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Depthcore Chapter: Primal

Depthcore Chapter: Primal

Since the beginning of Abduzeedo we have been featuring artists, designers, collectives and all sort of creativity manifestations. It's amazing to look back and see how things changed in these past 6 years. However one thing that hasn't changed is the inspiring chapters of Depthcore. Today we preset their latest one, Chapter XLV: Primal. The Depthcore Collective is thrilled to release it's 45th Chapter of work "Primal". Consisting of over sixty original works of art, photography and music the collective used this Chapter as a launching pad to explore concepts of nature, beast, instincts and primal origin. ABIOGENESIS by Nik Ainley AS IT FLOWS 1 by Theo Aartsma BM-DOUBLICIOUS by Bart van Leeuwen COR by Ari Wenkle CONQUEST by Finnian MacManus CLARITY by George Smith Whilst all of our artists rose admirably to the challenge, Ari Wenkle delivered an especially powerful collection of work, exploring various aspects of the core themes and bringing them to life with in boldly intricate executions. CIRRUS OS by Justin Maller DO YOU... by Diego L. Rodriguez INFESTATIO by Niklas Lundberg QUASIGOD by Dean Cook SAMSARA by Valentina Brostean VISIONARIES by Dean Cook For more information visit

Justin Maller Beautiful Work for Grammy, Nike, Dolby and more

Justin Maller Beautiful Work for Grammy, Nike, Dolby and more

Justin Maller (@justinmaller) has just updated his portfolio and we here over at Abduzeedo cannot let this opportunity pass without a feature. Justin was the first artist we interviewed at Abduzeedo and he always helped us with wallpaper and content. His work is simply beautiful and his clients include the Grammy Awards, Dolby, Nike and many more. Besides all this work for big clients, Justin runs Depthcore, one of the most amazing collectives out there. You can Here's a little preview of the new work of Justin: 54TH GRAMMY AWARDS DOLBY'S CES INSTALLATION. In Collaboration with CLayton Cubitt NIKE'S 2012 BASKETBALL APPAREL DEPTHCORE'S "ECHOES" CHAPTER ROX VOLLEYBALLS 2012 CAMPAIGN ARTWORK & IDENTITY FOR META'S EP TRILOGY For more information visit

Introducing Tab Name (Tarin Yuangtrakul)

Nowadays the boundaries between digital and tradicional art are totally blurred, most of the time you can't really say when a artwork it's digital, traditional or a mix of both. But knowing how to make use of both medias and their techniques can make you a really great artist, that's the level of awesomeness I think Tarin Yuangtrakul, aka. Tab Name, have reached on this point of his career. You can see more of this young talent at his Official Website.

Depthcore Chapter XLIV - ECHOES

Yesterday a new chapter of Depthcore was released and and I was completely amazed by the quality of it's work and the creativity along the members. From drawings to typography, from illustrations to photo manipulations, even music is displayed in this new chapter. Check it out! To view entire chapter visit ECHOES A SONG OF MADNESS | Radu Pop About ECHOES The Depthcore Collective is delighted to release it's 44th Chapter, "ECHOES". Featuring work themed around the concept of reflected sound, thought and memory, "ECHOES" is a diverse collection of artwork produced by members old and new over the course of the last eight months. This Chapter embodies it's theme in several interesting ways. We've had a great showing from old members, artists who have been releasing with us for years and years. This is juxtaposed with more work from new members (and more new members) than any Chapter in recent history, including some members who got their start in digital art after seeing our early exhibitions. We're seeing styles that take the aesthetics of yesterday and present today's phase of it's evolution, as well as work that directly references aesthetic touchstones from our past sitting next to work created in a style never before present in a Depthcore Chapter; echoes converging that mirror the old and then move on to create the new. Whilst perusing the Chapter in preparation for writing this article, it occurred to me that this may well be the first Chapter where traditional art outweighs digital. We've worked hard to create a balanced aesthetic within the collective, but it seems that in analysing our memories and delving into our past to create this exhibition, many of our members are reverting to their creative point of origin. There are also more series of work in this Chapter than ever before - quite appropriate when one considers the "Echoes" theme. Here are some of the images from ECHOES, to view the entire chapter visit FJAER | Waldez Snegotskiy LAIN WITH THE KRAKEN | Erik Schumacher BEAUTY ECHOES | Pete Harrison CLASSIC DISASTER | Heiko Klug SOUND VISION | Taylor Crisdale REVERBERATION_01 | Peter Olschinsky TIME TRAVEL IN A TIME OF REGRET | Jared K. Nickerson ACID WASHED DREAMS | Ronald Ashburn A SYMMETRY | Emeric Trahand BURIAL | Mike Harrison & Justin Maller SMOOTH | João Oliveira

