Adidas Run For The Oceans Brutalist Motion Design

Eze Matteo shared a really cool illustration and motion design project on Behance. The title is Run For The Oceans, which is a global adidas-led initiative, where for every 1km run between June 8th (World Oceans Day) and June 16th adidas donated $1 towards Parley Ocean School – an extracurricular program that aims to educate the next generation of ocean activists. Besides being an amazing initiative, this post is to talk a bit more about the design and aesthetics of the piece, which has this brutalist look. I have mixed feelings about this style, however, I think Eze did a great job with this project, I especially like the compositions over videos. It creates a nice contrast separating the art from the real. 

Roses are red, oceans are blue, plastic is toxic and so are you :)

Motion Design

Eze Matteo was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina but now lives in Barcelona, Spain. He does motion graphics and illustration but currently he is focusing on cel animation. For more information check out


  • Illustration + Animation: Eze Matteo
  • Art Direction: Amateur(dot)Rocks
  • Agency: Studio Lore
  • Strategy: Brand Articulations

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