UI Works by Phillipe Hong

Phillipe Hong is an Art Director, UX Designer and Front-End developer currently working at Airtasker, Sydney. Being able to have the basic knowledge of fonts, colours, interaction and design is definitely one thing.

UI Design: Sponsored by Gatorade Project

When I started my industrial design course back in the 90s our focus was on either furniture design or visual identities. It was all about designing and creating documentation through styleguides. Today we see the evolution of this, where the focus instead of print is on digital, especially mobile apps. Sponsored by Gatorade is a simple, yet quite good example. Gatorade is well known as the official sponsor of the best champions. The awareness in Italy is almost 100% but...

UI/UX Hult International School

This is a digital rebrand of Hult International Business School done by British designer Thomas Le Corre. In this project we will go into the details of framework and digital guidelines all the way into the final design. Enjoy! For more about Thomas Le Corre visit behance.net/thlco.

UI/UX Incase eCommerce Design

BASIC Agency is a design studio from San Diego that took on this project of recreating Incase brand strategy and eCommerce design. In this post you see some of the process and results of the amazing new website for Incase. For more from BASIC Agency visit basicagency.com.

Furnde - UI Design

Friday is time for a good web design inspiration. For today we bring this extensive project shared by Enes Dal. The title of the project is Furnde and it's a concept work for an interior design and style web site. The reason we shared his work is because of the simplicity aligned with beautiful typography and colors. For more information about Enes, check out https://www.behance.net/EnesDAL

UI/UX Submarino Viagens Redesign

Submarino Viagens is a Brazilian travel website that had this amazing redesign with a vibrant system utilized photography, rich color, and quirky typography to make the site feel accessible and familiar to previous customers.

UI/UX Works by Hanna Jung

Hanna Jung is a Designer that specializes in User Experience, Interaction and Motion, currently based in Washington, DC. Working as the lead user experience over MicroStrategy certainly gain her playful expertise and you should check out her Dribbble. She shared some of her working files which is amazing for learning new mediums. All Rights to Hanna Jung

App Design: City Guides by National Geographic

Another amazing project by Rally Interactive for National Geographic. This time they designed a City Guides app that gives insights and advices for travelers. The app has an amazing user interface and brings the passion for traveling to the smartphone era. Enjoy! For more from Rally Interactive visit beta.rallyinteractive.com.

NYTimes Design Concept

Russian designer Artem Troinoi is only 22 years old and has designed this killer concept for NYTimes. This concepts rethinks how newspapers are displayed on the web. The result is simply incredible, the amount of thought behind every element, is just candy for the eyes. Check it out! For more from Artem Troinoi visit tematroinoi.com. To view a full case study about this project visit nytimes.tematroinoi.com.

Paktor App

I am a fan of Nina Geometrieva's work and we have featured some of her projects here on ABDZ. This time she posted a branding and UX project that create for Paktor App, the biggest dating app in Southeast Asia. The colors and animations look quite elegant with a beautiful color palette. Nina Geometrieva is a designer, illustrator and digital artist currently based in Singapore. For more information about her work check out https://www.behance.net/ninageo

UI/UX Works by Serge Vasil

Serge Vasil is a designer and art director with more than 10 years experience in the industry where his expertise are in design for the Web, Mobile, UI/UX, Branding and Print. Always on the lookup for new experience, Serge is always exploring and absolutely crafting his work. All Rights by Serge Vasil

UI/UX Works by Ehsan Rahimi

Ehsan Rahimi is a UI/UX designer based in Iran who specializes in Interaction Design. What I do particularly enjoyed about his work is cleanliness but also I mostly like his mind for the user experience. The interaction is pretty smooth and it makes you wanna dig the site or app even more. All Rights by Ehsan Rahimi

UI/UX Conceptual Works by Tintins

We are featuring Tintins, a UI/UX Designer based in Bangkok, Thailand. Most of his work are conceptual and the level of attention to details are just likely improbable. Worth giving a look, it's beautiful. All Rights by Tintins

UI/UX Rethinking Digital Healthcare

Fantasy is a User Experience Design Agency based in San Francisco and New York. In this project they created a system to simplify digital healthcare to make it easier for patients to find doctors and so on. Check it out! For more from Fantasy visit f-i.com.

UI/UX Works by Jakub Antalík

We are featuring the UI/UX work from Jakub Antalík, a product designer currently based in Zurich, Switzerland. From the design, ux and interaction, Jakub does make his work so practical, useful and more about making things pretty. All Rights by Jakub Antalik

The Grid: Platform - UX/UI

Since the first time I heard about the Grid platform I got really curious about the idea behind it. "The Grid harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to take everything you throw at it - videos, images, text, urls and more - and automatically shape them into a custom website unique to you." - Sounds awesome but I really wanted to see a bit more about it and in this post I finally got an idea of how the outcome will be, and it look awesome.

UI/UX Interactions from Handsome

I was surfing on Dribbble for UX interactions and I came across the account from the folks at Handsome, a digital agency based in Austin, Texas. They provide product experience ranging from design, development and more. I took a great joy going through their work because it's plain awesome. All Rights to Handsome

My Week with the Apple Watch

I had the chance to try the new Apple Watch for about a week now and I would like to share my experience with you on Abduzeedo. In this review, I'll share with you my UX experience, and also some of its features. Model I was using: 38mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Band Sport More Info: http://store.apple.com/us/buy-watch/apple-watch-sport?product=MJ2X2LL/A…

Extraordinary Avengers UI Design by Territory Studio

Territory, a studio located in London, has been the responsible for something in the latest Marvel Studios' movies that most of the public won't appreciate that much, but for us, as designers, it's a big part of these movies: UI Design. They've done all computer displays in Guardians of the Galaxy and now they've done it to the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Here you can see a whole bunch of their pieces. Unfortunately these are quite small and I just wished they were a lot bigger for us to appreciate it to its full glory.

UI/UX Works by Nathan Riley

Nathan Riley is the Design Director and Co-Founder of Green Chameleon, based in Bristol, UK. Loved how they experiment with the userflow within their projects, it's quite refreshing. All Rights by Nathan Riley

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