FOOL’S ERRANDS - VR Painting Using Quill

FOOL’S ERRANDS is an art project by animator Reuben Armstrong that brings together unusual techniques to imagine humourous objects that are only possible in a digital space.

A series of absurd, pointless, useless undertakings… Painted in virtual reality using Quill, the process retains the craft of stop-motion with a handmade charm.

The looping scenes are playful and cryptic, capturing a mischievous sense of humour inspired by the pranks played on apprentices, interns or new starters. Each practical joke is based on wordplay unique to a job and industry: anecdotes collected from tradesmen, chefs, engineers, gardeners and coastguards and many more. Confessions are welcome.

A surreal transmedia anthology, the various Fool’s Errands are released as GIFs, crypto art, virtual reality experiences and even flip-books. Available to collect, view and share.

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