Nike's Take on Sustainability - Trash by you

Mark Aver is a Sr. Creative Director at Nike based in Portland, OR, USA, he shared a pretty awesome advertising for Nike about sustainability. Featuring the floral art by Manu Torres, the purpose of this ad is to show the Nike Air VaporMax 2020 Flyknit is made from at least 50% recycled content by weight. It's a pretty interesting approach for a product and at the same time, the advertising around must be putting an extra touch on that fact.

A set of key visuals for Nike Shanghai

I think this is going to break our visual pattern but this is totally worth it. This is the work from How Wei Zhong who art directed this massive campaign for Nike Shanghai in collaboration with the folks from ILoveDust. It's quite refreshing since first of all it's collaborative participation and obviously the end-result that is just purely vibrant and amazing. To share a little bit of background on this project (in their words). “Qiang Diao” is Chinese for confidence, swagger and game.

Nike Adapt Huarache Campaign

Our friends from Ars Thanea have shared the project they have worked with Nike. What is it this time? They were part of a campaign to promote the new Nike model: Adapt. Claiming its next-generation of tech and sports footwear. Here are a few keywords: self-lacing system, mobile app. Does that sound great? Let's give it a look!

#Pride Nike BETRUE Campaign: Celebrating Unity and Equality

For #PrideMonth, Rosie Lee shared the campaign they worked for Nike BETRUE. The message was clear, conceive a campaign that was both iconic, celebratory and visually halting. They needed to stand out and guarantee the BETRUE message was heard, loud and clear. And they did, Rosie Lee is a creative agency based in beautiful London, United Kingdom. Make sure to give it a look and follow their work on Behance.

Motion Design: Nike Kiss My Airs Campaign

Nike Kiss My Airs Campaign is a mixture of motion design and animated coolness designed by Shotopop. A studio based in London, UK focusing their work typography, installation, CGI, stop-motion and more. You will love these videos, there seems to be a viral factor on this style of video. You should definitely check out the videos, they are short but they are playful and straight to the point of creativity. Check them out and make sure to give them some love on Instagram.

Be Legendary. Nike Branding Concept for Tokyo 2020

Daniele Caruso is a freelance illustrator based in Swindon, United Kingdom. He is working mainly in illustration, graphic design and branding. We are taking a look at his branding concept for Nike: Be Legendary, for the upcoming and anticipated Tokyo 2020. With the tagline "legendary", Daniele included mythological creatures to create an artistic atmosphere alongside with the colour palette that totally reminds me of Dotonbori (the bright heart) from Osaka, Japan. What do you think? Would you like this kind of visual approach if it was from Nike.

Art Direction: Nike RT Illustration

Let us share this beautiful collaboration for a series of an illustration entitled: Nike RT. Obviously, for NikeLab Dunk x RT Launch, they worked at creating the iconic sneaker model. With a mixture of different mediums like Photoshop, Luxology Modo, Blender 3D, Maxon Cinema 4D, and Octane. To give a shout to some of the credits, the direction was done by Ditroit. Art direction by Salvatore Giunta, Pietro Furbatto, and design by Salvatore Giunta, Cristian Acquaro, Pietro Furbatto. For anyone who appreciates the brand Nike, you will love this series!

Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Nike Cortez

If your're a huge Nike fan you'll love this celebrating website for the Nike Cortez, a model that was created on the 70's and since then won subtle design adjust during the decades. I have to say that all off them are so cool that I could buy today the first model and use it with no shame. Take a look that and explore the decades, also if you think you still love one of those models, maybe you can buy one of them to celebrate together. Visit:

Illustration: Nike Free Design

We are featuring this conceptual illustration series by Leo Natsume for a potential Nike campaign. A campaign about getting out without fear and facing your challenges. You might recognize the faces from Lebron James, Neymar and Serena Williams; gotta appreciate the texture work. Stunning work!

