Calmaria SwiftUI Source Code

You are by now probably aware of Calmaria.app. I know I keep posting about it and there are a couple of reasons for that. One, breathing exercises are something I’ve been doing a lot and have really helped me deal with anxiety and stress. Two, because it also gets me excited about learning new things, from building an Android app using Kotlin, to learning SwiftUI and launching the iOS version, including an Apple Watch one.  

Glassy 3D Refraction Effects over Typography

You have noticed I’ve been sharing quite a few projects featuring 3D compositions that mix the use of glass/crystal objects, most of the time in abstract form, over simple text. The result is some beautiful typography and some unique chromatic effects. I don’t know much about 3D. I played with Cinema 4d in the past, but it’s much more complex that my brain can follow. So for this effect I decided to try Adobe Dimension. The TLDR is I love the tool for this type of effect. It’s quite simple to use and produces awesome results.

Playing with Shadows in SwiftUI

This was the most recent SwiftUI experiment. Nothing fancy just trying to understand how to work with shadows. I’ve done similar effects using CSS if you remember here on the blog. But as I am learning this new language, I thought it would be fun to try to design a poster like image using typography and shadows. It was also useful to learn how things animate using states. 

Swiss Style with SwiftUI

I mentioned in a previous post about my adventures with SwiftUI. It’s fun to learn something new and the least I can do is to share what I learned. For most it might be too introductory, or not necessary, however I know that every journey starts with a first step. So if you know nothing about SwiftUI, you love Swiss Style and you want to get started learning to code look no further. 

Faking Background Blur on WatchOS with SwiftUI

Learning SwiftUI has been a lot of fun. I talked a bit about it before. It started just as a simple curiosity because I had launched Calmaria.app for Android, a platform I have been working on for the past 5-6 years. I know a bit of Java and Kotlin and do most of my prototyping in Android Studio. However, I was always interested in learning something new. First was React. I remember how much hype and love it got. Then lately was Flutter (which I am still interested in) and then SwiftUI. 

Minimalist Halftone Design - Tutorial

I haven’t posted a Photoshop tutorial in quite a while. There are many reasons for that, but the TL;DR is that I feel that it was not necessary anymore. However, as I was checking the new features in Photoshop I decided to play with it and was quite surprised. Some cool new additions, some interesting changes with Blend Modes, still a quite demanding application for my computers, but nonetheless still a lot of fun to use to create cool effects.  For this tutorial I just play with the idea of using halftones to create a minimal poster for abdz.’ new brand. I hope you enjoy it.

Beautiful Liquify Logo Animation in After Effects

I have been going back through old tutorials to fix some of the images that might be broken or with old formatting. The blog has changed quite a lot since we started 12 years ago. It’s incredible to see how many Photoshop tutorials we’ve written and how some of them stood the test of time. One of them was the Beautiful Water Effect in Photoshop. I love that tutorial, and it gave me the motivation that I need to continue studying After Effects. My goal was to try to reproduce the effect with some cool motion to it.

Lightroom Presets: Some tips on importing presets on Desktop and Mobile App

With the announcement of my Osore: Sararīman Lightroom Presets (by the way 10% discount is still available, just use "abdz"). When the idea of creating presets started to conceptualize in my mind, during my process/research I was found in front of much-saturated content on the subbject about Lightroom Presets.

Super Simple Vector Displacement - After Effects Tutorial

Last week I published a post titled “Ode to Simplicity in Graphic Design Playing with Lines” and it featured a collection of incredible artwork and graphic design explorations using simple shapes, like lines, circles. Some of the examples had a really cool thing in common, they were simple patterns, like a grid of circles, but with a clever deformation. Imagine using Displacement effect in Photoshop on a simple grid of lines.

Eerie Futuristic Digital Art in Motion with After Effects

Last week we posted a Photoshop tutorial on how to create a trendy digital art style that mix images and light effects. For my image, my goal was to simulate the idea of having a portal in front of a person on a dark road. Quite X-Files inspired theme, to be honest. After finishing the image I decided to look for some ways to bring it to life with some motion.