Chapter XLIII: Time by Depthcore

The Depthcore Collective is just released it's 43rd themed chapter exhibition, "TIME". As we near their 10th anniversary, this seems to be an appropriate subject for us as a collective to reflect upon. Ten years have passed by, and the students and teenagers who once populated the group are gone, replaced by full time freelance artists, independent small-business owners and focused creative professionals. Our featured artist for this Chapter is Vesna Pesic, a very recent addition to the collective. Her work, with it's unique aesthetic and collage based approach, adds a wonderful new depth to our collective aesthetic and provided a couple of the key sparks in our creative process. This Chapter also sees us welcome several new members, including artists Pavel Sabelnikov, Benjamin Mounsey,Pat Perry, Abo and Ooli from Orka Collective and musician Falinox. We're very excited by what these unique talents bring to the table—browse "TIME" to pick out their debut pieces! For more information about Depthcore and their artists, you can visit , be a fan of Depthcore on Facebook or simply follow them on Twitter @Depthcore . VESSEL by Waldez Snegotskiy WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN LOST by Jonathan Wong TOMORROW NEVER HAPPENED by Maciej Hajnrich TO THE BIRTH by Finnian MacManus + Lucas de Alcantara WAYFARING by James Merill TIMECOP by Kervin Brisseaux TIME IS A GREA HEALER by Mike Harrison THE TRAVELER by Niklas Lundberg THE TIME MACHINE by David Mascha SINK by Mike Harrison + Rik Oostenbroek SINGULARITY by Benjamin Mounsey SICCERO by Niklas Lundberg + Justin Maller MOMENT IN TIME I by David Mascha MOIRAE by Waldez Snegotskiy MEMENTOS by Joao Oliveira LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW by Ronald Ashburn KARMA by Rik Oostenbroek IN MOTION by Justin Maller IT WAS OVER BEFORE IT BEGAN by Jonathan Wong IN FLOW by Justin Maller GODMOTHER by Finnian MacManus + Erik Schumacher FAIRY TALE by Benjamin Mounsey FAITH, LOVE, HOPE by Heiko Klug EXTINCT by Erik Schumacher EVOLUTION by Phillip Zurmohle + Rubens LP CLOCK WISE. by Matt W. Moore CRATER 23 by Waldez Snegotskiy CMYK GIRL by Pavel Sabelnikov CYCLES by Justim Maller + Ari Wenkle CHRONOS by Jeff Huang BLUE MOON by Zach Bush AINSI-VENU by Emeric Trahand

Depthcore New Chapter: Obsolete

Every time Depthcore releases a new art pack I feel like it is Christmas time... so I unwrap the presents they offer and see what they have done for me this time. Today we will show you some pieces from the "Obsolete" chapter. And by the way, merry christmas to everyone. ;) Rebirth by Perttu Murto Disco very by Rik Oostenbroek All That's left by Mike Harrison L.A.P.D. by Microbot JNK-2 by Ehren Mikeal Kallman Pump by Justin Maller The Meltdown by Rik Oostenbroek The Reaper by Sougwen Chung Preconscious by Niklas Lundberg Mandala: Micro + Macro by Matt W. Moore Rise of the Kingdom by Joshua Smith Obsoletus by Saddo Lone Warrior by Erik Schumacher The Reaper by Richards Roberts E.T. (Part 7) by Phil Dunne END by Olivier Ballast Power Plant by David Mascha Scattered Time - Wednesday by Niklas Lumdberg Visionary Mirror by Alejandro Javier Soto Martinessi The last day on the Sun Human after all by David Mascha & Rik Oostenbroek For the complete art pack click here

