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The fine folks from WIX shared with us their latest SEO tools for your WIX site where you can rank higher and grow your search engine visibility. Which is super important when you are building your product and/or services to get the right amount of exposure. With your WIX site, you can definitely benefit from these features and whatnot. From the loading time to the 'instant' Google indexing, there will be something for everyone to choose from. For more information or simply get started now.

In their words

SEO Features

Rapid Load Time

Powered by innovative technology, your site visitors always get the fastest possible loading time and best user experience— from anywhere.

Mobile Optimized

Search engines prioritize mobile-friendly sites. With Wix, a mobile version of your site is automatically created, guaranteeing pages perform well across devices.

Instant Google Indexing

Get your site listed on Google in under 30 seconds and start appearing in search results. Just pick your keywords, follow your personalized plan and see your site rank.

Secure Hosting

Protect sensitive data, like payment info and passwords. Wix sites come with an SSL certificate—the highest security standard— and encrypt data over an HTTPS connection.

Structured Data

Get more of your site info to appear in search results. Add schema markups so search engines understand which content can be displayed as a rich result.

XML Sitemap

Wix creates and maintains your sitemap, keeping everything up to date. Search engines will use it to find and crawl all your site pages.

Robots.txt File

Wix generates a robots.txt file for your site, allowing search engines to crawl important site content and files.

Canonical URLs

Let search engines know which pages to index and rank. Each page of your site has its own canonical URL, so only the most relevant content will appear in search results.

Default Meta Tags

Wix presets meta tags that accurately describe your site content to search engines. You can make changes to your tags at any time.

“We’ve been open for 6 months and we’re ranked higher than schools that have been open for over a decade.” - Justin Martin

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