Paper crafting by Tommy Perez

Let me introduce you to Tommy Perez's paper crafting. His papercraft catches my eye where I had to stop to have a closer look at it, won't you? The OCD in me had me smirk to his work, clean, sharp paper cut, and even tho it's just a picture but you can feel the paper texture through it. We all know this takes time and precision to archive what he does, and god he does it well While in confinement, I had papers laying around and trying to keep my kids entertained without giving them a screen, and I craft many things, dug up memories of younger years of myself in elementary school things we did for fun to redo it, and I've tried to find inspiration online but nothing I did look like Tommy's work. Ok, now I want Tommy's skills because I want to make those fun paper crafts for my kids.

Check him out on Behance @tommyperez

Instagram: @t_rez


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