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Superb Motion Graphics by The Ronin

We've been checking a lot of graphic design lately, and forgot a little bit of the sweetness of motion graphics. Taking a look at some older posts, I found out that a great designer never got his own post here. This guy is know as The Ronin. Rob Chiu is a British designer/director who has such an original approach to motion graphics, combing 2D illustrations with flowing camera movements, which is a great trend for motion graphics. And here's his 2009 show reel, which is pretty awesome, along with his works. The one called "Things Fall Apart" inspired Fabio to make his Mental Explosion tutorial for PSDTuts some time ago. Hope you all enjoy it and don't forget to visit his portfolio. Cheers! ;) 2009 Show Reel Flash on the Beach Webbys Gala Openning Hurricane - Athlete Things Fall Apart

Video Inspiration "Acesso MTV" by Santa Motion

We've posted about Santa Motion a few months ago and also featured some of their videos in our Daily Inspiration series. But the Santa guys have done it again. They've produced the ID of a new daily show on MTV called Acesso MTV. It has that retro style on it, a little bit 80's with neon, some pinches of surrealism and a nice typography. Definitely worth checking it out. We at Santa Motion ( produced from MTV the whole ID of their new daily show called 'Acesso MTV'. We were briefed by MTV to do something related to all the information access that we have nowadays. One of the concepts that we brought up was, how people can change with informations and that was represented with transitions to different places. The video was mainly made in After Effects. Doors and dropping frame in Maya and hands using all the quirky look from Poser. The job was developed in 30 days by our 7 people crew. Click here for higher resolution Credits: Client: MTV Brasil Creative Director: Beto Shibata/MTV Production Company: Santa Motion Director: Gustavo Rodrigues Design: Gustavo Rodrigues, Filipe Zapelini, Isabela Rodrigues 2D Motion: Rodrigo Pires 3D: Lucas Kazakevicius, Daniel Bohrer Composting and color grading: Gustavo Rodrigues Sound: Thiago Gautéri

Motion Design Inspiration by

Motion Design is one of the coolest areas of design, you can play with the brand and tell the story mixing images, animations and sound. is a great example, with an impressive portfolio with amazing works to big clients such as Nike, Cartoon Network, Pepsi, Microsoft, Honda and others. Below we list some of those, but as usual we recommend that you visit for more information and works. Reel 09 Stills Images created by for more information visit:

Video of the Week #30

We absolutely love cars. We also love motion graphics. Make a combo of those two, and you've got an instant favorite. That's what the people at Glossy made: an awesome advertising motion graphic video for Lexus. The result is totally awesome. Lexus, directed by Crush.

Superb Motion Graphics Inspiration

We sure love a cool design piece... who doesn't love a fresh new piece made by Marconi, or James White? But when we talk about motion graphics, that's a whole new level of coolness. Motion graphics makes us literally travel through out design, and that's a big deal. MK12 is a design agency located in Kansas City, USA... and man, they sure make kickass MG's. They even make stuff for Hollywood movies... seeing their reel I've just realized that. Here is a brief selection of their work. Some pretty amazing stuff, that I simple know you all will like it. Anyways, you should also visit their site for further works! I hope you enjoy these! Cheers! ;

Stunning Motion Graphics by Mark Coleran

From time to time, we get to see movies that feature computer technology that we don't see much. Awesome futuristic operating systems, with touch screen tech, global positioning and all that. Today you get to know the man behind it all. Mark Coleran, a Canadian designer is the person behind many OS' we've seen featured in the silver. Have you watched any of these: The Island, Alien vs. Predator, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Blade 2, Lara Croft - Tomb Raider, Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban, 007 - The World is Not Enough, The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Ultimatum, Triple X 2, 13th Street, Deja Vu, Children of Men, Mission Impossible 3? If you did, then you know his work. But cooler than just reading movies names is actually watching his showreels. And here are 2 of them. You'll really like it! Cheers! ;) Mark Coleran - Showreel 01/2006 from Mark Coleran on Vimeo. I couldn't resize this next one, there was a lot of distortion, so watch it at Vimeo for a bigger presentation. ;) Mark Coleran - Screen Showreel 06/2008 from Mark Coleran on Vimeo.

Video Inspiration: Motion Experiments

I've found a great video done with just skilled motion graphics, and some really nice audio. I always find it Quite impressive how amazing just 2 senses can immerse a person in to a piece of work, even if this is only a few short clips. I've watched it several times over just to try and figure out what techniques were used. You can check out the site Motion & Audio Experiments - A Minireel from Gustav Espenes on Vimeo.

