, the result is quite amazing.

Beautiful 3D compositions in Blender 3D

Tomasz Artur Bolek shared a set of beautiful 3D images created using in Blender 3D to promote his exclusive premium content for subscribers in Behance. The content includes 3d models of the modular buildings used for this project. As a fan of Blender and especially compositions that explore the high contrast between light and dark, these images have an eerie mood with beautiful color schemes.  What hath night to do with sleep?

IBM – Project Debater Motion Design

Bruno William collaborated with the talented team of Perception NYC developing different concepts, aesthetics and motion tests for one of the ambitious projects of IBM - Project Debater, an advanced Artificial Intelligence technology capable of forming and articulating arguments based on research and facts in real-time.  The main goal and challenge were to create a "persona", a visual representation that was approachable and engaging, also, it needed to be capable of conveying subtle emotions like thought, confidence, humor and disagreement. 

From Vector to 3D Debut Concepts

The amazing people over at Debut shared a cool post exploring different typography styles to promote their studio. You can see in the images below a series of graphic styles, from simple vector illustration style to more intricate 3D visualizations. 

Beautiful 3D Rendered of Maserati Boomerang

If there is one thing that gets me really inspired is retro sports car. I posted about this before, but who doesn’t remember those amazing Lamborghini Countach posters that were all over kids walls in the 80s? Well, perhaps no one, but that’s okay because Marcin Karkowski came to the rescue with an amazing project he shared on Behance.

Bolster - 3D and Visual Identity

Deep Yellow shared the commissioned work they did for Bolster to enhance their visual identity through 3D shapes. The visual language was used to improve the digital experience and print materials.

Surreal Illustration Style: The observatory

The Observatory is an illustration and graphic design project created and shared by Anxo Vizcaíno. It is one of those projects that make your imagination fly away. It reminds me those old school 80s artworks, like you still can see some street artist doing on plates and stuff like that. It has the space theme but with a surreal style of presenting the human figure. It also reminds me of the Monument Valley game due to the isometric perspective. Anyways, I selected some images below for you to check it out.

Concrete vs Nature with Blender 3D

Artur Szygulski shared a beautiful set of 3D typography work created in Blender 3D, my favorite 3D tool. The inspiration behind the 3D alphabet was nature and concrete, or as the title refers to, Concrete vs Nature. 

Isolation Dreams: Illustration Series in Cinema 4D

Prateek Vatash is back with another 'pure awesomeness' illustration series that needed some love on abdz. We have featured his work before and it never ceases to amaze. With the title 'Isolation Dreams', you can't help to see a connection with this pandemic and how this future has become to be. Going through this series, I love the gritty signature he left on every single piece, it makes you feel part of the art and eventually part of his dreams.

Digital Rohrschach in 3D

Roman Bratschi shared a quite intricate and, of course, beautiful 3D project titled Digital Rohrshach, which is inspired by The Rorschach test, a psychological test in which subjects' perceptions of inkblots are recorded and then analyzed using psychological interpretation, complex algorithms, or both. Tools used for this project were Cinema 4d, X-Particles, Octane and Photoshop

3D High Polygon Sliced Geometry with Specular Depth

Somehow, by some absolute Christmas miracle, Stu Ballinger managed to secure an RTX 3090 for his computer. Naturally, with his new-found power, he’s now rendering all the stuff that his old card couldn't, such as super high polygon sliced geometry with a ridiculous specular depth. We are of course jealous of his new video card but we are also inspired to see all this incredible 3d work. By the way, he also quit his job.

Universal - Spreading Scientific Knowledge in 3D

Pier Paolo shared an awesome 3D project titled Universal. In times of misinformation and science denial he decided to use his tools to help spreading scientific knowledge and perhaps make more people curious about these topics. "UNIVERSAL" is a self-initiated project exploring concepts of physics and science. “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” - Carl Sagan

Eerie yet Stunning 3D Compositions by Huleeb

Huleeb is a freelance digital artist based in Montreal, Canada creating daily renders in Blender with the use of various image manipulation softwares. Huleeb’s work is simply stunning with an eerie mood and impeccable compositions. We selected a few samples for you to get inspired. Huleeb also takes on client work.

Iterations - Proceduralism for Design

Marcus Chaloner 's most recent work was spurred on by a recent talk Marcus gave to LCC students in the Spring about proceduralism for design. He wanted to create a system that could rapidly generate wooden forms that normally would’ve taken a painstakingly long time manually.

3D Recreation of the Apartment from 'Her' film

Remember that movie Her starring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Spike Jonze. If you haven't seen the movie, please do watch it first. I just really appreciate the direction of photography by Hoyte van Hoytema. It tells the story of a man who develops a voiced AI virtual assistant named Samantha played by Scarlett Johansson. It's a beautiful film, keeping the same momentum we are sharing the work from Vladyslav Hreben, Max Shpak, and Roman Kravchenko who decided to collaborate and recreate the apartment in the 'Her' film in 3d.

Unordinart places - Ducks, Cars and Architecture

From my early days in art school Ruben Grigorian was fascinated by impossible and unusual things. During his time in architecture school, boring architecture was his enemy. Ruben was fascinated by the works of Wolf D. Prix and Coop Himmelb(l)au, early Zaha Hadid and everyone else from the deconstructivist movement. His goal was to find a perfect mixture of architecture, material things and surreal art like.

Collection of 3D Art & Shapes

We have featured the work of Deep Yellow before on abdz. They are a design studio based in Pristina, Kosovo specializing in visual identities, brand, packaging, and motion. They have shared this massive collection of 3D art and deep shapes for our inspiration titled: 'Deepshape Series'. Make sure to check out the entire collection, it's quite impressive with the shapes themselves. But let's not forget about the lighting and color choices, props to the entire team for this incredible work.

Dancing Lion - Playing with 3D Shapes in Blender

BAOV chen shared a beautiful 3D project using Blender. From the description it seems that after learning about a model made in Blender, BAOV started trying to recreate the style by rearranging shape and topology. After that BAOV made some renderings of the effects and what we see here today is that. Quite inspiring.

3D & Analog Printing for Kapitaal Screen Print Studio

Kapitaal, a screen print studio based in Utrecht, invited Rutger Paulusse for their New Print exhibition in February 2020. For this event a different artist is invited each month, to create a new screen print. It was the perfect opportunity for Rutger to explore the relationship between cgi work and analog printing techniques further.

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