Industrial Design: Nike Advanced Training Jacket Concept

I think I’ve mentioned it before but I am a huge fan of the Nike brand. I just love how they experiment all the time with their products and material. And at the same time it’s great to see designers going down this path as well. Let’s take a look at this concept by Joseph Cooper of a Nike Advanced Training Jacket. What’s particular from this concept is the use of battery (for charging) and sensors for tracking the performance of the athlete. The attention to the details are spot-on and I can’t wait to see more from Joseph in the near future.

Selected Nike Projects by Pawel Nolbert

We always love featuring the work from Pawel Nolbert, his work is always wildly impressive and refreshing all the time. Pawel has this distinctive style on how he will experience and experiment with different mediums to create new styles. Another thing I really enjoy about Pawel’s work is the choice of his colour palette, very vibrant and so elegant at the same time.

A look inside Nike LunarEpic Flyknit Summer

A couple months back, we featured this very inspiring collaborative case study about the Nike LunarEpic Flyknit shoe campaign. Today we are featuring a comeback on this project with Tendril and Blacklist and their supreme work with the team at Nike.

Nike: Make It Paris

User Experiences aren't only for the subject of the Web. It's also built for everything around you and some you barely noticed it at all. Building a great user experience is creating a memorable moment for the user so the flow is enjoyable and simple. For one of the best cases to test this theory are the  In-Store Interactive Experiences. Shopping is a common action for most of us BUT creating an experience is definitely a challenge.

Case Study: Nike LunarEpic Flyknit

We are happily sharing a tremendous case study of the new reinvented Nike LunarEpic Flyknit running shoe by/in global collaboration with Tendril and Blacklist and more. Together, they've worked on making the teaser, launch film, and global Nike in-store installations. Sit back and enjoy one of the best projects we've seen lately on Abduzeedo.

Nike Tech Pack In-Store App UI/UX by Shakir Dzheyranov

Shakir Dzheyranov is a Creative Director over Spinifex Group based in Los Angeles, USA. He worked with Nike on creating an in-store experience to enhance the user on Nike's unparalleled access to the season’s best. Love the simple interaction combining with strong imagery, totally beautiful. All Rights to Shakir Dzheyranov

Nike Football Untouchable Packaging

Some of us might think that Branding is going to the same direction as Print where the Digital World is taking over things. I'd liked to think to the contrary where I feel creative projects can be achieved just like this beautiful project from Hovercraft. Nike Football asked us to create a limited package for their most technically advanced cleat, the Vapor Untouchable.

Swooshart - Nike Meets Classic Art

The Nike symbol, also known as the Swoosh, is one of the most important icons of modern culture. The simplicity is memorable and we can spot and identify anywhere around the globe. Now, imagine merging this iconic logo with a classic painting from the Baroque and Renaissance? The guys behind Swooshart have been making that reality. It's somewhat of a clash of ideologies and styles but in my opinion they look awesome.

Justin Maller Beautiful Work for Grammy, Nike, Dolby and more

Justin Maller (@justinmaller) has just updated his portfolio and we here over at Abduzeedo cannot let this opportunity pass without a feature. Justin was the first artist we interviewed at Abduzeedo and he always helped us with wallpaper and content. His work is simply beautiful and his clients include the Grammy Awards, Dolby, Nike and many more. Besides all this work for big clients, Justin runs Depthcore, one of the most amazing collectives out there. You can

Nike Laces by Hugo Silva

We always say that personal projects is the best way to learn and do what we love. We do that all the time with Abduzeedo in our tutorials and wallpapers and we always admire other designers that do that too. That's the case of Hugo Silva and the brilliant Nike Laces. Hugo Silva is a graphic designer and illustrator from Lisbon. He works in the design industry for over 4 years focusing on identity, corporate, editorial, packaging and illustration. Hugo has a BA Graphic Design and a Master Design Visual Culture at IADE-Creative University.

House of Hoops Illustrations

For more from Mike Harrison visit First Series I was approached by Nike to create 5 Illustrations for their store in collaboration with Footlocker called House of Hoops, at Cherry Hill in New Jersey.

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