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Beautiful Macro Photography Wallpapers

Beautiful Macro Photography Wallpapers

Time for a sweet set of wallpapers for you to pimp your desktop. This time we've selected some super great, beautiful macro photography wallpapers for you! Check it out! Here you can see 10 options of images for you, each one has the option to various resolutions, including HD (1080p). So go ahead and download these bad boys. In the download page all you have to do is to choose the best fitting resolution to your needs. I hope you like these! PS.: And if you want to have a blast, Reddit user charlielou92 has shared his collection of 176 amazing wallpapers Cheers. ;)

Case Study: Macro Snowflakes Photos

Case Study: Macro Snowflake Photos

Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov tapes a $50 lens to his cameras and takes the most stunning macro snowflakes photos I have ever seen. Check out his work and learn the technique used to get such amazing result. For more about Alexey Kljatov visit and The Photos This is postprocessed snowflakes, cropped from full 12mp shots, mix from 2009-2013 years. Usually i add to them artifical colors, because original shots almost monochromatic and looks not appealing. Some snowflakes captured in standard macro mode, others with Helios 44 add-on: Case Study I capture snowflakes at open balcony of my house, mostly on glass surface, lighted by LED flashlight from opposite side of glass, and sometimes in natural light, using dark woolen fabrics as background. On a floor of a balcony I put the turned stool (legs up), on them - a glass plate. Previously, i shoot using Canon A650's standard macro mode. For this, from a small plastic bottle I cut central cylindrical part in the form of a tube (height 5.5 cm). This height I picked up so that the lens of the camera, pushed in a tube, will be at distance 1 centimeter from the bottom (this is minimum focusing distance of Canon A650 in macro mode). I just put this cylinder with the camera's lens within it over the chosen snowflake, the lens looks vertically down. For steady shots, i shoot in small series with starting delay 1-2 seconds after focusing, taking away my hands off the camera. With free hand i illuminate snowflake with flashlight from under the glass. The flashlight shines through two layers of white plastic bag for more uniform lighting. This is enough for shooting even at night with minimum ISO and short exposure time. Recently, i built simple macro addon for the camera. I used lens Helios 44M-5 from old USSR SLR camera Zenit (here is short description in wikipedia). At first, i attached these lens at narrow wooden board (around 30 cm long), reversed: a back lens to snowflake, front lens to camera, and drilled in a board an opening for a screw suitable to tripod nest of the camera. Then camera is put on a board so that the lens in the maximum optical zoom mode (6x) touched Helios lens and looked straight into them. I attach the camera by a screw and additionally with metallic bracket, glued to the board, it holds opposite side of camera, so it didn't move anywhere. On Helios's back side (which is front of whole construction) i attached three standard narrow extension rings from Zenit camera (this is needed only in case of shooting at glass surface with backlight). This holds lens at needed focusing distance from the glass with snowflakes (2,5-3 centimeters). Place of connection between internal and external lens i covered with some sort of skirt, maked from black plastic bag: this protects connection point from outer light, snow, ice and waterdrops. All design turned out rather strong and steadily stands vertically with lenses looking down. I simply put it on glass over the chosen snowflake and shoot at maximum optical zoom instead of macro mode. Camera's autofocus works well. This is assembled construction: Ready for shooting: Simple scheme of add-on: This is an example shots in two modes, standard A650 macro mode and with external lens: I also wrote separate article about averaging identical shots. I used this technique for all recent snowflakes. For more about Alexey Kljatov visit and

Fascinating Liquid Art by Markus Reugels

German Photographer Markus Reugels has a passion to taking pictures of Water drops. It so fascinating what shapes simple water drops can built! The Human eye are to slow to see them without help. With the Highspeed Photography its possible to freeze these Magic Moments in an Single Picture. Enjoy! For more from Markus Reugels visit

Beautiful Macro Photography by Brian Valentine

Brian Valentine started taking macro shots as a hobby and today his passion takes him everyday on a trip to his own yard with his camera to discover more about the little things the world has to offer. The macro shots taken by him are absolutely beautiful and very interesting as you get to see all the small details of everything that goes in front of his lens. What macro photography means to you? Macro photography is a fascinating hobby for me, it allows me to explore a relatively unknown world full of fascination. How did you start taking macro photography? I started macro photography when i bought my first DSLR early 2005 along with a semi macro lens- this fired my interest and I soon bought my first "real" macro lens- a sigma 105mm Ex. What are tools do you use to capture the perfect macro shot? I use canon dslr bodies with either a sigma 105mm EX lens or a canon MPE-65 (high power macro lens), I often use flash. I tend to hunt for subjects so a tripod is not really an option so i hand hold the cmaera often with the aid of a bean pole for stabilization. I( also use focus stacking to increase the DOF of photographs. What you like the most about your photos? I like capturing the fine detail of subjects. For more from Brian make sure to visit his flickr.