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JIPAAL Artwork Case Study

Samiran Borgohain shared a 3D and motion design project / case study for JIPAAL. This project is about making the Artwork/Thumbnail of a song called 'JIPAAL' by Sannidhya Bhuyan, Tonmoy Krypton featuring Abhi Saikia. The word 'JIPAAL' is an Assamese word which means 'Freshness', specially the freshness brought by nature after a pleasant rainfall.

Amazon Original Opener - 3D and Motion Design Case Study

Ethem Cem shared a really awesome case study on 3D and motion where he had the opportunity to work with Creative Director Duncan Elms and Elastic to pitch frames for the Amazon Original's new opener. The first approach was to create a sequence in which the camera moves over changing landscapes. hills, tunnels, curved walls. The landscape is made up of light streaks. It begins with just light dots on the surface, then as light increases and grows in intensity it becomes light streaks. We travel over it and find the logo. 

FabricHeart Campaign, living the heartbeats - Animation & Cinema 4D

G R A Z A ™ has shared a cool animation & 3D project via his Behance. Titled: FabricHeart / El corazón de todos, it's a full campaign he worked for Cerveza Cristal in goals to create an animated motion video where the concept where 'FabricHeart' is the result of a collection of heartbeats coming from fans from the Peruvian Soccer team. Coming together into a unique Soccer T-shirt, the result is quite amazing.

Moving Stills - Papercut Loopable Animation

Rebeka Molnar shared a beautiful motion design project where she mix paper cut with motion to create some short loopable animation for the Czech Television (Česká Televize) that can fill the gaps during live internet streaming.

3D & Motion Neons Lines by Stato ®

Stato ® is a duo of creative director Jimena Passadore and 3D Generalist José León Molfino based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have 13 years of experience in the motion graphics market as a creative duo leading a talented team of artists. They will transform your ideas into an upscaled visual experience. Push the limits.

If I’m Honest Motion Design

Hussam Eissa shared a motion design project featuring a retro look mixed with clever use of 3D. If I’m Honest is a music video made for DJ Gem that takes the viewer through a magical summer journey. The video explores the concept of a twin flame love, a magnetic connection that shows up in the different phases of your life. 

Waves — Motion Design for all things Music

Rhox _ shared another motion design series of their project WAVES, a concept-driven playlist hub and a visual celebration of all things music. Each artwork is dedicated to a song, an album, or a playlist. Here you will find a selection of the shots published between June and November 2020. 

Liquid Colorful Paint in 3D by Ditroit Studio & Malaki

The third installment of Ditroit Studio collaboration with Malaki concerns the Molasses essences. As the Molasses flavors are brought to life through abstract paintings, each one an artistic representation of the taste it is named for, the designers and motion designers drew inspiration from the iconic graphic element of the Molasses packs, the very brushstroke decoding this neat concept through 3D play involving liquid colorful paint, dynamic brush effects and product.

Motion Design for Tinkoff

Artman Studio shared a motion design for Tinkoff. The video presents the evolution of Tinkoff, which started in 2006 with the credit card and by 2021 it has developed into a modern ecosystem with ambitious plans in the future.  “It is not our first work with Tinkoff team and we feel grateful for their open-mindedness and trust”

Konica Pop - 3D and Motion Design

In November 2020, Thibaut Crepelle came across an eye flashing lil compact film camera, the Konica Pop, the yellow one (coolest one). Thibaut completely fell in love with its design, its vibrancy and instantly bought it, because he knew a little bit about that camera.

The New York Times - Home Delivery Illustrations in Motion

Since the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a heightened interest in getting the NYT paper delivered. This campaign aims to address this new need — Timo Kuilder and team convince readers to upgrade to a higher frequency of delivery by staying connected and informed at their own pace and get in-depth understanding of the news during uncertain times. They made 10 moving illustrations which depict reading the NYT newspaper as part of one's daily home routines.

Satisfying Loops using Cinema 4D and Octane Render

Ben Fearnley shared a series of, as he says, very satisfying loops created using Cinema 4D and Octane Render. As a fan of 3D and trying to learn a bit more in my spare time, this type of work definitely gives me the boost of motivation to keep going.

Animated Letterings by Ruslan Abasov

Ruslan Abasov shared an amazing motion design project playing with lettering/typography and one of the most iconic cartoon symbols, the cartoonish hand (Mickey Mouse). POP-UP: Animated Letterings features fluid and natural animations  including the splashes and droplets of ink. The lettering in the end is also quite beautiful. Below you can see the animations as well as some printed versions. 

Ford Copa Libertadores (2020) - Motion Design

GTB agency invited Thiago Steka to help them tell a couple of stories about die-hard football (the real one) fans and their Fords as part of Ford's official sponsorship campaign for Copa Libertadores 2020. The result was a beautiful animation, illustration and motion design project. 

Nissan 'Tech That Moves' — 3D and Motion Design

Seokmin Hong  shared a quite beautiful 3D and motion design project for Nissan. The redesign of the Nissan badge was its first update in 20 years. To celebrate the launch of this new logo Seokmin Hong and team created this short concept film 'Tech That Moves' - inspired by Nissans design process and brand experience.

Motion Design for DC Lottery "Roaring Cash"

Inspired by the golden palette and art-deco designs of DC Lottery’s Roaring Cash game, LOOP . took the viewer on a ‘20’s thrill ride - playing with the idea that our ticket “opens the door” to thrills, excitement, and the Great Gatsby high-life.

80s Inspired Motion Design - CONTROL

Vasiliy Oleshko shared a beautiful motion design project titled CONTROL. What can I say about it? Well, look at the stills and you will know exactly why I am sharing it here with you all. The 80s look, feel and colors are all there. The tools used were Maxon Cinema 4D and After Effects.

6–7 is 6ourbon 7ime

In a world where we’re all working from home, how do we know when work ends and life starts? Beam Suntory, the world’s largest bourbon maker, saw a new role for its brands in this reality. A movement to set the boundaries again and make 6-7pm sacred.

Orpheus - 350+ cuts of paper sculpture/installation

Orpheus is a paper sculpture / installation made from 350+ cuts of paper created by Aivaras Ligeika. Custom-made glass showcase has a light installed in the base that gently illuminates the sculpture at night-time, creating a unique experience for the observer.

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