Adobe Portfolio - Case Study

Andrew Couldwell shared a great case study showing the behind the scenes of the design process for Adobe Portfolio which is Adobe's service for designers, photographers and enthusiasts to create beautiful portfolios. I had the chance to play around with it a bit and I quite like it. My only qualm was with the Behance integration, I wish I could have projects there without being on Behance. Perhaps it's possible however I have yet to discover. After this post I will definitely seek this out.

Amy Website

I believe we have already posted about this website for the Sites of the Week in the past, however I would like to feature it on a full post because it's still one of the sites that really caught my attention in terms of beautiful execution and seamless integration of audio, video and typography. Kudos to Benjamin Guedj and Digital Creative Boutique Watson DG. From celebrated documentarian Asif Kapadia, AMY is a powerful documentary exploring the triumphant career and tragic life of singer Amy Winehouse.

SolarCity Recruiting Website

One thing that really amazes me is how much better the web has become, especially in terms of visual design. Video has become part of the tools available to communicate the desired message and enhance the user's experience. The work that Kyson Dana and Garth Pratt put together for the SolarCity Recruiting Website is a great example. Beautiful imagery, appealing video loops. Founded in 2006 by the Rive Brothers and with Elon Musk as the Chairman, SolarCity has since grown to become America’s largest solar provider with more than 12,000 employees.

Web and Branding Works by Akufen

Akufen is an interactive studio focusing their work in Print and Visual Design, Web and Interactive Development based in Montreal, Canada. Being creative around a specific branding is not always a beautiful task with the requests and demands. But Akufen does a pretty good job! All Rights by Akufen

Grid Design References

For the past few weekends I have been playing with some new ideas for the Abduzeedo layout. Checking stats, analyzing what other sites do in terms of organizing large amount of content and heavily visual. One of the references I have been trying to use is newspaper grid systems. Below I selected some references I have in my mood board.

Web Design: Sites Using Parallax

It's been a really long time since the last time I published a web design post, but recently I've been crazy about sites using parallax. It's elegant and super dynamic, giving users a new kind of experience, different of that same old, same old way of viewing websites. So I've listed some notable usage of parallax. Of course that these are only a tiny selection and there's plenty more out there in the wild. I'd love to get to know more like theses, so if you know any more examples, don't forget to share it with us in the comments section below. I hope you enjoy my selection.

Water Drop Effect in HTML & CSS

The best way to learn anything is by doing it, plain and simple, trial and error. With the explosion of mobile devices and the evolution of HTML5, CSS3 and browsers, knowing to code is almost a requirement to anyone willing to work with web. I have been playing more and more with CSS, trying to create simple things like basic typography styles to more complex ones, like water drop effects. In this post I will show you how to create a simple water drop effect using CSS. The process is quite simple but it will require some basic knowledge of CSS and a little bit of jQuery.

iOS7 Frosted Glass Effect with HTML 5 and Javascript

With iOS7 Apple introduced a completely new design for the 6 year old OS. Among all the changes, one that really caught everyone's attention was the blurred background effect. Basically some parts of the UI get a nice frosted glass effect. There are a couple of ways to achieve this effect using HTML and CSS. The easiest way is to use CSS filters, however the performance on phones is far from usable. With that in mind I decided to experiment with Canvas and the result was quite good. So in this post I want to share a little bit about the idea behind this prototype.

Creative UI Design by Cosmin Capitanu

Cosmin Capitanu is a UI Designer from Bucharest, Romania. His style is very modern and trendy, using a lot of transparency and flat icons. Take a look at each UI and get some inspiration for your next project. For more from Cosmin Capitanu visit dribbble.com/Radium and radium.ro.

Free Web Icons

I have personally used many icons on my designs and I'm always looking for some cool icons to use on the next project. Well today I picked quite a few free sets that you can download and keep by your side in case you need. Enjoy! I know that are many more free icons out there so feel free to share the ones you like on the comment area Flat Icons by Alberto Simple Flat Icons

App Review: Gradient by Jumpzero

Today I wanna share a review about an app I tried a couple days ago and I truly enjoyed it. It's the Gradient App from Jumpzero, the app is the opportunity to create gradients for web browsers. It's a really good app for the web designers and also for designers that wants a useful colour app at hand. All rights reserved to GradientApp.com

Corporate Identity Work by David Arias

David Arias is an independent graphic designer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. David dabbles in a variety of different things including print, web, packaging design, information graphics, signage, marketing communications, but it was mostly his corporate identity work in particular that caught my attention on Behance. Swing on over to his portfolio for more and let me know what you think via twitter.

9 Awesome Web Comic Series

The internet is a wonderful and beautiful thing. It used to be that if you had the talent to draw your own comics you were still limited by the avenues of distribution like newspapers and magazines. Now all you need is a computer and a small chunk of change (some web design skills wouldn't hurt.).

The Future of Web Design - New York City 2009

Next week the famous Carsonified Event "Future of Web Design" takes place in New York City and here you will see what to expect from this great event. The best web designers in the world will take place to talk about different topics that will bring up your web game to the next level.

10 Impressive Portfolio/Blog Websites

Everyone tries to be different when creating their own website where their portfolio will be displayed, and lately it seem that more and more people have been choosing to have a little blog together with their portfolio. The trend of blogging got to designers and artists and here are some great samples of it.

Web Inspiration: Video Backgrounds

Hello, it's been a long long time since I've posted something but I'm happy to be back and I hope to post more often. I've had this idea for a post for a while, it's something I've seen only a handful of times but I really like it. It's about websites that use full page videos as their backgrounds. Similar to the idea of using full page photos that we talked about here on abduzeedo last summer. I totally dig this design style. Can't say it's a trend yet because I haven't seen too many.

Interview with Stephane Munnier aka Goanna

Check out this interview with the Flash Masters Stephane Munnier aka Goanna, the French designer who lives in Brazil and does work for all parts of the globe. Plus, he gives us all access to his recent project vouDo! Design.

Web Picks #3: GRASS

Web Picks is a new series here on Abduzeedo. The idea of the articles is to choose a subject, and present photography, artwork, designs, illustrations and tutorials we find on the topic; and put them together. When designing we tend to forget to look at mediums other than the one we are currently working in. We hope this series will illustrate the many dimensions a single subject can have, and provide cross-format insight for each subject Im sorry, I figured out that It takes more time than i thought, to finish the web picks.

Web Design Inspiration: Bacardi Mojito

When I looked for artists for the Web Pick's Water article I found this awesome water website but forgot to post it. It's the polish website for Bacardi Mojito. The website was created by Bartek Rozbicki and Peter Jaworowski Click here for the website.

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