Travel Sketchbook Illustrations

David Leutert is a illustrator & letterer based in Berlin, Germany. David has shared a really cool series of sketches titled: ' Travel Sketchbook', it's a series of where I am pretty sure it's taken from David's past traveling around the world. With the summer season coming slowly and things are going back to some normality. It will be great for some of us to travel again, we all have been missing the thrill of things. In the meantime, props to David for inspiring to the near future.

Dogma — A digital art series by Janusz Jurek

Janusz Jurek is a visual artist based in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland. I can't pinpoint if we have featured his work before but it's better now than never. I am sharing his digital art series titled: 'Dogma' and as you can see it's a monochrome approach or tribute to the 'man's best friend'. The dog. As I was scrolling for inspiration to feature, I stumbled across Janusz's work and I couldn't help to think about the memories of my dog as well. It's beautiful, make sure to check them out.

Toronto Ink Hand-drawn Illustration

Thinking about Canada sometimes, especially remembering how big it was the country and its people obviously. When I stumbled across this hand-drawn illustration of the beautiful city of Toronto by Kathleen Fu, I just couldn't help to remember my home country. Kathleen is an illustrator, architectural/urban designer based in Toronto. I love this drawing and it's super detailed to its core. Her talented piece really showcases the density of the cityscape and I just couldn't imagine how long it took her to finish this drawing.

Awe-inspiring Masterpiece Drawings by Gurekbal Bhachu

Prepare to be amazed by masterpiece drawings by Gurekbal Bhachu who is a self-taught artist based in London, UK. His muse? He takes as inspiration celebrities and characters like Eminem, Drake, Morgan Freeman and even Thanos from the Avengers: Infinity War movie. His level of details is what is the most awe-inspiring ones we have ever seen on ABDZ. Take Thanos for example, you can clearly see the levels of details from the color, texture, and highlights. A huge prop to Gurekbal for his incredible work.

Linear Thinking Series: Colored Pencil Illustrations

Lui Ferreyra's art really caught my eye today, Lui is a freelance artist based in Denver, CO, USA. I am featuring the first series of colored pencil illustrations shared via Behance, the skills have greatly improved since. It's a unique style and the paper integrates into as a background that differs the result even more. These illustrations almost look-like real-life photos and that alone is pretty impressive. Looking forward to seeing more of Lui's future work.

Move the World Mural Drawings by Deck Two

Very cool project title for a mural drawing by Deck two who is an artist from Paris, France. Entitled: Move the World, we follow him on this absolute beautiful drawing showcasing the important landmarks of the World. It's quite stunning and I can't even imagine the level of patience it would take to work on this kind of project. Props to Thomas for his incredible dedication!

Meet Kareen Waris aka Waspa: 11-year-old kid with a tremendous drawing talent

I think the title says it all basically! Meet Kareen Waris who is also known as Waspa that is currently living in Lagos, Nigeria. What is particular is that he is super talented artist and at only age of 11-years-old. Kareen started drawing at the age of 6 and his drawings are generally focused on portraits as we would call it: "hyperrealistic". If you pay close attention, his drawings almost feel like a photograph. We had to feature his work on ABDZ, and we think he is the youngest artist we have ever featured.

Illustration Portraits for Stylist Magazine by Mercedes deBellard

We are taking a closer look at the work of Spain-based illustrator named Mercedes deBellard and her latest illustration series for Stylist Magazine. Among the people shown in her series, you might have recognized "Mike", the kid from Netflix's Stranger Things. It's a lovely collection of both drawings and paintings; I am quite fascinated by the treatment on the hair. Each portrait is greatly defined by a unique set of lines that characterized their own personalities, it's just beautiful.

Illustration: Bic Biro Drawings on Antique Maps

We would like to feature the work of London-based artist named Mark Powell with his bic biro drawings. For this series, he decided to base his drawings on antique maps, it's quite crazy when you think of it. But a piece of history is getting reinvented with his sublime art, must be a nice way to pay tribute to the past. Using bic biro which is using an inexpensive disposable ballpoint pen as a tool, check it out.

