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Snowboarding Action Photography

Snowboarding Action Photography

Every year I like to share some really cool snowboarding photographs to get everyone inspired and pumped up to hit the mountains or at least to take some awesome photos. I selected some really amazing snowboarding action photos for you to enjoy. If you like to learn how to make your own action sequence, check out this tutorial - How to Create a Radical Photo Sequence. Photo by Jagom├Ągi Photo by kaybee07 Photo by Constantine Trupcheff Photo by volclom_tgn Photo by l.i.m.e ART Photo by Daniel Yoshida photo Photo by Constantine Trupcheff Photo by Buonline Photo by Whiteface Mountain Photo by Tristan Shu Photo by Aaron_S. Photo by Felix Hohagen Photo by Dennis Koch Photo by klOrklOr Photo by Lovemike

Snowboard Action Sequences

I'm a big fan of photo sequences, specially when it includes some radical action. French photographer Yanis Ourabah is a specialist in catching some awesome action sequences and in this post you will check out some great photographs. To view more of Yanis works make sure to visit If you like to learn how to make your own action sequence, check out this tutorial - How to Create a Radical Photo Sequence

Awesome & Radical Snowboard Photography

Snowboard season is not over yet, to inspire the ones that love it I selected some amazing photographs to represent it. Whether you get inspired by the photography or the actual sport, get out there and let this inspiration take action. by Rune T by geoftheref by Altus by Brahm by Maurizio Polese by Ryan Dearth by f-l-e-x by Julius Koivistoinen by klOrklOr by rhys logan by NIELS AHA by Greg Miller by Entity Boardshop by rhys logan by nhuisman by thefracturedframe by Yanis / by Yanis / by Thorvildsen by AxGxOjun by JeroenKoning by Matt Cohen Photo / 1115 by richardbaybutt by dietrich by Ryan Taylor by Yanis / by Georg by Prepelita Alexandru by tpphoto by Maurizio Polese by NZSki by norbertszasz by by Jeroen Koning If you have some snowboarding photos, feel free to share with us on the comment area

30 Amazing Snowboarding Photos

A little while ago I posted some skateboarding photos, most of you guys liked so I decided to keep on going with the action sport photos and today I selected some sick snowboarding photos, just sit back and enjoy! Click on the photos to find out more about the author and to see the photo in a bigger size.

Cool Snowboard Design

Since we had posts on skateboard design and rollerblading, I thought it would be proper to find some snowboard designs and showcase it for you guys. I found some pretty cool stuff, and even a design that was probably inspired by two of our tutorials. The probably inspired board is the last one, made by this guy Burton (or is it the company name?). It would be really cool if it was actually done after our tutorials Space Lighting Effects in 10 Steps and Really cool Eclipse Effect in Photoshop. Anyways, here are the designs I found at DeviantART. Hope you all enjoy it. Cheers!

Video Inspiration: Magic Flashlights

Who, this is one of my favourite snowboard movies. Nowerdays you have to be very creative if you want to impress the viewer, now that there are a lot of very good snowboarder out there. Mike Benson had a great Idea and just add motion work in his video. Enjoy Knife Show Inc and friends uncover a strange phenomenon at Timberline Lodge at Mt Hood. Snowboarding video takes place in and out of High Cascade Summer Camp. Shot and edited by Mike Benson. Starring Brendan Hayes, Eli weiner, Scott Stevens, Chris Beresford, Matty Mo, Jesse Burtner, and Casey Wrightsman. KNIFESHOWINC.COM I immediately fell in love with this video when i heared that they used one of my favourite songs. The band is called "MGMT" with their song "Kids". Magic Flashlights from Mike Benson on Vimeo.