The Digital Artwork of Ikaruga

Ikaruga is a man who seemingly knows no boundaries when it comes to the digital labyrinth of art. Strafing seemingly at will through medium after medium, his work in ‘A Series Of Untitled Dreams’ is elegant, emotive and provoking. Ikaruga is a member of Depthcore that can be found at his website

Depthcore New Chapter: MIRROR

The Depthcore Collective one of our favorite ones out there has just released their new chapter, the 41st themed chapter exhibition called "MIRROR". As you can expect there are amazing works from masters such as Justin Maller, Sara Blake, Mike Harrison, Jeff Huang, João Oliveira and many others. This chapter features over seventy carefully considered and meticulously executed pieces produced by a diverse selection of members from the collective. The submissions, as varied in content as they are in style, revolve around central themes of introspection, self reflection and contemplation of man and his environment, and are spread across several mediums, including music, photography, illustration and digital painting. Perspectives Exploration 01 © Sara Blake Perspectives Exploration 03 © Sara Blake Swallow © Ehren Mikeal Kallman Amo La Vita © Mike Harrison Farewell Mr.Eldritch © Matei Apostolescu Supernova © Richards Roberts Empyrean © Justin Maller I, the accuser © Matei Apostolescu Pestilence © Jeff Huang I Tweet © Phil Dunne Neo Eden © Kervin Brisseaux M?RM © Maciej Hajnrich Mirror House © João Oliveira § © Sougwen Chung For more information about Depthcore Collective visit and to see more works of the MIRROR chapter go to

Graphic Design and Illustration Inspiration by David Mascha

We have featured David Mascha a few times and also published a full post about him last February, the article was called The Stylish Work of David Mascha, however David has recently updated his portfolio with some new work and of course it is our duty to keep you guys updated as well. For those of you who have never heard about David, he is a Vienna based designer and illustrator. Since 2005, he has been working for several design studios in Vienna as well as developing projects for international clients, fashion and design labels, magazines and books. David Mascha had his work participating in exhibitions around Europe and Asia. He is also part of the DEPTHCORE collective. For more information about David, visit his website at Also there is a great interview that David did for the DEPTHCORE collective, check it out. Lost Paradise Part of the "Freestyles" series created between 2009-2010. Featured in Depthcore's "Mythic" chapter. Transient Part of the "Freestyles" series created between 2009-2010. Featured in Depthcore's "Eve" chapter. Hennessy Illustrations for the limited edition cover for Hennessy's popular VS Flask. The final design is a single silicone mold that comes in over 20popular colors. Commissioned by the KDU. IBM Power your planet I was approached by Ogilvy Ny to create illustrations of a powerful planet for the international "Power your planet" campaign by IBM, including ad's in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. See the animated commercial ad here IBM System Z Visualizations of the System Z. Illustrates the idea of '93all things coming together under one server platform. You are we Illustrations for the "You are We" Project by the KDU.

