Paper crafting by Tommy Perez

Let me introduce you to Tommy Perez's paper crafting. His papercraft catches my eye where I had to stop to have a closer look at it, won't you? The OCD in me had me smirk to his work, clean, sharp paper cut, and even tho it's just a picture but you can feel the paper texture through it.

A Livre Ouvert — Paper Art for Hermès

We are following the work of French-based Zim & Zou and their stunning paper art project for Hermès. Yes, Hermès! What is even more intriguing is that this set made of paper has been commissioned as a 'digital background' for a conference. How freaking cool is that! Zim & Zou is a pretty well-known name of the industry and their paper art has a long history of incredible 'realizations' that we have the honor to feature before on abdz. Hope you will like this one.

Artist Raku Inoue making floral arrangements at its purest form

Our good pal Raku Inoue has been slaying incredible pieces via his Instagram and now has been collaborating with many many incredible brands. We are hugely happy for his success and incredible ride so far. We just wanted to share his latest work to keep the momentum going and again back with his insane skills with floral arrangements.

Grovemade: Introducing the Desk Shelf System for your workspace

The awesome folks from Grovemade have recently introduced what they called: Desk Shelf System to enhance your workspace to the very next level. Most of our workspaces are generally cluttered with so many things. Grovemade is offering a wide range of products that intents to give you control of your clutter. Check out their store where you will find shelves, pads, laptop lifts, desk trays and more. Everything is beautifully designed and right to the brand of Grovemade.

Natura Insects: A series of Insects made of Flowers

Our good friend Raku Inoue recently has been experimenting with something new that we would like to share on Abduzeedo. A series named: Natura Insects where basically they are flower arrangement of insects. That's how you push your creativity and eagerness to work with your hands. We always have been enjoying seeing his amazing progress and this is not a shortcoming on what you will next from Raku. For now, let's enjoy this stunning series perfect for the summer.

Paper Craft Rebranding for FANTA Flavorland Campaign

You can't help but enjoy when artists/designers go out of their ways to create and work with their hands. There is this satisfaction and appreciation for their work when patience goes into play in paper craft. The results are just phenomenal. This is a design by the mighty folks from Adrian & Gidi for the FANTA Flavorland rebranding campaign where you can witness all shades of the orange colours into a beautiful display.

Illustration & Paper Lettering with People Too

Let's start the week with this illustration & paper lettering project by People Too. You heard me right, Paper Lettering. A mixture of drawing and a lot of crafting to create such a stunning result. Imagine that the mighty folks over People Too, went from making every single pieces from the buildings, people, furniture, plants, cars and more. This is one of those projects where you just appreciate their patience and their passion for the art itself. Props to the team!

Sew Good : Danielle Clough's Magical Embroidery Design

A new beginning. A second life. Not something you usually associate with an old tennis racket, (a wooden one, no less)! But that is just what multi-talented South African photographer, designer, VJ and embroiderer Danielle Clough has done - and quite beautifully. Clough takes ordinary found objects and literally transforms them into works of art through the decidedly old-school handicraft technique of embroidery design. 

Introducing Freehand from Craft by InVision LABS

In my career, I had many many opportunities to create within a group that were in the same room like a workshop type of thing. Other situations where you are working with a team where they are scattered all over the World through different timezones is on the other hand making things harder though. It’s quite hard at times because we are not in the same room but things have changed with the mighty folks from InVision. Introducing Freehand, their latest from Craft to collaborate in real time fast and flexible at the same time.

Introducing Data from Invision LABS

In the latest installation of Craft from Invision LABS, they are again pushing the envelope by supercharging Craft’s capabilities by bringing designers Data. A free plugin that pulls text, photos, and JSON values from public API sites live into Sketch. Let's give it a look and make sure to watch it in action. I am really being a fan of what Craft by Invision LABS is bringing to the game that can really help designers boost up their productivity and efficiency into their work.

Introducing Library from Invision

This week, our friends over at Invision have announced that former Adobe Product Manager on the Adobe Experience Design Product (XD) is joining their team, introducing Sarah Hunt. Today, they are announcing their latest feature and it's  Library. What is it?

Future of Prototyping Live in Sketch

Just a little while (past week), we've announced Craft-Styles by Invision LABS and today Invision announced that they acquired Silver Flows to bring prototyping live in Sketch. This is the future right here, both a passionate user of Sketch and Invision, allowing designers to prototype and see their designs live (real-time mirroring) on your devices for a better user experience.

Introducing Craft Styles by Invision LABS

Invision LABS has just released Craft-Styles, a tool (only available on Sketch) where you can create stunning, comprehensive style guide with just a few clicks. Craft has been a game changer in their recent release to a sustain increase of productivity among us designers. This is what I really do enjoy about this community, creating better tools together.

Inspiring Ideas for a Crafty Christmas

If you're like us and have been a little tardy in getting those holiday decorations up find inspiration in this crafty post for simple ideas to bring the spirit of the season into your home. Whether you're short on time or on space or perhaps both, there's an idea in here for all of us. An added bonus, if you're empty handed heading to that holiday party, craft one of these up and you've got yourself a homemade gift that will surely delight any recipient.

Amazing Hand Lettering by Ged Palmer

Ged Palmer is a British designer who specializes in custom lettering. His fascination with letterforms began in his early years while painting graffiti. Today he creates custom lettering and design for discerning clients, armed with an extremely sharp pencil and whatever else he can get his hands on. For more from Ged Palmer visit

Atype - Craft Typography

Continuing our focus on featuring craft projects we bring to you "Atype" - a beautiful project that mixes typography and paper craft. The project was done by Lobulo Design, a designer with more than 10 years experience in working for various graphic design and marketing studios in Barcelona. “Whatever you want to do, it's possible in paper”. Atype project was born to show the different ways to transform a simple flat letter in a 3D tactile model. I will teach how to make these 3D models on my next workshop called “Make it Bigger”.

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