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à la fin… small moments of poetry, absurdity & surrealism

Nicolas Lichtle, a senior motion designer, I work in the fields of museography, documentary and animated typography at studio Mada Mada, started this film a year ago.It's not a commissioned work, it's neither fiction nor animation, the graphic style is rather singular. It's a moment of introspection, very intimate, staged through a succession of small moments imbued with poetry, absurdity and sometimes surrealism...

FORK - Surreal Journey Interrogating our Perception

In a museum, a woman looking at a Fork exhibited as a piece of Art let her imagination run wild. The film is a surreal journey interrogating our perception of objects. What happens when you take an object from daily life and move it outside of its original context? What is left of an object when it loses its function? An abstract shape, a sculpture? Can we deconstruct this object into simple elements and create variation of this object? Can those objects be combined to form a larger structure? Can those objects become alive to break free from human ownership?

400 Years In 7 Minutes - A Brief History of American Xenophobia

Other: A Brief History of American Xenophobia Based on Erika Lee's book America for Americans, brings up over 75 points in American history in just 7 minutes. Covering over 400 years of the American status quo where Xenophobia and racism created roots that spread in policy and everyday American life. The film is a mix of motion graphics and cel style animation. 

Seamless Kinetic 3D loops by Oscar Pettersson

Oscar Pettersson is In the quest of requiring new skills so he’s been doing the Seamless Kinetic 3D loops. Basically he posts one amazing motion design loop every week on his Instagram and I have to say, it’s pure awesomeness. I selected a few for this post but please visit his Instagram or his Behance page for more amazing work.

Fetch is an Endless Cycle of Misfortune - Motion Design

Through an unlikely encounter with the space-time continuum, a man triggers an endless cycle of misfortune as he plays with his dog in a park. Nomographic, a boutique animation and production studio in London, produced this short piece to take advantage of Instagram’s native, looping video player. Using tools such as Cinema4d, OctaneRender, DaVision Fusion and Adobe Audition, we created this piece from scratch to highlight our full 3D animation process.

Motion Design for Rio Tigre “Olympiades”

Olympiades is Rio Tigre’s first music video, created by Raphaël Pazoumian, also singer/songwriter for the band. The Music Video, created in 3D with Cinema 4D was shaped around a song composed in between Paris and New York. Inspired by Greek Mythology, the video illustrates the singer’s journey, reinventing the band and his life 3500 miles from home.

Fun Animated Brand Film for Supernova Design Studio

Supernova is a Boutique Design Studio that helps innovative brands and businesses tell their unique stories in playful and creative ways. Founded by sisters Asavari and Shaivalini Kumar, Supernova employs a multidisciplinary approach to branding that draws upon their collective expertise in communication design and animation direction (…and all things cat.). They also have a shiny new brand design with a colorful video to showcase their new identity. 

Legion Video Sizzle for Lenovo

Ars Thanea doesn't need much introduction, why? The quality of their work through the craft, production, motion, CG, and art direction is pretty recognizable in the community. For them, it's just another day in the office. We have been featuring Ars Thanea for years and again always refreshing, stepping the game and inspiring in many ways.

Powerful Loss of Love, Tension, and Beauty - Motion Design

SAWDUST is a small creative studio based in London, United Kingdom, a partnership of Jonathan Quainton and Rob Gonzalez. They have worked with many brands including Nike, Apple, The New York Times, WIRED, Microsoft, Adidas, Converse, Audi, IBM, Reebok, and more. We are featuring a short animated film about love in the events of the destruction of loss. With the moments we currently live, I'd liked to think that abdz.'s motto is to share things that are impactful, inspiring, touch people's emotions at the moment.

A Journey thru imaginary Mausoleum in Le Corbusier’s city

A journey through an imaginary Mausoleum in Chandigarh, Le Corbusier’s modernist city in Northern India. Utopia is a short film using a cross section view. This perspective is used exclusively as we follow the characters enigmatic journey as they navigate the complex concrete structure looking for the tomb at its core. As they navigate the structure we see and hear glimpses of the changing environment as the building reveals itself. 

