Art Installation at the House of Peroni

The House Of Peroni - an event by M & C Saatchi. They invited Baroncelli, the visionary lighting design studio, to design an installation inspired by Rome. The result, a phantasma. Baroncelli's modular lighting system built as mechanisms to create the old Roma. I was given the task to design four walls which married the products to the context. Using white chalk pens; 60mm and 30mm.

Huge Art Murals by Agostino Lacurci

Agostino Lacurci is a Italian artist and has been painting huge murals all over Europe. His style is very artistic and different from any graffiti you have seen before. Enjoy! For more from Agostino Lacurci visit Abithoudini Via Lugaro, Turin (Italy)

Perhappiness Art Mural

Cristina and Cyla are artists from Brazil and had the chance to paint an amazing art mural in Bushwick, Brooklyn, as a tribute to the great poet Paulo Leminski who would be 70 years old in August 2014. Check it out! For more from Cristina and Cyla visit

Beach 3D Art by James Harkins

New Zealand artist James Harkins creates some pretty cool 3d artworks that interacts with people at the beach, from a distance everything makes sense and it's pretty amazing. For more from James Harkins visit James Harkins on Facebook.

Awesome Graffiti Murals

These awesome graffiti murals were done for Pow! Wow! Hawaii, an amazing art event that has artists from all over the globe involved to create amazing art. Check them out! Find out more about Pow! Wow! Hawaii at Mural by Kinsey dedicated to his father

Bricksy: Lego version of Banksy Art

Jeff Friesen started playing with legos along with his daughter and took it to a whole other level when he decided to recreate masterpieces of the well known street artist Banksy. Check them out! For more from Jeff Friesen visit Balloon Girl There is always hope. Especially if you tie it to your wrist.

Spectacular Cathedral Ceiling Art

When you talk about the Renaissance the thing that comes to the mind is art! Magnificent art. We're talking about Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and all the ninja turtles (just kidding). And a place where you'll find concentrated art is a cathedral. Cathedrals were the perfect canvas for Renaissance artists... there you'll find amazing sculptures and breathtaking ceiling art. Those ceilings are something completely apart! So I thought it was really important to share with you some of the most amazing cathedral ceilings in the world.

The Art of Laurent Durieux

Laurent Durieux is an illustrator based in Bruxelles, Belgium and has worked for Mondo, Dark Hall Mansion, Acid Free Gallery and more. His art might remind you of a retro-futuristic world of H.G. Wells and the 1960s pop-culture. Laurent's work has such a beautiful composition and details that makes you just stop to admire his work. All Rights to Laurent Durieux

Chalk Lettering Installations by Chris Yoon

Chris Yoon is a designer and hand letterer out of Washington DC. He's done many chalk lettering installations and I selected one of them to share with you, this includes many photos and a short video of the process. Enjoy! For more from Chris Yoon visit and

Hoxton Window Project

The Hoxton Window Project is hosted by UNIT9 where they simply have their windows overlooking Hoxton Square covered with interesting art. They constantly have different artist creating the installations, this time we are going to check out the work of Jonathan Calugi & Federico Landini. For more from Jonathan Calugi visit & Federico Landini

WMC Fest: Midwest's Art, Design and Music Festival

The Weapons of Mass Creation Fest is the premier art, design, and music event in the Midwest. Now in its fourth year, 1,200+ attendees will descend upon Cleveland for three days in August to see 20 speakers, 20 designers, and over 30 bands.

Colorful Murals by Eduardo Kobra

Eduardo Kobra is an amazing artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He specializes in painting big murals and his recent work has a very colorful flavor to it. Kobra's new work is impressive, the use of color is just mind blowing. Enjoy! For more from Eduardo Kobra visit him on Flickr Gallery and

Incredible Latte Art by Kazuki Yamamoto

I am addicted to coffee, I can't work in the morning without a few good cups of coffee, it doesn't matter which type, regular, americano, cappuccino or latte. Some of my friends at Google are really good at making latte and even they are able to make some latte art. Latte foam design could be considered an art, but after all these years I have to say, I've never seen anything that could compare with these 3D foam arts by Kazuki Yamamoto.

Impeccable Romanticist Art Reconstruction in 3D by Platige Image

Digital art allows us to experiment with all sorts of compositions. We have seen quite a lot of styles from surreal to sci-fi/light effects. There are some ideas, however, that are truly amazing. One in particular that has inspired us most is the Jan Matejko Battle of Grunwald - an impeccable example of how to reconstruct a painting from the Romantic era in 3D. Today's post shines a spotlight on this incredible project done by Platige Image. Jan Matejko Battle of Grunwald in 3D is a reconstruction of a painting done entirely in 3D.

Magic Realism Art by Paul Bond

The deeply symbolic art of Paul Bond draws from the Latin American genre of Magic Realism, where dreamlike elements are blended into realistic atmospheres to uncover a deeper understanding of reality. Bond’s art illuminates a world where anything and everything is possible. They are uplifting illusions that delight the imagination and stir the soul. Bond shares the following about his work: “Altering and juxtaposing familiar objects gives me the visual symbols that become the language I use to reflect emotions or thoughts that I'm entertaining at the moment.

Comic Book Artist: Moebius

It's hard to describe the power and influence of Moebius on culture in just one paragraph. Basically, he just transcended the role of comic book artist, been a huge influence on Sci Fi culture, Concept Art, Surrealism, Illustration, Movies, Music and other many other creative areas. It's a big sorrow that we lost this master on March, so we're making our part on keeping his outstanding legacy alive.

Comic Book Artist: Todd McFarlane

Todd McFarlane is my favorite comic book artist because he didn't limited himself into making comics as a penciler, but turned it into a successful business. He's the responsible for a huge change on the comics industry with the creation of Image Comics, making independent comics a rentable business.Most of you probably know Todd MacFarlane as the creator of Spawn, but he also did a great job back in the days when he was the penciler at Marvel for comics as Spiderman during the 80's.

Comic Book Artist: Henry Flint

Henry Flint is not mainstream comic book artist such as public figures as Jim Lee, but he truly deserves my admiration. Gifted with a really singular style that's based more on traditional techniques rather than digital, Henry is best known as the artist behind the Judge Dredd comics.You can see more artworks and news about Henry at his Blog. 

Comic Book Artist: Frank Cho

Frank Cho is a award winning comic book artist that nowadays works mainly for Marvel Comics. What can say about this artist? Not only he got exceptional skills on figure drawing but also has a interesting taste for imagery composition.You can check more of Cho artworks on his Official Website. 

Comic Book Artist: Jim Cheung

JIm Cehung is one hell of a comic book artist, during the past 2 years he is the guy behind The Avengers comics. Having a good taste for composition and scene concept, Jim can make some extremely detailed and clean lines, check it out. I could not find Jim Cheung official website or blog, so if any of you guys know it, please post it on the comments.

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