Long Life Wodd - UI/UX

It's awesome to see more people translating beautiful typography, the kind we are accustomed to seeing on magazines, now on the web. The biggest challenge for me, especially now that I am redesigning Abduzeedo, is how to take a systematic approach and create something that works with dynamic content. We know that magazines and editorial design rely on grid, templates, styles much like the web, but it also has the flexibility of having someone fine tuning the content. With the web that is not quite possible, at least not viable for each content entry.

For this post I'd like to highlight the work of Alexander Laguta. The project is titled Long Life Wodd and it's simply beautiful. Text overlapping images, classic swiss grid style composition and of course bold typography.

Long Life Wood — manufacturer of thermally solid wood flooring, decking, cladding and other wood products. Our team has created a full set of tools, guidlines, branding elements and animation.

For more information check out http://fuge.ru/

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