Interview with Joao Oliveira

Joao Oliveira, is a portuguese graphic designer and illustrator, based in Porto. Abduzeedo takes pride in featuring such an young and talented creative. You will def see him more often from now on. 1. First of all we would like to thank you for taking the time to provide with this interview. Please tell us more about your art and design background and what made you become an artist and designer? My pleasure, thanks for the interview! My background as a designer and artist is really recent, I always loved drawing and I'm a creative person since I remember but my professional goals were never meant to be on the artistic area. I spent all my school time studying science and it wasn't until college (4 years ago) that I really found what I wanted to do, be a designer, since then I've been taking a degree on Communication Design and exploring the world of digital illustrations, developing personal projects and working with clients. 2. Your work is pretty unique and full of creativity. Where does your inspiration come from? It will sound like a cliche and I'm sure all the other artists and designers have the same answer but my inspiration comes from everything... I listen to a lot of music and watch a lot of imagery, be it art related or not, so those might be the main sources of inspiration that feed my creativity. Another huge source of inspiration is definitely the 80's and the whole retro scene, from the old spectrum and 8 bit video games to the bright colors, disco and neons, a lot of people refer to my style as a 'retro futuristic' one. 3. Could you describe for us your typical 'start to finish' workflow when working on a design? The process really varies, most of the times I start by creating a big shape, figure or typography that will act as the focal point and everything else will evolve around it, for my typographical pieces I begin by designing the typography on Illustrator and when I'm happy with it I export it to Photoshop where I can add textures, colors, lighting effects and other elements, etc. Other times I simply recycle an old piece, decomposing it in various ways, and using it to create a completely different and distinct image, most of the times by using the mask tools. 4. What are your tools of the trade, both hardware and software? I actually don't really like macs, which is unusual for someone in my area, so I have a PC bought months ago, it's pretty recent and powerful so I can easily handle huge files, both static Photoshop images or motion projects on After Effects, with a 22 inch screen. Software wise, Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects are my main tools, sometimes I use Maya to render some 3D models or special effects. 5. What, for you personally are the pros and cons of being a designer? Personally, being a designer is the best career in the world, I never considered what I do as a job since I have fun doing it and working for my clients, it's the kind of job that you get excited over your next project and it allows you to have a huge variety on your career, it never gets boring. Cons of being a designer? Probably the impossible deadlines and the constant seeking of innovation which can't be necessarily a con but it's not a safe area, you can't remain passive waiting for things to happen and innovation is the key factor. Casablanca Infography from Joao Oliveira on Vimeo. 6. How does your job as an artist and designer influence your life? Do you feel that you see things around you differently for example? Definitely, I suffer of that 'designer syndrome' where I analyze and criticize everything and imagine a better way of doing it, I often find myself cursing the person who designed that poster or that magazine spread saying how bad the selection of typefaces is and stuff like that. 7. What are your coming projects? Everything is pretty calm right now, I have a couple of incoming tutorials, one for the UK Computer Arts magazine and other for the upcoming Portuguese Computer Arts but that's about it, will start seeking a job as a designer on any studio that will hire me and hopefully will finally start working as a full time designer. 8. What are your favourite 5 websites, and why? Inspirational sites wise, I frequently visit,,, and of course Abduzeedo! I also visit for the latest music trends and to find new music. 9. Once again , thank you very much for the interview. As a final word, do you have any tips for upcoming artists and designers? My pleasure once again! Work hard, that's the best advice you can get, never stop experimenting and have fun in what you do. Where to find him on the web More of this artist

New DepthCore Chapter: Mythic

DepthCore is as you might already know, one of our favorite collectives out there, and that is because the the quality of the artwork they come up with every new chapter, and fortunately for us, they did it again. DepthCore just released a new chapter called ">MYTHIC in which they feature creations from incredible guys such as Nik Ainley, Justin Maller, Phil Dunne, Craig Shields, João Oliveira and others. This chapter features several stunning contributions from the wonderfully talented Raphael Vincenzi, earning him the Featured Artist nod for this collection; click here to peruse the traditional interview. This Chapter is also notable for the abundance of it's collaborations, including several pairings never before seen - make sure to explore thoroughly to discover these unusual visual experiments. One of our most thematic relevant Chapters ever, 'MYTHIC' is the result of five months of careful planning, research and stylistic experimentation from the collective. The slow creative process has resulted in a Chapter that has been meticulously crafted, workshopped from sketches through to completed pieces, thoroughly taking advantage of the collaborative collective experience. Several of the pieces presented in this collection were composed over the course of several months, taking on board feedback from our artist base at each stage of completion to try and fully realize their full potential, and ultimately create a Chapter that is carefully considered, conceptualized and executed. Niklas Lundberg Jeff Huang Shadow Chen Matei Apostolescu Anneli Olander Craig Shields Matei Apostolescu Nik Ainley Iain Macarthur Ikaruga For more information and to browse through all the images from this amazing DepthCore chapter visit

