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Netdivers "Best Projects Of The Year" 110+ is a 11-year-old website and an online design and digital culture magazine that uncovers, reviews and publishes outstanding work by the international community. For the 7th time they present more than 110 of their favourite talents and creative projects of 2008. Netdiver Best of the Year is always a long awaited release of which projects and whose talents have made a strong and lasting impression in the previous year. We aimed to list 100 and just could not. So how about 110 because we feel they gave their 110% best? Now in its 7th edition, the crop of the year is for us, the top of the year. Hope you agree. Refresh your memory and (re)encounter new sources of design inspiration. Click on the picture.

2008 Most Beautiful HDR Images

2008 was a great year for HDR. Hundreds of blogs were posting about the new and awesome way of photographing. So did abduzeedo, we wrote lots of articles which were visited more than 2 million times. Enjoy our list of the most beautiful and most interesting HDR Images of this year. In this year the HDR-photomapping became really huge. Why? Because its very easy to create and very powerfull. The images look incredible proffesional. For those who don't know what HDR is, I try to explain: What is HDR? HDR is the short form of High Dynamic Range, a technic that allows a greater dynamic range of luminances between light and dark areas of an image, like on the example: Usually you take 3 shots of the same subject with different exposures. The image in the middle is presented as the normal image. The image on the left has a lower exposure value what makes it more darker and shows very light details like clouds. The image on the right has a higher exposure value than the original to point out details of darker areas. What now happens, is that all of the three shots are going to be merged together in one singel image. There are several great tutorials on the web, also on Abduzeedo, with detailed explanations. For example: How to create HDR Photos I know that you guys have made hundreds of good HDR's. So just leave a comment with a list of YOUR favourite images and post it. Here is a "Best Of"-Compilation of the most beautiful High Dynamic Range Images of the year 2008. Enjoy.