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Abducted by Web Technologies

Hello everyone, my name is Carlos Taborda, I’m an engineer/developer/designer and I’ve been abducted. :) I’m a friend of Fabio, and we thought bringing a little bit of programming/server articles would be helpful to all of you designers who want to learn to install and configure your servers (& VPS) and need to get your sites, blogs and applications up and running. What Subjects will you talk about? Since I have a mixed background, I will try to bring a little bit of everything from the three subjects (Servers, Code & Design). Here’s a list of things I’ve thought about. Servers: We’ll talk about, Getting a server up and running to serve sites and applications, ie, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Zend, Ruby on Rails, Django and Security. Code: I’m a Rails developer, and use it for my work every day, so i’ll be posting some basic Howto’s on how to get your first application going, as well as useful resources I find. Design: I’m not as a gifted designer as Fabio, but I have a good sense of design in applications, so i’ll share some Howto’s on how to create good ‘web-app’ templates, with CSS, Ajax, etc. I’ll also feature good Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla templates I run into. We need ideas! I would like to get ideas from you - our readers! What topics should we add, that would be useful for you in your web-design/developing journey.