3D Big Sur Icons

How about a rad series of Big Sur icons made in 3D to kick off the year? Team duo Vivian Niu and Vikiiing are both designers from Beijing, China. They have released these beautiful, stylish, and 3D icons inspired by iOS 14 Big Sur, at a quick glance, every single icon is there. It's nice to see their own take on icons like Sketch for example who looks much more like a real diamond which is nice.

iPhone 12 & MacBook Pro Mockups

It's that time of the year, Apple has wrapped up their 'One more thing' event which kind of wrap up the end of the year in terms of releasing new products. It's more or less the same from previous years, personally I am excited about the announcement of the new M1 Chip. This could totally revolutionize the upcoming entire lineup of Apple including our workflows, pretty curious about that. As a tradition on abdz, whenever there is a new Apple products.

An inside look at the original #AppleWatch development

Back on April 24, 2015 the world was introduced to the original Apple Watch that literally changed the 'watch industry' forever. Happy 5th Birthday Apple Watch! For the occasion, one of the designers that worked on the first Apple Watch team shared a few fun facts that we took the liberty to embed it below. I am really thankful for Imran Chaudhri for sharing such an insightful series of facts that went into the development.

Apple introducing an entirely new OS for iPhone, iPad and its Watch - #WWDC19

Voilà! It's live! Apple has previewed their entirely new OS to the world at WWDC'19 yesterday. And yes, now we have Dark Mode for the upcoming OS. Yay or not, there a bunch of new features coming for your iPhone, iPad and Watch. Some of them are pretty cool and some are what we would call 'standard' for our demanding industry. One thing though, it took quite a while but we finally get to see Apple making good changes on their OS's (?!).

#ShotoniPhoneXS: Experiments with incite*

Jokes aside along with all the memes that we have shared about the "new" iPhone XS, we also always go into this dilemma about whatever you should upgrade or not. That's how Apple is good at marketing their new products (especially how they listed them to confuse the hell all of us). For me?

Free Mockups: iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

It's a tradition for designers where whenever there is a new iPhone Announcement, the question is who is going to release the newest model mockups for us to update our UI presentations?! Well, it's no short answer but the amazing folks from LS Graphics did it again and for the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. We always have enjoyed their work on ABDZ, you should definitely check out their store for more.

WWDC 2018: Our Highlights on Apple's Developer Conference

Here I am, just finished watching Apple's keynote at WWDC 2018 Conference. It was fun to see what Apple has been working for the past year, some really cool updates coming to the iPhone and iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. We have decided to share our highlights on Apple's Developer Conference, so you simply won't have to watch the keynote again hah! In all seriousness, I love the part where Apple spoke about privacy, about them working tirelessly to create a seamless experience.

Redesigning Apple OS / MacOs 2020 with Edge to Edge Macbook Concept

We are taking a look at a very interesting redesign by Montreal-based designer Aurélien Salomon on a concept for Apple OS / MacOs 2020 with Edge to Edge Macbook. First of all, we can't help to notice the edge to edge MacBook design, what do you think? I am not too keen on the margins but it's quite interesting though. Aurélien does a remarkable at this presentation and he's pretty amazing to see his ideas/concepts for the finder, dark mode, Safari and of course Augmented Reality. What do you think of this concept?

Industrial Design: Mkeke Stand Series

With the arrival of the latest iPhones, there is of course, the release of accessories for us to get and have it part of the essentials. Called: Stand Series, it has been designed by the folks from Seoul-based creative studio found / Founded for the Mkeke brand. Being two parts and made of the soft rugged material; you gotta love the simplicity and again the attention of details to the cord introduction. It's the little details that truly make a difference and you gotta love that colour!

iOS 11 Review: Actually Useful Features

It is here! The most anticipated iOS that we've been waiting for a long time now. Is it worth the upgrade? Yes, definitely is. Overall, it's more or less the same but it's definitely an enhanced experience from its predecessor. I would say that is 2x the radical enhancement you will experience on the iPad, that's a nice move from Apple. For the review, we decided to change the formula of instead highlighting its new features. We'll be more focusing on useful features that you can use as a designer for your workflow. Let's dive into iOS 11!

