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Car Photography Creating Works of Art

I have seen a lot of incredible car photography posts and also with CGI we don't even know if what we see is the real car or a 3D version of it. Despite all of the styles I've seen it's hard to describe the work that Sarel van Staden has done and shared on his Behance profile and website. His passion is to create images by using artificial light sources. "This gives me the freedom to shoot anywhere, anytime while creating works of art" - he mentions on his profile. The definition of works of art could not fit better his work.

Car Photography with Marc Trautmann

They are beautiful, expensive, symbol of luxury; aren't they really? I am talking about magnificence automotive cars, only a certain amount of people will ever be able to afford one of those. Actually, if we think just a little deeper, what's so definitive about these "exotic cars", I mean we can take any cars and strap the logo and make it our own right? Actually no, there's a reason why these cars are so pricey. I would say the quality and durability of shorts is the reasons why you would want to get a luxury car.

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