The Marvelous Illustration Work of Julio Cezar

One of the greatest things for me is to see a super talented artist being appreciated by tons of people. Lately, I've come to find a Brazilian artist whose work is being shared a lot all over Facebook and other design blogs, and I thought we really had to feature his work as well because he's really talented.

Exploring Colorful and Abstract Illustration

I am a fan of abstract illustration, especially when it mixes 3D with some very simple geometry like the fantastic work of Martin Cusano. Martin shared a set of super colorful, yet beautiful artwork merging all the elements needed to a truly nostalgic look. From the gradients to the texture and patterns, some of those pieces reminded me of Brazilian Broadcasting TV in the late 80s early 90s. A lot of chrome, simply geometries like triangles circles and reflections.

Cybercity Illustrations by Evgenij Kungur

Let's pay a visit into the Cyberpunk World with this incredible illustration series by Evgenij Kungur, a freelance artist from Кунгур, Russian Federation. Taking right back into the underworld of Blade Runner, with its futuristic spaceships, neons, animated billboards and more. He shared three different styles of illustrations including its variants. But the coolest part is seeing the process behind each artwork, make sure to check it out.

Bold & Colourful Illustrations by Design Lad

We have received the amazing work by Design Lad not to confused with Design Lead! He is a London-based designer and illustrator that focuses his work in bold, playful and colourful 3D illustrations. I am surprised that we have never featured his work before on ABDZ. Represented by our friends from Jelly London, make sure to follow his work on Instagram

Illustration for Adobe Animate CC Splash Screen

For some reason I missed this but Plasticbionicshared an amazing illustration created for the Adobe Animate CC splash screen. In addition to that they shared a set of artworks that look like they are part of the exploration for that final work. Visually speaking, in my humble opinion, the work is top notch, especially the color palette and the subtle 3D effect.

Cali Lifestyle Paper Craft

Paper craft artwork is probably my favorite style. I believe the reason is simply because I would never be able to create something nice with this technique, at least not as nice, or I'd say amazing as the work that my fellow Brazilian Arthur Régis put together titled Cali Lifestyle. What really fascinates me is the depth that the composition gets by the order of the layers which seem to come alive at first glance. For this creative project the idea is a paper-craft piece using colored paper, foam paper and glue.

Tokyo Storefronts in Beautiful Watercolor by Mateusz Urbanowicz

Mateusz Urbanowicz aka. Matto, is a very talented illustrator and digital designer. Born and raised in Silesia, Poland, Matto currently lives in Tokyo. The artist has a lot of beautiful artworks on his portfolio. But one series of illustrations he created really caught my attention. Tokyo Storefront series is a collection of exquisite watercolor pieces showcasing Tokyo shops. What is so unique about it is that Matto turns the busy life of Tokyo into delicate illustrations.

Illustration and Graphic Design: Amour and Cacao

I stumbled across this beautiful illustration and graphic design project by Imédia Firme Créative, especially the work from Marie-Joëlle Lemire, Nicolas Lambert, Valérie Pilotte and Claudie Déry. It’s one of those things that you’ll giveaway as a gift and for this present case is so well done. I also really enjoy the print work with the shiny vinyl. Congrats to the whole team for winning an award for Applied Arts Magazine 2017 in Ilustration.

Incredible Illustration Work with iPad Pro and Procreate

Oscar Llorens shared an incredible illustration project on his Behance profile titled Dolls. It's his second project done entirely using the iPad and Procreate and, honestly, I was blown away. The first time I saw I really thought it was done using Photoshop because of the textures and the style. It was definitely a happy surprise, especially as I try to use my iPad for content creation, like write now writing this post.

TOOLS - 3D Digital Art

Luis de la Barrera-Montenegro is a visual artist, 3D, motion artist based in Madrid, Spain. He has been making an interesting 3D digital art series about our everyday tools as we all commonly know them about. But in his series, he actually replaced the elements or shall we call them components used instead of actually making 3D renders of the tool itself. The results are so clever and remarkable. Hope you will enjoy this collection!

Singular Illustration

We have featured the work of Flavio Montiel a few times here on Abduzeedo, most of the work we feature of him was a mix of 3D with light effects, however this time he shared quite an amazing new piece that definitely deserved to be featured here.

Stylish Use of Textutre in Illustration: Wizje Magazine

Tomasz Woźniakowski shared a beautiful project on his Behance profile. It’s a set of illustrations he recently created for the newest Wizje magazine publication which is a polish collective of young people promoting poems of various writers. The illustration style is top notch, I especially like the usage of texture and depth. I feel that is a much better alternative to the ultra flat and vector look.

Edible Ensembles: Whimsical Illustrations by Gretchen Röehrs

My most treasured gift of Christmas 2018 came from my sister in the form of the smile-inducing Edible Ensembles, a whimsical collection of illustrations marrying food and fashion by the talented SF-based artist and illustrator Gretchen Röehrs. I'm admittedly late to the party in showcasing my admiration for this superstar creative as she is beloved by global media, her Instagram followers and everyone in between.

A selection of Slack Brand Design Projects

It has been quite a little while since we last shared the work from Russell Shaw, an art director, designer and illustrator from San Francisco, CA, USA. We are happily sharing a selection of his brand design projects over Slack during 2017-2018.

Citizens of the Jungle Illustration Series

Let's take a look at the work from Ladislas Chachignot who is an illustrator, digital painter, and creator of the Citizens of the Jungle Illustration Series. What is it? Well, it's a series of portraits illustrating our lost connection towards nowadays strong resistance of technology and our initial primitive "wilderness". First of all, I truly love the variety of colors used throughout this series and utterly more knowing its signification.

Unique and Colorful Illustration Work of Enisaurus

There are so many different illustration styles and despite that, it's interesting to see how much trends affect the usage of different styles. I was not aware of the work of Enisaurus until I ran to her/hir Behance profile. It was refreshing seeing how can you add character and personality to illustration, not following trends and yet creating awesome artworks. I personally love the color and depth added to the forms. Some projects even use textures to create a more dirty look, really beautiful. 

Illustrations, Logos and Icons for Nickelodeon's Slime Fest

DXTR shared a beautiful post on Behance with illustration, logos and icons for Nickelodeon's Slime Fest 2018.  As the name of the even suggest the design direction really expand on the slime theme. I personally love the illustrations and character design. Nickelodeon's Slime Fest  is a day of music and slime for the whole family featuring performances by Flo Rida, Zedd, Liam Payne and Jojo Siwa. One for the kids. The event took place in Nothern Island, Chicago June 9th & 10th 2018.

Pastel Japan, Cats and Alleyways Illustrations

We are featuring the illustrations from Denise aka surudenise, they are filled with pastel colours, Japan, cats and alleyways. What else do you want? These are packed with beautiful and vibrant colors! I especially like her two illustrations referring to Kyoto Cats Day/Night, almost have that Anime feels. You should definitely give her a follow on Instagram where she incorporates the same feels in terms of color palette.

Magnificent Hand Lettering by Emilee Rudd

I'm slightly obsessed with hand lettering. I simply love when I stumble upon any branding, print, signage, mural, etc. showcasing a beautiful lettering work. The talent involved in creating beautiful things using only your free hand, creativity and skills never ceases to impress me. From packages on a supermarket shelf to restaurant chalkboard menus or street signs, I'm always delighted to see a good old hand-drawn piece. And this is why I'm always looking for artworks with that particular style.

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