O Team Brasileiro Beautiful Motion Design for Nike

Eduardo Oliveira is a Motion Designer and Editor currently working at Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo. He has an amazing portfolio of motion design work and we would love to feature this project because I am from Brazil and of course it’s quite beautiful. I particular love the visual language mixing illustration and a sort of vintage look.

Eduardo prior to this, worked as Editor Freelancer creating content for a lot of channels on Youtube. In addition to that he works in post production, one of his passions is live action/video direction. Because of that Eduardo has had the opportunity to work on collaborative projects with all sorts of clients such as Nike, Facebook, Elo, Skol Beats, Sprite, Corona, Lacta, Motorola, Bonafont, Old Spice, Airbnb.

I love what I do and try every work to express this, my love about video, animation and art.

Motion Design

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