Graphical and Abstract Art for your Home

Creanet shared a collection of art prints to brighten your home. The selection of graphical and abstract art with beautiful color palettes adds an elegant touch to any home interior. Personally speaking I am a fan of super simple compositions and geometric shapes.  

Abstract 3D Illustrations by Mathieu Le Berre

Mathieu Le Berre is an art director into motion and 3D based in Paris, France. We are taking a look at his series titled 'Andromeda' which is a 3D abstract piece as I quote: 'objects of the natural, real or imaginary world, but only shapes and colors for themselves.' It's purely imaginative, creative, vibrant, and I really dig the art direction. You should definitely check out more of his work via his Behance and other social feeds. He has lots of amazing projects and more to come I am sure.

Surf Locos Illustrations

It's cool how the season can shift your perspective on your day-to-day. I have been feeling more lively with the summer and how things are very slowly coming back to some normality. This is what I felt seeing the work of Magdalena Kaczi, an art director and illustrator based in Warsaw, Poland. We are featuring her series titled: 'Surf Locos' and within a few illustrations, you can the perfect mood of that 'surf life'. I really like that first image, you can almost feel the emotion of that piece itself.

The New York Times - Home Delivery Illustrations in Motion

Since the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a heightened interest in getting the NYT paper delivered. This campaign aims to address this new need — Timo Kuilder and team convince readers to upgrade to a higher frequency of delivery by staying connected and informed at their own pace and get in-depth understanding of the news during uncertain times. They made 10 moving illustrations which depict reading the NYT newspaper as part of one's daily home routines.

Dribbble Spotlight — Illustrations by Isaac LeFever

It's been quite a while since I last spent time looking for inspiration on Dribbble. Not to brag but things are most or less the same which is unfortunate, to be honest. But on the good side, I stumbled across the work of Isaac LeFever, which by the way is a badass name to start with. Isaac is an art director & illustrator based in Seattle, WA, USA. After browsing through his work, I have a huge fan of the overall visual style.

Cyberpunk Aesthetics with Dana Ulama

It's been a little while I haven't looked for 'Cyberpunk Inspiration' and I was surprised by the amount of love this era is still getting all the time. Let's admit it's the best decade ever! I stumbled across the work of Dana Ulama who first of all deserves much love since her work is very beautiful and you can tell that she is a burst of creativity in her art. It's inspiring! I personally dig her work where she is exploring pieces surrounding the golden hour. I just love the tones and the subtleness with the shadow.

Rebranding Illustrations for Scout

Continuing my search for a client visual style, I stumbled on another amazing series of illustrations by Febin Raj, an illustrator & designer based in Bangalore, India. He worked on a rebranding project illustrating the different landscapes of the beautiful country of Australia. Based and inspired by a concept by 'Jean Louise - To Kill a Mockingbird', we follow the journey of the protagonist into the wild of the wilderness. I love the colors representing either the sunrise or the sunset, they are so warm as you can almost feel them.

Illustrations & Album Cover for Abo Sahar

Keeping with my inspirational search of visual delight, I stumbled across the work of Gamal Assy, a graphic designer based in Mansoura, Egypt. He worked with a music artist named Abo Sahar to conceptualize its new album cover and visual direction for his brand. Inspired by Abo's unique music style, Gamal came up with this very cool, playful, and colorful series of illustrations. I really dig the style and direction that Gamal took, it's well crafted and I like the play on the novelty.

Digital Watercolor Paintings of Tokyo Storefronts

Mateusz Urbanowicz is back with more of his Tokyo Storefonts, a series of illustrations that would imagine a creative and unique shops on the streets of Tokyo. We have featured his first series on abdz. a few years back, it's really great to see a comeback that would carry the same appealing, charming and detailed results. Each storefront shares its own story, from an optician's salon, typewriter, photo studio, and more.

