Tokyo Murmurings by Franck Bohbot


I have been trying to improve my photography skills and I have to say, it's tough. Taking photos seem simple, and it's actually super simple, but training your eyes to see beauty on the day-to-day things is another story. I believe it requires time and practice. Looking to things from a different perspective, or trying to use the rule of thirds for everything is a very demanding task for my brain. For others, like Franck Bohbot that seems to be a piece of cake.

We have posted about Franck a couple of times here on ABDZ but every time he publishes something new we feel obliged to post, so we all can train our eyes for street photography. 

The photos we are sharing here today are from his collection Tokyo Murmurings, the complete body of work contains between 150 and 200 photographs. We will share just a few.

It's also always important to remind all that those images are coypright of Franck Bohbot. You can also follow him on Instagram for archive and new work.

At night, the Japanese capital sleeps deeply but isn’t drowned in darkness nor lost in silence. The highly traveled areas of the city transform into a sleeping megalopolis. There, you discover the city’s whispers, its secret passages, and become immersed in oversized typography and images of childhood heroes decorating vertiginous walls. © Franck Bohbot

About Franck Bohbot

Born in the southernmost suburbs of Paris, France, photographer Franck Bohbot moved to New York City in 2013, and is currently based out of Brooklyn. He is a documentarian with an eye for the theatrical who found his way to photography by way of cinema, and although he turned his focus fully to photography in 2008, the formal and aesthetic influences of the cinematographic form continue to underlie his present work.

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