Secret Showcase - Portfolio Update by Rik Oostenbroek

Rik Oostenbroek, one of Abduzeedo's favourite artists, has just updated his portfolio. His website is now fully in flash and focuses very much on his work. If you follow Riks designs you will recognize plenty new artworks, from client work for Mazda til personal work for the latest DepthCore exhibition. But what they have in common, is that both kick asses. Rik Oostenbroek, and there is no doubt, will soon belong to the greatest artists in the web. His new portfolio: Hey Rik, it's great to have you here. Tell us quick what you have been working on in the past year? Thanks a lot man. Haha people online must have thought that I was dead or something, but I've been working on lots of skill, commercial and personal wise. Commercial wise ( working more on photobased stuff ) it went quite well, working on big ( worldwide ) projects for respected clients was lot's of fun and not for the money but just to see your work exposed in a way you dreamed of back in the days. Had to deal with art directors as well, what's quite a surprise in the beginning since you're used to control everything yourself. So on the freelancing side of life I've learned a lot! All my personal, more abstract style, work has improved a lot since I tried to work with different shapes, trying to involve Illustrator and blend it with my Photoshop shapes and so on. I've learned a lot about colors, how to use them in a new way, how to combine different ones. So it was really a productive year for me! Boards Amsterdam Trailer by Rik Oostenbroek & George Dechev from Rik Oostenbroek on Vimeo. What is the difference between your old and your new work? My work became more mature and less messy, I used to destroy photo's, combined with a mess of shapes and other photo's. I think my work now became a bit more mature and less kid-like, not that I'd even had that in mind for this year, but it happened;). Was working with only a few color combinations and this portfolio just looks way more random, less boring and the same imo. I've just tried to focus myself on different forms of digital art to make it less the same and discover new things every time. Do you have any favorite pieces or designs you feel more connected to? Hard question man, most of them special to me.. I think my favorite piece is Waiting on a better day, just because I think it's one of the strongest images I've ever made, one of the most personal ones as well. A color-palette I never used before and different shapes as well. It was just a piece I needed to create for some reason, it gave me a lot of energy and inspiration back then. It was quite a gate what opened for me style-wise, something different again.. I had some wallpaper requests so I will publish that one on bigger sizes soon as well. Explain what progress you made since you launched your old portfolio ? A few days after my first release Computer Arts mailed me within 3 days if I wanted to be on their cover, a month later I was working on a piece for Volkswagen, it all went really quick. Being featured on nice blogs, people like you who want to ask me questions to share things about me on the internet, it all came very quickly to be honest. I never actually thought it was that much appreciated, the stuff I threw online. I actually made money with it for the first time back then, it was such a big step and I loved it. Since that moment I started to freelance and work for several agencies, really much fun. Handeling with deadlines, doing your financial part of the work, working with other designers together on projects. I think the styles I've showed here can tell you that I've been involved with way more styles since that first release. And I'm very glad with that and never expected it all that quickly. I've even been ripped tons of times, never expected that ;) What are your future plans? To get a nice respected design studio with a few people at then end of the road of course;). But I'm actually looking around for some good education or another nice way to improve my weaknesses, so it might lead me to new things. I would really love to learn more and more, since I'm still young. Maybe getting some experience in a different country. We will see how it goes! Thanks for this short interview. Do you have any final advice for everyone? Thanks a lot man, I appreciate this a lot! Do whatever brings you joy. And check out my new portfolio:) His new portfolio:

