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Nissan 'Tech That Moves' — 3D and Motion Design

Seokmin Hong  shared a quite beautiful 3D and motion design project for Nissan. The redesign of the Nissan badge was its first update in 20 years. To celebrate the launch of this new logo Seokmin Hong and team created this short concept film 'Tech That Moves' - inspired by Nissans design process and brand experience.

Motion Design for DC Lottery "Roaring Cash"

Inspired by the golden palette and art-deco designs of DC Lottery’s Roaring Cash game, LOOP . took the viewer on a ‘20’s thrill ride - playing with the idea that our ticket “opens the door” to thrills, excitement, and the Great Gatsby high-life.

80s Inspired Motion Design - CONTROL

Vasiliy Oleshko shared a beautiful motion design project titled CONTROL. What can I say about it? Well, look at the stills and you will know exactly why I am sharing it here with you all. The 80s look, feel and colors are all there. The tools used were Maxon Cinema 4D and After Effects.

6–7 is 6ourbon 7ime

In a world where we’re all working from home, how do we know when work ends and life starts? Beam Suntory, the world’s largest bourbon maker, saw a new role for its brands in this reality. A movement to set the boundaries again and make 6-7pm sacred.

Orpheus - 350+ cuts of paper sculpture/installation

Orpheus is a paper sculpture / installation made from 350+ cuts of paper created by Aivaras Ligeika. Custom-made glass showcase has a light installed in the base that gently illuminates the sculpture at night-time, creating a unique experience for the observer.

Oddly and yet satisfying 3D loops

Andreas Wannerstedt is an art director and motion designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He is the creator of a series titled 'Oddly Satisfying' which is a series of 3D loops that somehow inexplicably is really satisfying. Andreas also adds 'sound design' as well and it definitely completes the 3D loop and also brings it to another level. Make sure to check out every single one of them and make sure to give some love to Andreas on Behance.

Normann Copenhagen, Allez Chair - Motion Design

Back in February, Jonathan Formento had the honor to work with Danish design brand Normann Copenhagen. Working directly with Designer Simon Legald to understand the story of the piece, we brought to life their latest creation. The Allez Chair. Approaching the film with a fresh and compelling rhythm, we kept the clean and contemporary look and feel that so uniquely represents the brand.

Nike Air Max 1 — 3D & Motion Experiments

Pranav R Raj shared a 3D and motion design project using After Effects, Cinema 4D, Houdini and Redshift. The Non-commercial personal project done for animation and lighting practice using Nike Air Max 1 as a source of inspiration. The result is quite awesome.

Naturae - Exploring Nature in Houdini and X-particles

Ian Frederick shared a motion design project that is a combination of a few things. It originally started as R & D and early concept development centering around nature and organic growth for a project that was sadly cancelled.

Motion Design for weekly TV culture magazine OP

T O L M has tons of awesome 3D and motion design projects. We have posted about them in the past but we’d love to share a project they idi for TV culture magazine OP. Finished in 2014, it was TOLM second time working on the show's opening sequence and other graphical elements.

Alignment to Air - Motion Design & Typography

As personal experimental projects, when starting with the alphabet "A" for the typography animation, J2Motion(Jin Jeon) just came up with the conflicting words in some way such as "Alignment" to "Air" which is the title of this project. With that in mind, the animation presents more precise and elaborate moments for the first word. On the other hand, this ends up with a rather flexible and loose vibe to manifest the last letter.

OP Launch Film - 3D & Motion Design

T O L M shared a beautiful 3D and motion design project for OP Launch Film. They invited us to come along to a visual exploration of light and dark, of what is present and what is not. A studio film and an opening sequence to a weekly cultural magazine wrapped in one. If something is in the dark, does it really exist? Maybe life only appears once we cast light and our eyes on it at the same time? Or will life only appear once we catch shadows and become an everlasting battleground between light and darkness?

Monday Motion Spotlight - Javier Torres

Javier Torres shared his first Design Reel with some of the work done for projects in Design and 3D Animation including branding, logo design and graphic design in general during  the years 2018 to 2020. It’s awesome to see the difference in the range and quality of the work. Tools used were the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator…)as well as Maxon Cinema 4D andOctane Render.

Motion Design Case Study — Sky Sports rebrand

Andrew Popplestone shared an awesome motion design case study for the Sky Sports rebrand. As part of the successful Sky Sports rebrand, Sky Creative Advertising tapped Territory to design new opening titles and content for the dedicated Super League channel. 

Motion Design Spotlight — Sam Burton

Sam Burton is a freelance motion designer and animator. For the last 10 years, he has worked across a large variety of projects including animated commercials, broadcast design, music videos and pretty much everything in between. If you look at Sam’s work you will understand why we love it and feature it here on the blog. It has that nostalgic/retro feeling, especially his NFTs.

Motion Design and Typography in Processing

Andreion de Castro shared a motion design post where he plays with typography and movement. "POEMS: VOLUME II" is a collection of quotes and lyrics taken from a range of songs and movies inspired by Andreion’s taste in music and cinema. “My intent with the animations is to evoke emotions and feelings; Something we can perhaps resonate with.” 

FOOL’S ERRANDS - VR Painting Using Quill

FOOL’S ERRANDS is an art project by animator Reuben Armstrong that brings together unusual techniques to imagine humourous objects that are only possible in a digital space. A series of absurd, pointless, useless undertakings… Painted in virtual reality using Quill, the process retains the craft of stop-motion with a handmade charm.

Slinky Nostalgia in 3D

Slinky Nostalgia is a sparkle of childhood memories. This beautiful 3D animation was created by the super talented, and fellow Brazilian, Frederico Felix, it’s his first NFT of the series available at Foundation. 

Motion Design Inspiration - Random Loops

Tony Babel is a multidisciplinary designer, animator and illustrator specialized in rich animations for digital products. With a portfolio full of very inspiring motion design work. I am a huge fan of the Vintage Loops series but I wanted to share this series of random loops with you, just hilarious.

Library of Premieres Countdown Videos

Youtube commissioned My Name is Wendy Studio to create a motion design of 15’ for library of Premieres countdown videos. The video stages the journey and the adventures of a ball in an endless play, in a joyful way across colors and shapes.

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