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Sean McCabe is a hand lettering artist & type designer based in San Antonio, TX. He makes beautiful hand lettering works, sell awesome products and make podcasts twice a week about topics of creativity and business in the design world. If you are starting out in design or a professional, you should definitely give it a listen. Sean provides really great insights and gives a helpful perspective of our industry.

I have a passion for hand lettering and typography. I create custom lettering and help others learn lettering through my various hand lettering tutorials. In addition to teaching, I also produce a twice-a-week podcast conflating creativity and business. There are a number of products in my store that feature my hand lettering aesthetic on prints and apparel.

All Rights to Sean McCabe

All Rights to Sean McCabe

All Rights to Sean McCabe

Selected Subjects on Seanwes Podcast

(In Sean McCabe’s Words)

Why Early Birds Beat Night Owls Who Don’t Wake Up Early

As an ex-nocturnalist, I attempt to call the Night Owls over from the dark side to see the benefits of waking up early. I talk about how I didn’t believe the hype on how successful people wake up early—I got plenty done at night. But I changed my mind when I compared daily logs of my output: the results showed a 2x increase in productivity and output.


You Have One Life – Set Bigger Goals

This is a big show. I’m going to challenge you. I get real and I talk real numbers. I step out of my comfort zone to motivate and inspire you to set bigger goals—goals that make your biggest dreams look small. Ben asks if it will be a potentially life-changing episode—I say yes, but not “potentially”. It will be a life-changing episode. You’ll laugh, you might cry, but you’ll certainly come away with a renewed vigor and a very specifically-defined goal that you will undoubtedly accomplish.


Two Prices: Full Price & Free

I talk a lot about my two prices, full price and free, but we haven’t discussed it fully at length all in one place. Here we have the canonical two-prices episode where we compare full price and free, discuss the problem with discounts, the one exception for using discounts, why good friends pay full price, the only reason your price should ever go down, the benefits of pro-bono, how to get pro-bono clients, the reason long-term thinking and setting the bar high is the best way to make the most money, how to run effective giveaways, and why you should never, ever, cold-call clients.


What If I Try Really Hard and I’m Just Not Good Enough?

This episode is dedicated to a bit of feedback we got on the topic of feeling “not good enough.” What do you do when you’ve tried but fallen short? What if things just don’t seem to be working out? Do things just come easier for some people? Where does natural talent and acquired skill separate from hard work and deliberate practice? Can anyone with enough time, passion, patience, and practice develop the skills needed to truly follow their passion full-time?


Fear of Failure

One of the most common responses I received after sending out the question, “What is the biggest challenge you have in pursuing your passion full time?” was “Fear of failure.” Today, we dissect failure, and get to the deeper issues of the mindset needed to face this fear. We talk about why there is no such thing as a person who is a failure or a person who is a success.



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