ANICORN Watches + NASA limited MARS MISSION Collection #Want

The NASA MARS 2020 MISSION targeted to explore Mars for all humanity on earth, the Perseverance Rover will be touching down in Jezero crater on Mars, with its missions to investigate signs of life, characterizing climate, collect geology data and cache samples on the red planet. The mission has a planned launch on 30 July 2020, and the leg is half of the round trip to Mars.

To address the historical moments and endorse the coming Perseverance Rover Mars Mission, ANICORN Watches teamed up with NASA and created the limited MARS MISSION Collection. The Collection is a tribute to the effort made for Mars Explorations and to acknowledge the significance of EARTH–MARS relationships.

  • MARSMISSION Collection endorses mankind’s progress made to reach our planet neighbors, the Perseverance Rover is paving the way for human exploration on Mars in the 2030s. The landing site Jezero Crater is a place where scientists see microbial life could have lived there billions of years ago.
  • The centerpiece of the MARS MISSION Collection is the extremely limited edition (200 pcs worldwide) timepiece – The MARS Time by ANICORN, with unique and bespoke designs dedicated to the red planet expeditions. The MARS Time comes with exclusive aluminum case packaging, and numbered metal plate certificate.
  • ANICORN made a 1-min Sold out record in the NASA’s 60th anniversary campaign in 2018.
  • The MARS MISSION Collection conceives of 10 items:

*The Mars Time (200 pcs worldwide)

The Mars Time is inspired by Perseverance Rover’s landing site Jezero Crater, Mars. This dual-branded limited edition watch is constructed by multiple geometric and arched discs to align with the rover design and give an astrological touch. The dial has the coordinates of Jezero Crater and “Two Worlds, One Sun” engraved on it. The Mars Time package includes the mechanical timepiece, a numbered metal plate, a stainless steel bracelet and a silver textile reflective strap with embroidery NASA logo.

The Mars Scent

The Mars Scent is a scented potpourri with an imaginary aroma of Mars, it comes with a special brass capsule with NASA logo print. A collaboration with Moon Laboratory.

The Mars Wear

Limited MARS MISSION heavyweight T-shirt with extra large NASA logo print. The garment is knit from 100% American cotton (6oz) with premium comfort and better fit. 

The Mars Messenger

NASA astronautical wear inspired messenger bag made with reflective and waterproof textile. A collaboration with Elephat Urban Equipment.

The Mars Cuff

Futuristic elegance. A slip-on gold/silver or blue/silver duo-colored stainless steel bracelet with the landing coordinates and NASA logo embossed. A collaboration with Shannnam.

The Mars Dunk

Stamped with NASA worm logo, Jezero Crater coordinates and made with exclusive microfiber composite leather, The Mars Dunk is the space basketball covered with gunmetal grey reflective coating. It meets all size and weight specifications set by the NBA with excellent grip, a space jam is made possible on Jezero Crater.

The Mars Field

Stamped with NASA worm logo, Jezero Crater coordinates and made with exclusive microfiber composite leather, The Mars Field football is the one and only NASA edition of its kind. 

The Mars Swing

The Mars Swing golf set comes in three balls featuring NASA’s worm logo and three tees printed with coordinates of Jezero Crater in a premium metal case.

The Mars Edge

Silvery coated skateboard deck for Mars hovering. The full size (80 x 20 cm / 31 x 8 in) Mars Edge skateboard is made of 7-PLY Grade A Canadian maple wood, it gives durability and flexibility for your hovering mission. The black on silver NASA logo also turns the skateboard into a splendid art piece on the wall. A collaboration with Kurv.

The Mars Puzzle

Super tactile Mars puzzle powered with interactive AR experience. The Mars Puzzle is the 1st and only AR puzzle you can touch, interact and share on social media in the world. A collaboration with Roundlab. Super fine Mars image by NASA & USGS.

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