Shantell Martin x The Oculus - Are you YOU

Shantell Martin is an artist based in New York, NY, USA; she recently shared a project where she collaborate with the Oculus. Even though this project has been produced last year, I think with the moments we are currently living. This is the appropriate time to do so.

PlusOne 10th Anniversary & Inspiring Manifesto Animation

PlusOne is an independent creative studio with a focus on design and motion graphics. Over the course of a decade, PlusOne developed their own distinctive character and vision. The Amsterdam based studio celebrates its tenth anniversary with a mind-warping one-minute manifesto. A mesmerizing wash of quirky vignettes that blend seamlessly into one witty and trippy whole.

Motion Design and Typography through the 5 senses

‘Five’ is a typographic romp through the five senses by 3D artist Sebastian Helene and London based sound studio Resonate. In other words, it's a beautiful motion design achievement playing with typography. Sebastian has always been inspired by what can be achieved through design within limitation. For ‘Five’ the rule was: Use the letters of the five senses as the foundation of the film, they are the driver, and everything must derive from them. This limitation sparked some interesting and unexpected results.

Creative Process Campaign for Brrch on Squarespace

Until recently, I am finding more and more interested in commercial campaigns that use creativity at its purest. I think it brings another look to our 'quotidien' and always bring a spark of inspiration needed. We are featuring at this collaborative project which is a commercial campaign for website building and hosting company Squarespace. In this campaign, it's all about ‘make it real’, it's a creative journey on the customer's perspective from basically the vision to realization.

Projection-Mapping with WOOT Creative - Motion Design

WOOT Creative has shared a projection-mapping they worked in a Sanghwa commercial content project. I thought it was cool to share on abdz. especially with all that motion goodness. First of all, what's projection-mapping? It's a term sharing familiarity with video mapping, it's a technique used to turn objects and/or environments into a display surface for video projection. These objects or shall we call it surfaces may be pure concrete surfaces, such as buildings, small indoor objects, or theatrical stages.

Motion & Audio Design for the Logitech G915

What do you think about the new abdz. design? One of the things that we incorporated is the integration of GIFs for our main image header. It's a small but neat way to introduce the main image that would be shared across all social platforms. To basically make things more animated. A perfect way to introduce that notion is featuring this collaboration project with Raphael Vangelis, Phillip Peters, Cristian Acquaro (and cie) for the product promo of the keyboard Logitech G915.

Motion Design & Light Effects for Coca-Cola Energy

Found Studio, The Dink and Ryan Locke shared a motion design project they did for Coca-Cola Energy. I don’t know much about the drink or the project, but when I saw the light effects I was sold! You all know how much I love that. I believe I wrote a few Photoshop tutorials in the past exploring the same idea of neon lights. Time has passed and of course the quality of the renderings and effects have improved drastically. Just look at the stills and video below.

Quarantine Barcodes by RETOKA .

During these quarantine days, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, RETOKA . took a breath and decided to make a series of posters inspired by the most common words and hashtags related to this problem. They have drawn the lines with barcodes of the words themselves. These codes have been generated following the standard Code-39 ASCII. It is RETOKA’s little tribute to hope, collaboration, solidarity, fight, resistance and to all heroes of the sanitary personnel.

80s Inspired Motion Design - CONTROL

Vasiliy Oleshko shared a beautiful motion design project titled CONTROL. What can I say about it? Well, look at the stills and you will know exactly why I am sharing it here with you all. The 80s look, feel and colors are all there. The tools used were Maxon Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Motion Design for DC Lottery "Roaring Cash"

Inspired by the golden palette and art-deco designs of DC Lottery’s Roaring Cash game, LOOP . took the viewer on a ‘20’s thrill ride - playing with the idea that our ticket “opens the door” to thrills, excitement, and the Great Gatsby high-life.

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