Super Realistic Pencil Drawings by Arinze Stanley

If you like super realistic drawings you have come to the right place. Take your time to admire the exquisite work of Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley. Arinze has some impressive hyperreal pencil drawings in his portfolio. The images look so perfect you will wonder if they are photos or not. At least I was so amazed with all the details and realism of the images that I had to stay focused on the fact that I was looking at drawings. His images look so soft and realistic, it is amazing.

Exquisite Colored Pencil drawings by Morgan Davidson

It is always great to find new artists out there to present here to you. Today I will show you some artworks from Morgan Davidson. Morgan is a talented illustrator from Florida which has been in love with drawing since a very young age. Her pieces are very colorful, detailed and realistic. Even with some strong colors her work is also very delicate. The way she uses colors and textures is really inspiring. Make sure to check her website and Behance page to know more about each artwork. Take a look!

Moody Illustrations by Elicia Edijanto

Since starting Abduzeedo I've come across an infinite number of inspiring illustrations varying in style. Colorful, 80s, 90s, 3D, you name it and we've probably published it and continue to find inspiration from incredible artists around the globe. To date, I have to say that the work that Elicia Edijanto shared on his Behance profile really deserves to be at the top of my list. It reminds me of the game Limbo because of the mood and aesthetics, however Elicia's work has far more texture and personality.

Collab drawings with Rafael Dukenny

This is a really cool project by Brazilian artist Rafael Dukenny where he asks people to draw a random red line and then he completes the illustration. Check out the results, it's awesome! For more from Rafael Dukenny visit behance.net/dukenny.

Classic Illustrations by Mark Bender

Mark Bender’s artisan illustration is classically inspired and hand crafted, combining traditional media with contemporary technology to create compelling imagery that connects with the audience. Check it out! For more from Mark Bender visit benderillustration.com and behance.net/MarkBender.

Remarkable Drawings by Raf Banzuela III

Raf Banzuela III is an artist and illustrator based in Pasig, Phillipines. Using his tools of trade, a graphite and a piece of paper, Raf does explore his imagination through his magnificient and detailled drawings. These pieces are just stunning, hope you'll enjoy! All Rights to Raf Banzuela

Honoring Oscar de la Renta

This post is in honor of the late, great fashion designer Oscar de la Renta who passed on today. The Dominican Republic born de la Renta left an indelible mark on the world of fashion and beyond and his influence will carry over for decades and centuries to come. Having left his homeland for Spain to study painting at 18, de la Renta went on to hone his skills in fashion design later resulting in an incredibly successful enterprise carrying his namesake.

Surreal Compositions by Redmer Hoekstra

I am a huge fan of surrealism, especially the unreal compositions mixing objects in ways that challenge our imagination. Redmer Hoekstra shared on his Behance page some incredible drawings exploring some of these ideas. Surrealism is a cultural movement that began in the early 1920s, and is best known for its visual artworks and writings.

Photo Realistic Pastel Drawings

Rubén Belloso is an amazing artist from Seville, Spain. He specializes on drawing huge portraits using pastel on wooden canvas, and the result is so realistic is hard to believe it's only a drawing. Check it out! For more from Rubén Belloso visit benbe.deviantart.com, and Facebook.

Creative Self-Portrait Drawings by Gaikuo

Gaikuo is an artist from Beijing, China and he decided to put himself into drawings of characters from his favourite comics, cartoons and films, including The Dark Knight Rises, Avengers, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Pokémon and more. Comic fans will appreciate his creativity and appreciate his way to re-imagine the comic world. Find out more about Gaikuo and his drawings via his Zcool Profile

Showcase of Beautiful Moleskine Art

Legendary Moleskine Notebooks continue to rock. These notebooks with soft paper, hard cover and an elastic band, carry out the magic of some great talented people who used them, like Oscar Wilde, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Henri Matisse. Combine that with a compact size and good protection, it can travel anywhere with you without compromising the art inside.

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