90s Style & Vibrant Lettering Works by Ju Schnee

We are featuring a 90s style lettering work by Ju Schnee, an illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. Each piece from this series kind of reminds you of the era of 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air', it's hard to deny anything else. Everything is there, the style, colors, quotes and more. Quite lovely if you ask me. After reading Ju's project blurb, you can't help to share the same views on the daily challenge that aren't related to client or work per se.

Reebok #BeMoreHuman Hand-Drawn Typeface

I was surfing on Behance for an inspiration related to fonts for ABDZ. I stumbled across the work of Simon Stratford who is a designer based in London, UK. He published a project for Reebok #BeMoreHuman Typeface fully hand-drawed. It's just a beautiful and yet powerful campaign featuring popular celebrities like Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman, Danai Gurira (from Black Panther) and more.

Plentiful Lettering Goodness by Naniii

We are sharing the work of Naniii with his plentiful lettering goodness. Such a tremendous progression along the years and keeps pushing himself into different styles all the time. One particular reason why this collection is taking the edge, they are all done with the iPad Pro + Pencil. It's not the first time we are witnessing artists taking a stab with this premium medium. Do you believe the tool like the iPad makes all the difference? Naniii defiinitely puts it in the right direction.

Lettering Illustrations by Meni Chatzipanagiotou

Let's take a deep breath of pure inspiration with the work of Meni Chatzipanagiotou, an illustrator and graphic designer from Thessaloniki, Greece. She has just released this beautiful set of lettering illustration hand drawn with pens and acrylic paint. The results are just stunning to look at. Aside from the shop, you can order your own custom name into an illustration by Meni herself. Check it out if you love her work and would love to find out more!

Typography & Lettering Series by Rafael Serra

A great Friday tradition to keep on ABDZ, how about an article about fonts? It will be inspiring to share the work of Rafael Serra, a graphic designer based in the beautiful city of Lisbon Portugal. He shared his 'lettering series' where he would use newsfeed as an inspiration to explore new ways, colours, and techniques to push onwards his work. My personal favorite ones are the high typographic pieces with a strong vibrant background color like 'Barcelona' and 'Ferrari'.

Lettering Works by Joe Sutton

We would like to feature the work of Joe Sutton who is a freelance graphic designer based in London, UK. He focus his work into typography, lettering and branding design. What I particularly like about Joe’s work is that he takes the time to share his process and well-written details about what can be improved from his sketches.

20 Calligraphers & Hand-Letterers you should Follow on Instagram

There was a time, not too long ago where I was focusing my free time on my  hand-lettering skills. As easy as it seems, it was a hard challenge. I should get my hands back at this medium but right now I am focusing my time on photography. But if you are into lettering or a beginner, and you are looking for artists to follow on Instagram. It's a great to one, get inspired.

Hand Lettering Overdose

If there's one thing I suck big time at is hand writing. Despite calligraphy classes, a lot of work I never got to a point that I felt comfortable. That is not that case of Mateusz Witczak. He shared some incredible pieces from work he has done last year and this year. The intricate details and craft is quite amazing and definitely needed to be shared here on ABDZ Mateusz is a self-taught lettering artist, graphic designer currently living in Warsaw, Poland. For more information check out http://mateuszwitczakdesigns.com/

Hand-Lettering Works of Mark van Leeuwen

Mark van Leeuwen is a freelance designer currently based in Italy, specializing in Logo Design and Typography. Mark considers himself as to be a strong believer in lettering and we couldn't agreed more. So far, he has built a strong foundation and we look forward to see what's coming next. All Rights to Mark van Leeuwen

Amazing Lettering by Darren Booth

Darren Booth is a Canadian illustrator & letterer with an amazing style of lettering which is done 99% by hand where he sketches and paints his work making it much traditional and very unique. Check it out! For more from Darren visit darrenbooth.com

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