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Designing the future of TV - UX/Product Design

Aside from web & mobile applications, it's not every day that we stumbled across a case study for 'Television Experience'. More specifically for AppleTV and tvOS, even adding to that medium. Imagine designing experience in another language in combination with English, how about 'Hebrew'? Well, that's exactly what the fine folks from Designit collaborated on with yes, Israel’s leading TV provider. It was also a strategic transformation from a satellite service into a transition their core TV service delivery to the internet.

Product Designer Portfolio: Karolina Szczur

I recently discovered fellow designer Brian Lovin and his useful and inspiring product design portfolios. I definitely do recognize a few names in that list and wanted to feature a few on Abduzeedo. Let's meet Karolina Szczur. Obviously, she is a product designer and has worked on projects for Calibre Design System and Help Scout Rebrand.

The Emphasis of Illustrations in Product Design

It's not common to know that illustrations have somehow redefined the modern days of web/product design. When you are building interfaces, it's should part of the design process to help emphasize the message for any service, software, hardware or well provided by the brand or company. It's kind of great since it's first of all, picking-up the reliance of illustrators for another kind of purpose and it's a is a powerful storyteller. I think its main objective is to communicate a message, tone, and personality in any way words can't do.

Lūnigo, all digital insurer illustrations for UI

In product design, especially when building a digital product and/or platform. Aside from building a design system, progressing into an organization collaboration, stepping a design language to the stakeholder's table and more. We often forget little things like illustrations, yeah that old thing! To be knowledge, it's a great way to express different kinds of things. Whatever it is an icon, transcending a vision of a feature, on-boarding or just giving a polished look to your product. I think it's really important to include this mindset in the design process.

Case Studies Inspiration: A Roundup by aida pacheva, Henry Kunjumon and more

A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup to kick it off for the Weekend? Why not! For this week, I decided to pull together a collection of 'case studies' inspiration. Mainly the idea came after publishing my own case study and decided to go for a surf on hand-picked shots from Dribbble.

Ugmonk's Tenth Anniversary Set

Our good friend Jeff Sheldon is celebrating its 10th year of his Ugmonk brand. Each year, Jeff will design and come up with an anniversary set that will blow us away and this year is simply clean, unique and as we are publishing this article. All the sets are sold out within the first 24 hours! That's awesome! For the lucky ones who were able to snag a set, you will be getting your 10th-anniversary tee, a special notebook, a steel ruler, black leather coaster and more.

Our Picks: Headphones

Whether it’s on public transport, at the office, or kicking back for a round of Fortnite at home, there’s a pretty good chance I’m wearing headphones. And as someone who wears glasses, finding the right mix of comfort, style and sound can be a bit of a hurdle. Luckily, here at ABDZ, we get to test out quite a few gadgets. And out of all of them, there are a few headphones that stood out. Here’s my list of the best headphones to get you through your day, workout, flight, or family dinner.  

Industrial Design: Bunk - The wireless smartphone battery

Let's take a look at this minimal and colourful concept by Will Kail who is a Product Design Graduate based in Norwich, UK. His concept? A wireless smartphone battery named: Bunk. With the current solutions now available on the market, Will saw an opportunity to create a product that is magically working because of magnetic sticker on the back of the smartphone case. For those who are wondering the Multi-Coil solution will allow Bunk to align with the receiver coil on any smartphone.

Industrial Design: Xbox Adaptive Controller for gamers with disabilities

Earlier this week, we have shared the awesome new product by Microsoft with the Hub 2. Today, they introduced another product but more specifically for gamers with disabilities which is makes it even more inspiring with great admiration for them to go down with this initiative. I would be highly intrigued to give it a try myself. You just gotta love it when brands cares of accessibility for everyone and props to everyone from Microsoft who have worked on this project.

Tide X Otter: Beautiful, Sustainably Designed Surfboard

We were lusting after this beautiful surfboard at first sight and then we discovered the wood was sourced from sustainable woodlands and we fell in complete love. As part of a workshop to design and make his own surfboard, Martin Spurway worked with Otter Surfboards in Porthtowan, UK to make a wooden surfboard sourced from sustainable woodlands.

