Raleigh Heritage Poster by Brian Miller

Today I was checking Dribbble and I saw this incredible illustration work created by Brian Miller for Raleigh Bicycles. He was also super cool to share with us a little bit of the behind process on his website (http://orlincultureshop.com/). The textures, colors, composition... everything works really well which makes this project truly inspirational

In 2014, I had the distinct honor and privilege of doing illustration work for Raleigh USA. The project was to create a series of posters for a new generation while capturing the timeless qualities that make Raleigh and their riders unique. Raleigh has a long lineage of working with illustrators dating back to 1916 (check them out here: http://www.pinterest.com/RaleighBicycles/classic-raleigh-vintage-poster… ) and I was thrilled to contribute to such a rich artistic heritage (not to mention I'm a huge fan of mountain biking).

For more information check out http://orlincultureshop.com/blog/?author=51172786e4b04512ec8033b3

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