Depthcore XXXIX - EVE

The Depthcore Collective is proud to releases it's 39th themed chapter exhibition, 'EVE'. In this Chapter, artists both old and new have submitted their interpretations of a concept that greatly excited us as a collective from the moment it was first suggested. Our members have created over eighty original pieces, including strong showings across all mediums, examining and interpreting the theme to produce work that deals predominately with time and transition; calms before storms, moments before change, instants before impact. Whilst there are many highlights to the chapter, there are a couple of items of especial note. 'EVE' has seen multiple wonderful debuts, including incredible submissions from Larisa Glushakova, Duda Lanna, Alex Casteels and photographer Chris Knight. Rik Oostenbrook compiled an outstanding collection of work, dropping jaws in our member panel and earning him the Featured Artist nod for this Chapter. Finally, Kervin Brisseaux has submitted an emotive series of photographs shot in his ancestral homeland of Haiti just days before the earthquakes hit entitled "Avan Move Tan" [ah-vuh moh-vay tuh], which is Creole for "Before The Bad Times". The shots illustrate moments in every day Haitian life, with a people already engaged in a life of struggle, unaware of the eventual fate that will be brought to their doorstep, only to intensify their hardships. On this note, we were thrilled to auction off one of our limited edition promotional books to raise money to assist those in need in the effected area. We managed to raise over $200.00 to donate to the Red Cross Haitian Relief effort. Please consider donating if you haven't already. We hope you enjoy browsing this Chapter. The result is the culmination of our collective feeding off each other's energy to create a body of work that has truly energized and excited us as a group. Please feel free to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay abreast of several projects we have in development at the moment - we are on the cusp of a couple of very exciting developments finally coming to fruition! Some Works For more information visit the EVE chapter pate at

Best Of Konvulse Art & Music Community

When you want to start a career as a graphic designer another possibility for staying motivated & creative and exchange opinions is to join an art community. There are big ones like DepthCore and EvokeOne and there are smaller ones like SlashThree. Konvulse - The Website. 26 examples for the beauty of Konvulse Where to find them on the web Konvulse - The Website

The Impressive Work of Eric Sin

One of the best things for me about blogging is the chance I have to discover new designers and digital artists. It is amazing to see what they are able to do with the tools available and of course a lot of creativity. Eric Sin, a student at California State University, is a great example. Despite of the young age, he has shown a nice sense of composition and very good skills that gave him a position in the depthCORE team. I'm a 20 year old student at California State University, Fullerton, studying Graphics Design and Illustration as my majors. I am currently in my second year going onto third, and I have been active working in freelance projects and personal work lately. I am living in La Mirada, California, and spend much of my time with my friends in Walnut, CA (USA). My hobbies, outside of art, include playing guitar (acoustic & electric), hanging out with friends, eating, sleeping, and eating. I also play DotA (Defense of the Ancients) very frequently on US West (username Miik), so anyone who feels like chatting or bumming out can feel free to talk to me on I am a Senior Artist in depthCORE, and am very thankful that Abduzeedo decided to do a feature on me. For more information about Eric visit:

Amazing depthCORE New Chapter, HER

DepthCORE, one of our favorites collectives, released a new chapter devoted to the feminine and therefore called HER. As usual it's full of great images. Also the featured artist in this 37th chapter is Leigh Flurry AKA 83grafik, an young artist from Manchester, UK. We highly recommend that you check it out, for more information visit: Today, the Collective is delighted to release our 37th exhibition, a body of work devoted exclusively to the feminine entitled 'HER'. Consisting of a large selection of songs, photographs and illustrations, 'HER' is an inspired and considered response from our artists, produced over a six month period and encompassing many of the myriad concepts associated with our broad thematic selection. As a collective, we embarked on an extended creative voyage to examine and represent ideas and realities like maternity, romance, the modern heroine, vulnerability and, of course, beauty. The end result is an experience worth exploring deeply; we certainly took our time making it, so we hope you can take yours in viewing it! Justin Maller Creative Director Some Images

depthCORE XXXVI - Heist

DepthCORE is a collective with excellent and very talented artists. Their last chapter, Noir, was really stylish, only in black and white. Now they have a new chapter; it's called HEIST and, as usual, it is full of fantastic images. Today, the friendly mob that is the Collective are proud to present our 36th exhibition, a freestyle collection of sins, crims and good old fashioned booty entitled 'HEIST'. The first instalment of a two-part banger, HEIST is designed to be a fun ride around the seamier side of life, with our artists focussing on any aspect of the theme that suited their fancy and riffing out whatever caper came to mind. Though it took a while for us to hit our stride behind the scenes, once we got going on this chapter it started to gather some serious momentum, and we’re pretty stoked with the end result. We're similarly happy to be back to a sans-serif look on the site - much love to Matei Apostolescu and Brian D. Smith for their hard work on our slick new skin.Justin Maller For more information visit depthCORE XXXVI - Heist, and below we can see a little preview of the awesomeness.