Industrial Design: Nintendo Switch VR Concept

Recently, we witness the launch of Nintendo’s latest with their new console named: Switch. With the trend about VR, what if Nintendo took the turn into this technology? What it will look like? Will it stand against the competition? Well, Antoine Beynel took a stab at a industrial design concept and let’s give it a look. Inspired by the Nintendo Switch, we can see how this could actually work with what will be on the market soon. What do you think?

Nintendo Legends Concept - Industrial Design

With the one of the hardest gifts to find in the market right now, we’ve been thrown back to the past with the NES Classic Edition. This little device is now adapted with our currently technology, we get to relive our early gaming experience. We would like to share this concept from Spencer Davis and Scott Schenone who had another concept in mind and it’s far more interesting than what’s actually on the market.

Pure Inspiration: Kirby Café, Nintendo's latest Venture

All you Nintendo fans out there, here is the excuse you were waiting for to get tickets and pack to Japan. Nintendo just opened a super cute cafe in Osaka and Tokyo. Kirby Café incorporates elements from the video game series into everything they do. So of course you will love everything about this place. From their website to the items they serve to their location, every details is filled with style and cuteness. Check it out!

Awesome Collection of Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Art

When I was a kid I had a Mega Drive from Sega, most kids had a Super Nintendo and were in love with Mario, but I was all about Sonic The Hedgehog. One of the most remarkable characters from video games, Sonic is one of the best options when it comes to platform games. Hope you guys will enjoy this collection, I tried not to stick with the classic Sonic look, so I looked for some really alternative versions of our most beloved Hedgehog friend.

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