Giveaways: Helvetica Result and The Bullet Tutorial

What's up everyone? It's been an awesome time here at Abduzeedo... this week we had seriously thousands and thousands of visits, and we'd like to thank you all for hanging out here so often. We really appreciate it! We appreciate so much that today we not only will announce the winner of the Helvetica film giveaway, but we are also opening a new one: The Bullet Tutorial. The film is a really great documentary about the history behind the Helvetica font, and the fortunate person who's taking it home is: Guerella Congratulations, dude! We'll be contacting you soon so you can get you prize. ;) "The Bullet" Tutorial Giveaway And we're honored to say that we've got new partners here at Abduzeedo. They're the gentlemen from, an totally awesome motion graphics tutorials site. They are totally masters, you can trust their work is hot stuff. For this giveway, they gently gave us a copy of their "The Bullet" tutorial, worth $49,95. Check out the mini-trailer below: A little reminder, that from now on, only people with an Abduzeedo account will run for prizes around here. So hurry up and join in! This baby can be all yours!! All you gotta do is drop a comment naming some of the movies you can remember that got awesome shooting scenes! The winner will be announced next week. Good luck, and cheers! ;)

Awe Inspiring Motion Graphics

Ok, I admit my work is hugely inspired by motion graphics and I wanted to share with you some of my greatest influences in this field. It amazes me how each single frame is a super piece of illustrative work, and to think how many frames it takes to make a ‘piece’ is truly mind boggling. MK12 To start with is a superb studio from the USA called MK12. I first seen their work in the Dos Logos book a few years ago and their clean vectors really stood out. I checked out their website and realised they also do motion graphics and incorporate all kinds of crazy visual motifs. You have to check out ‘History of America’ which is a psychedelic western space opera that you can view via YouTube now! The Ronin Next up with have a British designer/director who goes by the name of Rob Chiu but you may know him as The Ronin. He has such an original approach to motion graphics, combing 2D illustrations with flowing camera movements which was one of the very first influences on me. His work for ‘Black Day to Freedom’ was truly outstanding and incorporated themes such as asylum and displacement of the peoples. Critica Next up we are flying VIP to Singapore to visit the all mighty Critica. These guys and gals truly know how to diversify. They seemingly blend motion graphics, live action, typography and 3D work into one hell of a creative melting pot. After appearing on the likes of MTV and working fro people like Tiger Beer you really must have at some point stumbled upon their work. If not, now’s your chance: Prologue We are now going to sprinkle a little magic over the preceding with a studio from the City of Angels (Los Angeles) named Prologue. These people sum up to me what a motion graphics studio can achieve. There portfolio of movie title sequences is truly staggering. I cannot say anything else about them apart from check their work now. Dstrukt Dstrukt is somebody who really does push boundaries. He has worked with the likes of The Ronin and Hydro74 to name just a few. Just check out his showreel for cool punchy motion graphics. And there it is, just a sample of some of the awesome motion designer that I have come across. If you know of any other please feel free to send me an email and let me know. You can contact me through my website: Official SA3S

7 Beautiful title & credit sequence designs

I love motion graphics and animation. One thing I look for when I go to the cinema or watch a TV program is a nicely designed title and/or credit sequence. It's not absolutely necessary, but if it's there, and done right, it adds a new level of enjoyment to the film or show. I feel like there has been a bunch of great sequences lately so I thought I'd post a few that I liked. Pedra do Reino (Stone of the Kingdom) I found this one while looking through the portfolio of the company that made it (LOBO). I was instantly attracted to it. It reminded me of the title sequence to the HBO series Carnivale. It's almost like an illuminated manuscript come to life. Iron Man The Iron Man movie was great! And the ending credit sequence was amazing as well. It used the simple line art you'd find in a program like AutoCAD and created an amazing animated sequence for it. Simple but perfect! It was made by: Prologue The Company This is a short animated title sequence for the TNT television mini-series The Company. It's made to look as if pencil sketches have come to life. It's really nice. I actually haven't seen the program, I found it while looking through the website of the company that created it. (Digital Kitchen). Inside the Medieval Mind Ok so there's a bit of an old-timey collage-type theme that I seem to be leaning towards. I can't help it, I like it. This was created by Transistor Studio for a BBC series. I haven't seen the series, but I would like to. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium They had me at the toy Robots, I love Robots! Seriously though, it's a nicely made sequence paying homage to old toys and film title sequence design from the 50's. It was made by Reel FX. Stranger than Fiction I thought this title sequence was so great. It was super-simple yet very cleverly executed. I also thought the movie was good. It was a bit of a departure from the typical Will Ferrell movie, which I kind of liked. This was made by MK12. The Kite Runner This is another very simply designed title sequence. If you're a typography or calligraphy enthusiast then you'd appreciate this one. This one is also made by MK12.