UI Experiments with Boyan Kostov

What is the medium that you are working in, it's always a great thing to experiment with your work. Whatever it is to try new things or just creating things offline, these things are part of your journey as someone from this industry. For this case, UI design is always an evolving platform with so many new and different behaviors/user flows to explore. We are taking a look at Boyan Kostov's work and his UI experiments.

Cooollage - Collage experiments

Collages became quite popular in late 80s and 90s in the print world, with David Carson being one of the exponents of the trend. In the late 90s and early 2000s it was big on the web as well. After that it seemed to fade away. Nevertheless, it's always awesome to see people playing with the technique. In my opinion this style will never cease to amaze me. The work of Viet Huynh is a good example, just check out after the break. An experiment through scanned images.

Abstract Typographic Experiments

Anthony James put together a series of amazing abstract typographic experiments that are really inspiring. I am really motivated to play with some of the techniques explored, especially those combining several lines to create an object. Perhaps inspiration for a new tutorial on the way... A series of playful and sometimes abstract typographic experiments, simply created to practise various techniques (aren't entirely literal).

Sound Design: BMW Tunnel Experience by Andrew Spitz

Sound Design for the BMW Tunnel Experience by Andrew Spitz This time, I want to get into the more technical stuff of the Sound Design and illustrate with an Interactive Sound Design project. Andrew Spitz is a designer, interactive designer and lecturer based in South Africa. To find out about Andrew, please visit his website - http://www.andrew-spitz.com/ The Project Few months back, Andrew was invited to participate on a great project for BMW.

3D Layer in Photoshop

One of the coolest features in the CS3 Extended version of Photoshop is the 3D Layer tools. These tools allow us to import a 3D file and transform it like if we were using a 3D software, we can rotate, move, and scale the layer in a 3D dimensional environment. Last weekend I decided to try this feature, but first I needed a nice 3D model, and a good site to get free 3D file is http://artist-3d.com/. They have lots of very cool .3ds files for free. I found a very nice Robocop robot over there and used in my image.

Breaking Apart tutorial request

Firstly I’d like to thank you all for the emails, I really appreciated them. Besides that, I’ve received some requests from readers, what is awesome because sometimes I don’t have much time to think on ideas for tutorials. The best thing about this requests is that I can learn new techniques and explore Photoshop in a new way. This new tutorial I’m writing is an example. Some users sent me emails asking how to create explosions, like breaking apart some objects in images. So yesterday I took some time and did my first image, you can see it below.

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