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Web Design: More Illustrations

Web Design: More Illustrations

December 26, 2012 from PauloGabriel's blog

The year is coming to a closure and we couldn't start a new year without a web design post full of great layouts! This time it's the sequel for the Illustration post we've done back in 2008. It was really nice to find these examples! As...
Web design inspiration: Lincoln

Web design inspiration: Lincoln

November 27, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

Technology changes so quickly that sometimes we forgot how things were. Not long ago most movies web sites were done in Flash but since the explosion of smartphones and tablets, and the lack of the Flash plugin for these devices, the...
Super Easy Parallax Effect with jQuery

Super Easy Parallax Effect with jQuery

November 12, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

We have gotten quite a few emails from people asking how we did the parallax effect on the new design. We are not master of Javascript but we always like to learn and explore new things. That was the case of the parallax effect. This kind...
Beautiful Responsive Websites

Beautiful Responsive Websites

November 01, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

Smartphone usage has spiked since the iPhone release in 2007. Nowadays with Android, iOS and other smartphones out there it's impossible to not think about making web sites friendly to different screen sizes. We know that these phones are...
App and Web Design Inspiration by Thomas Moeller

App and Web Design Inspiration by Thomas Moeller

October 31, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

Thomas Moeller is a creative director and designer from London, United Kingdom. Thomas has more than 12 years of experience across US, UK, Europe and other international markets. He has done work for big clients such as Microsoft, Canon,...
Introducing the new Abduzeedo

Introducing the new Abduzeedo

October 15, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

Abduzeedo has a new look as you can see, and we spent the last few weeks working not only on the new design but on a series of changes including new server at MediaTemple, upgrading our CMS to Drupal 7 and of course the new design. It was...

Future of Web Design NYC

September 10, 2012 from paul0v2's blog

It's that time of the year, one of the best web events is coming back to NYC and we are proud to be a partner of the Future of Web Design NYC. Find out what's going on this amazing event and get a special discount for being part of...

Responsive web design case study: Zee

August 06, 2012 from fabiano's blog

Last week we launched the new Zee website - Zee is my company here in Brazil. We did the site in a single page, presenting the company, our works and keeping the focus on content and in a simple design. I decided to write this case study...

Book Suggestion: Smashing Book #3 Redesign the Web

June 29, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

The book suggestion of the week is about web design and it's from our friends over at Smashing Magazine. We are talking about their 3rd book, the Smashing Book #3 Redesign the Web . About the Book

Book Suggestion - HTML and CSS: Design and Build…

June 19, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

The book suggestion of this week is about web design, to be more precise, it's about HTML...

Web Design: The Work of Justin Carroll

June 08, 2012 from PauloGabriel's blog

We've seen tons of great web designs during these years, and it's always great to see sites for movies done by great designers, like Justin Carroll, who has done a great deal of movie promo websites.

Abduzeedo New Design: Simple and Responsive

February 21, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

Abduzeedo was created as a personal project. The main goal was to backup work while trying different things not only in the realm of graphic design but also experimenting with new trends in coding and stuff like that. Every year we try to...

Web Design: Awesome Facebook Concept

November 02, 2011 from PauloGabriel's blog

A few weeks ago we featured here a great concept for IMDB, and since then I was just waiting to see another great concept like that. Visiting Behance, I just found the next one.

Book Suggestion: Ordering Disorder Grid Principles for Web Design

November 02, 2011 from abduzeedo's blog

The book suggestion of the week is a must have for those willing to design nice web sites and pretty much anything. It is called Ordering Disorder: Grid Principles for Web Design (Voices That Matter) and as the name says it is all about...

Web Design: Excellent Photographic Backgrounds

October 26, 2011 from PauloGabriel's blog

I've been so crazy about the UI Design posts that I almost forgot about the Web Design ones. But no worries, I've just realized it's been some time since my last post about it. Let's update things here.