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TV Show Posters by Adam Spizak

TV Show Posters by Adam Spizak Exclusive on Funkrush + Giveaway

The project started few months ago as fan art and slowley grow bigger and bigger to finally end up as series. First round of five of my fav tv shows and also - first round of prints! I've tried to approach the project as both fan and also what i would think was important from the show's perspetive - the essence. The Essence for me was closely related to music in these shows, a connection become the core of each idea. For more from Adam Spizak visit, Behance, Twitter. Breaking Bad - Walter White Walter was my first choice as well as Breaking Bad being my No.1 show. Not many character go such a big way from where they started. Alexander's song: Truth usted in Ep1 of the 4th season is such a great score that works amazingly with the show and with Walter's journey. The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes You gotta love how dark Rick got in season 4, just to see him redeem himself by the end of it. Great character in what is one of the best shows on tv contradicting what people think when they think of zombies. Kari Meredyth Kimmel - Black fit great into The Road feel of the show. Mad Men - Don Draper Don is such a deep and complex character that i know people who watch this show just for him and it's hard to argue about that. I loved him from the first episodes when he drives away with the birthday cake. The beatniks scene with Don McLean - Waters of Babylon was what made the tone of the show for me and him as main character: How do you sleep at night? On a bed made of money. Californication - Hank Moody We just love to see Hank in trouble, but deep down we always hope we will fine and finally get back with Karen. The show was at its best around season 2-4. The natural selection for the track was The Rolling Stones - You can't always get what as it's constant backdrop to what i think is the essence of this show - man being lost. Dexter - Dexter Morgan Dexter came such a long way from his dark beginning to just darker place which i guess is hard for a serial killer. ;) Bu t we like Dexter becuase he tries hard to be best version of himself, sometimes dark sometimes comic. Daniel Licht - Hide Your Tears give a great score to make you care. The Prints We have all 5 prints for sale exclusive on Funkrush. Funkrush was established in 2007 by Pete Harrison (aeiko) as a clothing company that makes you smile! We want to make you feel like a million bucks.. Limited Discount Code For a limited time, use 'ABDUZEEDO' at checkout will get you 15% off anything in the store! To shop: Giveaway Funkrush has been kind enough to giveaway one entire set of the Popular TV Series posters by Adam Spizak on Funkrush. To participate is very simple, just leave a comment in the comment box below with a valid email so we can contact you. Links More info about Funkrush: More info about Pete Harrison: More info about Adam Spizak:

Vikings - Visual Identity

Vikings - Visual Identity

Last weekend I watched one episode of the show called Vikings on the History Channel. The series seems to be really cool, especially in terms of image and visuals. Another thing that really caught my attention was the logo, it is amazing, then today browsing Behance I found a post about the art behind the logo and some images. The work was done by Platige, a super cool studio from Warsaw, Poland. Vikings follows the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok the greatest hero of his age. The series tells the sagas of Ragnar's band of Viking brothers and his family, as he rises to become King of the Viking tribes. Concept We wanted the teaser to be mysterious and monumental at the same time. The key point was the idea of using one shot transition from micro to makro scale which helped to emphesise how smoothly all the elements harmoize in soul of every Viking. Final stills Our task was to create a logo that would show the spirit of the Vikings' culture in its several main elements. In one symbol we needed to capture the multiple dimension of the nation. At the same time in the teaser we had to focus on how all the elements in logo are brought to life and coexist in Vikings' everyday life. About Platige Platige is a vehicle for creative endeavors specializing in designing CG imagery, 3D animation, and digital special effects. At Platige, we combine film and advertising work with a strong passion for art, education, and entertainment. The company attracts and creates revolutionary ideas and innovations.

Logo Design: TVs

The Logo Design series is up and running! We're thinking ahead and we want to find new ways to sort these listings. Last week we had a post on logos with phones... today it's all about logos with TVs! As usual, we'll search for logos in these galleries: Logopond, Logo Faves, Logo Moose, Logo from Dreams, Logo Gala, WS Logos, The Logo Mix and Wolda. We hope you all enjoy our selection! Cheers. ;)

Great TV Series Logos

TV Series are always a great option to watch since they have an amazing content to catch our attention and these days they can even turn us addicted to it. People that like Dr. House for an example, they can celebrate every diagnostic as it was the first, or Lost watchers for a chance, they keep thinking for hours about the whole solution and understanding to the situation the characters goes through. TV Series logos are always a good combination of typography, colors and minimalist design. You practically never see a TV Series logo full of information or effects. Their main goal is to synthesize the series in a word that will get the audience attention and preference. In case you favorite series logo is not here, send it to us! By the way, my favorite is House. Enjoy... House Lost Friends Smallville Terminator Heroes Gossip Girl Grey's Anatomy ER Desperate Housewives Supernatural 24 The Office CSI Numb3rs Gilmore Girls Sex and the City Scrubs Mythbusters The X-Files The 4400 Monk Criminal Minds And some old stuff...

7 Beautiful title & credit sequence designs

I love motion graphics and animation. One thing I look for when I go to the cinema or watch a TV program is a nicely designed title and/or credit sequence. It's not absolutely necessary, but if it's there, and done right, it adds a new level of enjoyment to the film or show. I feel like there has been a bunch of great sequences lately so I thought I'd post a few that I liked. Pedra do Reino (Stone of the Kingdom) I found this one while looking through the portfolio of the company that made it (LOBO). I was instantly attracted to it. It reminded me of the title sequence to the HBO series Carnivale. It's almost like an illuminated manuscript come to life. Iron Man The Iron Man movie was great! And the ending credit sequence was amazing as well. It used the simple line art you'd find in a program like AutoCAD and created an amazing animated sequence for it. Simple but perfect! It was made by: Prologue The Company This is a short animated title sequence for the TNT television mini-series The Company. It's made to look as if pencil sketches have come to life. It's really nice. I actually haven't seen the program, I found it while looking through the website of the company that created it. (Digital Kitchen). Inside the Medieval Mind Ok so there's a bit of an old-timey collage-type theme that I seem to be leaning towards. I can't help it, I like it. This was created by Transistor Studio for a BBC series. I haven't seen the series, but I would like to. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium They had me at the toy Robots, I love Robots! Seriously though, it's a nicely made sequence paying homage to old toys and film title sequence design from the 50's. It was made by Reel FX. Stranger than Fiction I thought this title sequence was so great. It was super-simple yet very cleverly executed. I also thought the movie was good. It was a bit of a departure from the typical Will Ferrell movie, which I kind of liked. This was made by MK12. The Kite Runner This is another very simply designed title sequence. If you're a typography or calligraphy enthusiast then you'd appreciate this one. This one is also made by MK12.