Eerie Futuristic Digital Art Photoshop Tutorial

The past week we posted an article titled Eerie Futuristic Digital Art by Cristian Chierici. It was a series of awesome compositions mixing photography and light effects. If you follow Beeple you will know the type of effect I am talking about. So I always wanted to recreate that type of composition using Photoshop only and this weekend I took some time off to do that.

Lightroom Tutorial: How to Install Presets on your Smartphone (without a laptop)

Ever since we have launched our presets including Osore Series and Urbano Series, we have been overwhelmed by your response so far. As always, thank you for your support! Among all the messages we have received, one question gets requested by many of you: "How can I install my presets directly from my smartphone and/or my tablet? Also, I do not own a laptop". Well, today we will show you how.

Broken Mirror Effect - Photoshop Tutorial

I know it's been a while but here we go, a new Photoshop tutorial. I will be honest, I watched one or two episodes of Black Mirror and it was nice but I didn’t exactly love it. Then there was the interactive movie, which I watched and again, I thought it was an awesome idea, but not something that truly blew me away. On the other hand, one thing I do love very much is their logo. It’s a super simple mix of text effect with a little blur and glow mixed with the shattered glass effect.

Pixelmator Pro Tutorial - Dramatic Eclipse Effect

A new year has just started. I can believe it’s been already more than 12 years since I started Abduzeedo. Back in the day I really wanted to share inspiration and some experiments I was doing, especially using Photoshop. I remember around 2007/2008, I am not sure exactly when it was, but I saw a video of a brand new tool called Pixelmator. It was a beautiful video with even more beautiful interface design. It was dark, with floating windows. I didn’t hesitate. I sent them an email asking to get an invite to try the beta.

Learn How to Create Paper Cut Effect with this Photoshop Tutorial

Lidia Lukianova shared a simple but quite awesome Photoshop tutorial. She shows us how to create a beautiful Paper Cut effect using the Pen Tool and Layer Styles in Photoshop. The result is quite realistic and below you can see a step-by-step. Lidia was also kind to share the source file, just in case you want to check it out. You can download a practice file here: http://adobe.ly/1I2kW2C

Apple iPhone X Live Wallpapers - Illustrator Tutorial

The iPhone X, the most anticipated phone that Apple has ever built since the iPhone 4 (in my opinion). If you go beyond the actual phone, one thing I always loved about Apple is how they produce stunning visuals either it is for print, web, videos and social media platforms. They are doing such a good job in finding ways to sell their products with strong visuals as you probably saw the iPhone X ads literally everywhere. Like many others, I would watch many unboxing videos on YouTube. And I couldn't help to notice what they called the "Live Wallpapers" on the packaging.

Super Easy Neon Effect - Photoshop Tutorial Revisited

Another year, it's our 11th here over at Abduzeedo land and we cannot believe it's been already over a decade. We started as an inspiration and tutorials website, especially Photoshop tutorial. Looking back it's crazy to think that we created and shared hundreds of tutorials on how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, Pixelmator and other tools. For this year I decided to revisit some of the most popular ones to see what could be improved. So to kick things off  I'd like to share a simple way to create a neon light effect in Photoshop.

Illustrator Tutorial: Colorful & Abstract Illustrations

Mostafa Abd ELsattar shared a really cool project on his Behance profile where he teaches with an Illustrator tutorial video how he created some incredible illustration of birds and patterns. It's not conventional illustration, it's a very abstract sand colorful set of artworks. I was definitely learned a lot from the video and that's the reason I decided to post here on Abduzeedo. You probably still remember that we used to post a lot of tutorials on the site.

Apple iPhone X Logo Effect - Pixelmator Tutorial

I was watching the Apple iPhone event last month when I saw the iPhone X announcement. Then I visit Apple website to check out the information about the new phone and one thing that kept getting my attention was the new colorful logo. There was something familiar about it, I could not say what exactly. Then I realize that the color effect was quite similar to one of Pixelmator's effects. I have used that effect in the past in one of my Pixelmator tutorial so I took the time last week to try to recreate Apples logo.

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