Conceptual Hovercraft Explorations by Thierry Doizon

Fellow Montrealer Thierry Doizon has been cooking up a series that has definitely caught our eyes. Titled: Hovercraft #X, we are following his conceptual and development experiments of Hovercrafts for the Hëll5pit project. Coming from a background of game design from Ubisoft, all the illustrations are playfully reinstating a mixture of art direction and obviously automotive design. Check it out!

Web Design & UI/UX: Vissla Redesign Concept

You guys are fully aware of how I feel about redesigns right? But with the end of the year coming soon, I decided to take a stab at a new perspective. Knowingly that most designers who are working on redesign concepts should know (or know) there are SO MANY details we need to take in consideration. It's mostly not about the UI. Again, for this redesign concept by Simon Kratz for Vissla , what I liked the most about Simon's work was his own approach.

Industrial Design: Samsung Dex Book Concept

We are sharing an industrial design project of a product that we wished it was real so we can see how it will actually work in real-life. Too bad it's just a concept but let's just say it's a pretty solid one. Introducing the Dex Book, a laptop to enhance your mobile experience using the Samsung S8/S8+. We have seen what the currently Dex Station from Samsung can do. You need a screen, a keyboard and a mouse to make it work but how about a laptop experience instead.

Leica T UI Concept

We are great fans of Anton Repponen's Work on Abduzeedo. There's a distinct level of details that Anton always have in this work and we gotta admit that is quite inspiring. Through his amount of work, there's also concepts which are a pretty efficient practice to perform as a designer. Figuring what would you have done NOT to make better but what could have done to make it work for yourself. I feel this approach makes it even harder as we all know that most of us struggle designing stuff for ourselves.

Unsplash Redesign Concept

Don't get me startled on this but I am not a fan of  Redesign Concept because a lot of time (Not trying to be general), designers tend to forget many aspects of what's behind a redesign like:  Content Strategy, Copywriting, Information Architecture, UX practices, Interactions and more. This is why I do appreciate John Noussis's work on his Unsplash Redesign Concept.

Future Car Concepts by Amar Vaya

Image the year 2040, the standard of living increased dramatically, the environment is warmer and the signification of luxury changed. Material and design matter more when buying a car. Here are some interesting concepts on how future cars may look like.

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