Product Design: Bringing Back Humanscale Manual from the 1970s

As of late, we've have published a series of revisited things from the past on ABDZ coming from manuals, branding items and more. It's somehow quite interesting because the things are stuff that we haven't even known its existence. It's kind of where I am heading with this Kickstarter Campaign of the Humanscale Manual originally created in the 1970s.

From Waste to Wearables: Sustainable Bamboo Slip Ons

If you've ever had the great opportunity to visit Hong Kong you may take quick notice of the iconic skyline and the amount of cranes constructing yet another skyscraper. In fact, Hong Kong boasts the most skyscrapers in the world surpassing New York and Dubai by far. You may also notice the bamboo scaffolding that looks more like an art display than a centuries-old building technique that locals celebrate.

Thoughts on: What should be my design title?

What should be my design title? This is a different approach from our usual inspirational features, hope you will follow along. This question was brought up by a good buddy of mine on what should be his design title? It wasn’t a question of “Fake it till you make it” but mostly what are the industry standards nowadays in terms of what is my title and what are my roles? For this article, let’s go deeper for the case of what are the differences between a UI/UX Designer, an Interaction Designer, and a Product Designer. Shall we?

Product Design: Wrist Watches

Some people love their wrist watches. I usually don't use one, but I sure enjoy a well designed clock. When it comes to the product design of clocks, we can find thousands of models online and it's just a matter of taste to find the perfect fit for you. Here I've selected some awesome pieces of product design for you. Some are quite different, and it's great to see the variety of details in each one. Don't forget to tell us on Facebook what's you favorite from this list, or any other watch you might want to share. I hope you enjoy this selection. Cheers! ;)

Gather by Ugmonk: Minimal & Modular, your Next Desk Organizer

Your desk, is it organized or just a cluttered mess? Most desk organizers on the market always on either ugly, badly designed or/and cheap-made. Well, our good friend Jeff Sheldon over Ugmonk is introducing Gather. A minimal, modular organizer that cuts clutter and it's amazing. We've been fans of Ugmonk for a long time, we always admire his avant garde entrepreneurship and his care of good design.

Mumu: A Set of Play Toys based on Taiwanese Cultural Lifestyle

With the era of how technology has evolved, young kids have started to be pretty familiar with our smart devices and companies have started to build smaller and yet more interactive things. Well, Dualai Studio had another concept; setting aside our smart devices and introducing Mumu. Inspired by Taiwanese Cultural Lifestyle, it's a set of play toys to build their own little house structure with magnetic interchangeable parts by trigging their freedom and joy to simply play.

Mujjo is bringing its Full-Grain Leather Case for the Samsung S8/S8+

With the arrival of the newly Samsung S8/S8+, Mujjo is bringing its full-grain leather case for the occasion. We've featured them before and now they are back with its unique case to the market. With a super slim fully leather-wrapped silhouette, you'll have an interior lined with the finest Japanese microfibre. Last but not least, you'll have enough chamfer for effortless use of fingerprint sensor.

Industrial Design: Disney Camera Concept

Let's take a look at this colourful industrial design by Soo Mok of a really kid-friendly design of a camera for kids by Disney. The idea/concept behind this design is quite fitted for kids as I quote:"The Dream Camera aims to make kids’ get-a-way in Disneyland more ideal." It's a really cute MOD design where I can see kids using and looks pretty solid, wouldn't be worried if it would fell on the floor. What strikes me the most is the different colour scheme that would represent some of your favourite characters! Which is your favourite?

Industrial Design: AE1 Hand-made Premium Film Camera

AE1 is a concept industrial design and product design project created and shared by Jun Semin on his Behance profile. The beauty of this project in my opinion, lies on the pursue of a classic and premium look resulting on a super clean product. It brings a lot of references in terms of style and aesthetics from Leica, as you can see from the images below. Jun even uses that as reference during his design process.  

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