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Lily is a nifty piece of software that helps you (as a company) understand your relationship with your customers. It translates events happening within that relation into context, insights and actions for you to follow up on. Jeroen van Eerden shared a beautiful post on the process behind the branding and identity design of this product that definitely deserves a feature here on ABDZ.

Lily is built around the flow of human communication, so every interaction with the product feels natural andlogical. It will let you do your work fast and structured, which will give you that blissful feeling when everything just works.

About Jeroen van Eerden

Jeroen is a freelance Logo & Branding specialist born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Currently he’s living in Groningen and haves 6 year experience in Logo & Branding design and worked on various projects from all over the globe.

Passionate about all kinds of digital art, branding, print & packaging design and abstract arts. Always searching for creative and innovative solutions, aiming to reach new and fresh visual results, to get the best out of each project.

His creative artworks have resulted in him achieving a reputation with publications, featuring’s and interviews because of his design exposure worldwide.

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