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Minimal, Handcrafted Apple TV Remote Case by Fifthmade 

Make your Apple TV remote easier to hold and harder to lose with Fifthmade’s flagship product, the Apple TV Siri Remote case. Fifthmade, a Louisville, Kentucky based design company, builds minimal home goods that improve your everyday life.

Clay Imports and Rohin Bhalla Launch Oaxaca Tile Series

We're pleased to share a beautiful new collaboration between Clay Imports and Austin-based designer Rohin Bhalla inspired by the ever-enchanting, mystical state of Oaxaca. While working in Mexico, Bhalla became fascinated with how simple shapes of wood could be rotated and intersected together to create a piece of furniture. He couldn’t help but use the same approach when creating this collection for Clay Imports.

IBM App Icon Design & Visual Language

Peter Garvin is working as a designer at IBM from specifically from the Brand Experience and Design Team. He shared a series of very cool series of iconography from their IBM Design Language. Divided into four categories: Stroke app icons, Fill app icons, IBM Plex app icons, and Hero brands. The visual direction is a mixture of minimal approaches coming together with gradients and shades.

'Glass Effect' Security Iconography

A couple weeks ago, we have been discussing about Glassmorphism on abdz. As usual, we are starting to see more and more the same visual style being applied on interfaces but also iconography. This 'glass graphical' style does a pretty decent job at pushing its purpose through icons. As a great example, we are featuring 'Frosted Glass Icon' series by Changyu Hu; a designer based in Beijing, China.

EATSY Adaptive Tableware for Visually Impaired by Jexter Lim

We are featuring an industrial design project that is quite intriguing that is totally worth a share on abdz. Introducing EATSY which is an 'adaptable tableware' for the visually impaired designed by Jexter Lim. What's really interesting about this project is the entire process, from the conceptual idea, sketching, prototyping, and lots of testing.

2021 Product Design Trends Report by InVision

Our friends from InVision have released their 2021 Product Design Trends Report that you can download now. It's the perfect time right before the holidays to start diving into their report during the upcoming time off. We are seeing more trends getting published lately, what's interesting about this one.

Thoughts on Branding from Rowan, a new premium coat-care brand for dogs

We love seeing new products coming to life especially when there's a lot of attention on Branding and Visual Identity alongside, of course, the overall high quality of the product itself. Rowan is the world’s first beauty brand for dogs, that’s right, dogs, and is offering naturally-derived solutions for pet parents packaged in an equally premium way that could very well be shopped in the beauty aisle. 

Calmaria Breathing App now on Apple Watch

Last April I decided to create a simple Android app for me to do a breathing exercise that consists of inhaling from your nose for four seconds, holding the air for seven and exhaling from your mouth for eight seconds. It’s a very simple, yet powerful way to oxygenate your body and brain and the by-product is relaxation. It does help me with anxiety and focus. I called the app Calmaria. Questions with no answers inevitably create anxiety. The good news is that there is a simple way to reduce it, just breathe. It works!

3D Brand Illustrations for Pitch

Team duo Anna Kajda and Arek Kajda have shared on Behance, their 3D brand illustrations project they worked for Pitch, a collaborative tool to create beautiful & effective presentations. I am not surprised seeing illustrations making a comeback, especially for a case of product design or even 'brand' for this case. They are unique, quite recognizable in terms of what medium and to me 'brand design' is the next evolution. I mean that's how I see it.

ANICORN Watches + NASA limited MARS MISSION Collection #Want

The NASA MARS 2020 MISSION targeted to explore Mars for all humanity on earth, the Perseverance Rover will be touching down in Jezero crater on Mars, with its missions to investigate signs of life, characterizing climate, collect geology data and cache samples on the red planet. The mission has a planned launch on 30 July 2020, and the leg is half of the round trip to Mars.

User Interface Inspiration - 3D Illustrations

Ever since we introduced the new abdz. design, I haven't really taken advantage of some of its key features to help us share 'inspiration' on the blog. One of them is the 'video embed integration' that I have been requesting for quite some time, now it's here. For my first roundup, I wanted to share a series of 'user interface inspiration' handpicked from Dribbble.

Designing the future of TV - UX/Product Design

Aside from web & mobile applications, it's not every day that we stumbled across a case study for 'Television Experience'. More specifically for AppleTV and tvOS, even adding to that medium. Imagine designing experience in another language in combination with English, how about 'Hebrew'? Well, that's exactly what the fine folks from Designit collaborated on with yes, Israel’s leading TV provider. It was also a strategic transformation from a satellite service into a transition their core TV service delivery to the internet.

Product Designer Portfolio: Karolina Szczur

I recently discovered fellow designer Brian Lovin and his useful and inspiring product design portfolios. I definitely do recognize a few names in that list and wanted to feature a few on Abduzeedo. Let's meet Karolina Szczur. Obviously, she is a product designer and has worked on projects for Calibre Design System and Help Scout Rebrand.

The Emphasis of Illustrations in Product Design

It's not common to know that illustrations have somehow redefined the modern days of web/product design. When you are building interfaces, it's should part of the design process to help emphasize the message for any service, software, hardware or well provided by the brand or company. It's kind of great since it's first of all, picking-up the reliance of illustrators for another kind of purpose and it's a is a powerful storyteller. I think its main objective is to communicate a message, tone, and personality in any way words can't do.

Lūnigo, all digital insurer illustrations for UI

In product design, especially when building a digital product and/or platform. Aside from building a design system, progressing into an organization collaboration, stepping a design language to the stakeholder's table and more. We often forget little things like illustrations, yeah that old thing! To be knowledge, it's a great way to express different kinds of things. Whatever it is an icon, transcending a vision of a feature, on-boarding or just giving a polished look to your product. I think it's really important to include this mindset in the design process.

Case Studies Inspiration: A Roundup by aida pacheva, Henry Kunjumon and more

A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup to kick it off for the Weekend? Why not! For this week, I decided to pull together a collection of 'case studies' inspiration. Mainly the idea came after publishing my own case study and decided to go for a surf on hand-picked shots from Dribbble.

Ugmonk's Tenth Anniversary Set

Our good friend Jeff Sheldon is celebrating its 10th year of his Ugmonk brand. Each year, Jeff will design and come up with an anniversary set that will blow us away and this year is simply clean, unique and as we are publishing this article. All the sets are sold out within the first 24 hours! That's awesome! For the lucky ones who were able to snag a set, you will be getting your 10th-anniversary tee, a special notebook, a steel ruler, black leather coaster and more.

Our Picks: Headphones

Whether it’s on public transport, at the office, or kicking back for a round of Fortnite at home, there’s a pretty good chance I’m wearing headphones. And as someone who wears glasses, finding the right mix of comfort, style and sound can be a bit of a hurdle. Luckily, here at ABDZ, we get to test out quite a few gadgets. And out of all of them, there are a few headphones that stood out. Here’s my list of the best headphones to get you through your day, workout, flight, or family dinner.  

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