Embracing the Peculiar iPhone X Notch

A few days ago Apple announced their new lineup of phones including the widely expected and leaked iPhone X. There was nothing new due to the huge amount of leaks and prototypes that were being reviewed months before and the biggest thing about the new phone is the screen. It pretty much takes the whole front face of the phone but has a very distinct cutout at the top to case the cameras and sensors, the iconic and weird, iPhone X Notch. Personally I don't like it. It looks like a badge that when the screen is using white or light colors. With black it looks dope.

iPhone X: Interface Guidelines

Today we've witnessed the latest from Apple, whatever you feel it was amazing or not; they have released the new iPhone. It's here and it's what Apple think will be the future of the smartphone. Introducing the iPhone X, coming with a new size of 5.8-in with a "super" retina display. Wait! We are not going to go through its features but more into their human interface guidelines. Basically what has changed on the UI aspect of things that will probably affect our work somehow if you are in iOS Design. Let's dig!

MacBook Pro Review - Love and Hate with the Touch Bar

It's time for our honest appraisal of the MacBook Pro. After almost 5 years using my old MacBook Pro, a first generation retina display, the time had come for an upgrade. I've been chomping at the bit for Apple to announce a new laptop because mine was having a lot of issues. Be it the bevy of dead pixels, battery life of less than 1 hour to the most frustrating of all, ghosting effects on my screen. So finally, at the end of last year, Apple announced the new MacBook Pros with the Touch Bar. Time to hit the savings and purchase one.

Apple Mirror - Touchscreen Mirror Functional Concept

We love concepts and ideas over at Abduzeedo, we are even more intrigued when it’s actually functioning and live for the World to see. Let’s take a look at this amazing work from Rafael Dymek who has multiple roles as a Marketing guy, Designer and Web Developer currently based in New York, NY.

My Week with the Apple Watch

I had the chance to try the new Apple Watch for about a week now and I would like to share my experience with you on Abduzeedo. In this review, I'll share with you my UX experience, and also some of its features. Model I was using: 38mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Band Sport More Info:…

Logo Design: Apples

The Logo Design series is up and running. We're thinking ahead and we want to find new ways to sort these listings. Last week we had the second part of the post on logos with mushrooms, but I wish I didn't have found the inspiration for today's post: apples.

Logo Design: Strawberries and Apples

The Logo Design series is up and running! We're thinking ahead and we want to find new ways to sort these listings. Last week we had a post on logos with pears and grapes... today it's all about logos with strawberries and apples!

Design History: Dieter Rams - Less But Better

Pablo Picasso once said "Good Artists Copy Great Artists Steal" then Steve Jobs mention that in one interview long ago. We all know that Apple products are the best out there, there's no doubt about it, and the main reason about that is because they have the best design. Jonhathan Ive, the chief industrial designer at Apple is a fantastic designer but it's always good to know what and who inspired him to come up with the Apple product designs.

Sociology of Apple Objects

How did objects come to enter the human collective? Inspired by the research work of Bruno Latour, these graphics were created with the idea to speak about the marketing hidden behind objects the main goal of the serie and the forward on is social life. And having some distance about it, there is some construction of a potential user in products.

The Joy of Opening an Apple Package

If the small pleasures are really the ones that count, there's a special one that I had the opportunity to try in its full power last month. After being a PC user for over 15 years, I've bought my first Mac. I gotta confess that I got pretty anxious waiting for the delivery. But after 3 days, it finally arrived at my home, my dream came true. I had heard the things people say about unpacking a Mac, of how much of a powerful experience it might be, and I can say, they were right. First, the distributor box was nothing special, just a cardboard regular one, not fancy or anything.

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