ABDZ 07 Playing with Shades - Photoshop Tutorial

Back to my image a week after a short vacation, much needed. I have also been spending my time with the new Abduzeedo which is looking much sleeker and soon will be going live. This week I decided to recreate an effect I saw a couple of weeks ago and I saved the screenshot because I thought it would be awesome to know how to do it. After a few tries I think I got a good result, at least worth sharing with you guys.

Step 1

Starting with the simple path of the Abduzeedo logo in Illustrator.

ABDZ 07 - Playing with Shades

Step 2

WIth the Offset Path I made the logo thicker and it will also be used to separate both sides.

ABDZ 07 - Playing with Shades

Step 3

Here you can see the 2 different sides. I used red and black but that doesn't really matter because I will change those colors in Photoshop in the next steps.

ABDZ 07 - Playing with Shades

Step 4

Paste the vector from Illustrator to Photoshop. With the Magic Wand Tool I selected the black color and created a new layer with that as a mask.

ABDZ 07 - Playing with Shades

Step 5

Then I did the same thing for the red part.

ABDZ 07 - Playing with Shades

Step 6

After creating the layers, create 2 folders and move the mask to each one of the folders. After that just add layers and start paiting. The mask will do the job of keeping them separate.

ABDZ 07 - Playing with Shades

Step 7

I used the Lasso Tool (L) a few times to make some different cuts, like the 45 deg one on the you can see when the horizontal line connects with the other side.

ABDZ 07 - Playing with Shades

Step 8

Here's after a few tries.

ABDZ 07 - Playing with Shades

Step 9

The last thing I did was to add some shadow.

ABDZ 07 - Playing with Shades


Here's the final image with a Photo Filter on top of it. This was a quick first try but I am very happy with the result, of course there's a lot to learn, but it's always good to learn some new things.

ABDZ 07 - Playing with Shades

Download Photoshop file

Download the Photoshop file

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