'Float' — a Short Film shot on iPhone 13 Pro

It's been a couple of weeks since the new arrival of the 2021 lineup of Apple iPhone models. However you feel about this year's model, I think the biggest features are the 'cameras and cinematic mode'. Everything else feels more or less the same. Through Apple's majestic marketing content, you get a pretty good glimpse of what the iPhone 13 is all about. But it's even more interesting when you will this new tool through the hands of everyday people who would create with the capabilities of these novelties. This is why I wanted to feature the work of Aundre Larrow who is a photographer and filmmaker from Brooklyn, NY. He shared a short film titled 'Float' shot entirely on the iPhone 13 Pro where we follow the journey that a father and daughter take together. Let's have a look.

  • For more on Aundre via his YouTube



  • Producer: Lily Wan
  • DP: Thom McKenna
  • Editor: Tyrone Rhabb
  • Sound:Corey Poindexter
  • Lighting: Judah Grayson
  • PA: Breanna Johnson
  • Written and directed by Aundre

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