Pixar's Luca Illustration made in Figma

vijay verma is a designer working at Zomato, he created this very cool illustration of the character named Luca (obviously!) from the Pixar's Luca movie that was recently released on Disney+. What's particular about this illustration, it's entirely made in Figma. How freaking cool is that and vijay made the file available for us to 'duplicate'. This double win and big props to vijay for sharing his work for the community.

Food Illustrations by Carlotta Notaro

The end of the week is already here, how was yours? I wanted to share this colorful illustration series by Carlotta Notaro, it's the perfect occasion for the season and I just love the style surrounding these illustrations. It's always insightful getting a peek into someone's favorite food and in this case 'Italian Food'! Of course there is pizza involved! Hope this will be inspiring for the weekend!

Stylish Fashion Illustrations — The Sartorial Painting Collection​

I stumbled across the work of Seungwon Hong and thought it would be cool to feature on abdz. Seungwon is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Seoul, Korea. His series? It's titled: 'The Sartorial Painting Collection' and it's basically a series of digitally drawn paintings of portraits and people in general that he founds through social media. I think it's lovely series whereas you look closer you will appreciate the details and process the entire canvas through its entity.

Interference of Light Illustration Series by Danny Ivan

Happy Friday everyone! We would like to share the work of Danny Ivan who is a freelance 3D Imagery maker / Art Director for motion based in Porto, Portugal. His illustration series is entitled: Interference of Light 2.0, a beautiful set of creative experimentations using Maxon Cinema 4D and of course Photoshop. As I quote here from Danny: "The big goal here is to transmit a certain of serenity with these abstract images on a technology electric world."

The Good Lord Bird Stylish Artwork & Illustration

Pedro Correa shared another stylish illustration project on his Behance profile. This one is the set of Artworks made for Showtime's series The Good Lord Bird to be displayed at SXSW 2020. The style of the work blends illustration with different textures and effects, sometimes halftone sometimes just normal print effects. It’s hard to describe but it’s truly beautiful, which is a constant when we look at Pedro's portfolio.

Travel Sketchbook Illustrations

David Leutert is a illustrator & letterer based in Berlin, Germany. David has shared a really cool series of sketches titled: ' Travel Sketchbook', it's a series of where I am pretty sure it's taken from David's past traveling around the world. With the summer season coming slowly and things are going back to some normality. It will be great for some of us to travel again, we all have been missing the thrill of things. In the meantime, props to David for inspiring to the near future.

Fruity Loops — Stylish Illustrations

I am a huge fan of the illustration work that Lena Vargas does. I have been following the projects and it always impresses me how fresh, clean and stylish Lena’s work is. This project in particular has a light, sort of pastel color palette with a bit of a 80s look, well for me if there’s sort of RGB gradient, my brain automatically thinks we’re talking about 80s style. Anyway, this project is called Fruity loops.

'Vaccines for All' Sticker Pack for WhatsApp

I think we all have our share of this never-ending pandemic, after more than a year things are slowly changing for the better. Even though there are still parts of the world where things are not doing so well. Let's try to be positive and pushing ourselves onwards. Burnt Toast aka Scott Martin is an illustrator based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He shared via his Behance a 'sticker pack' titled 'Vaccines for All' for WhatsApp (Agency: Just Global) with the collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Anime Mashup Illustrations

Geo Law, an illustrator based London, UK shared a cool series of illustrations mashing up his passion for anime and experimentations. These are doodles made in Procreate and the results are really amazing! If you are a fan of Japanese animations, you will easily recognize the sets of iconic scenes from Akira, Dragon Ball, and Astro Boy. I strongly encourage Geo to have more fun with these, this is what I decided to feature his series on abdz.

Game artist recreates iconic movie scenes through Pixel Art

As a huge movie rat, I can't help to really enjoy this Pixel Art feature for Gustavo Viselner, a game & pixel artist based in Tel Aviv, Israel. His work? Recreating movie and television scenes made of Pixel art. He is on a mission saying that Pixel art is no longer a graphic tool for games and as I quote: "...a form of art". I totally dig that! Try to guess which movies are shown in this collection I have put together, as I decided to leave out the caption titles for you to find out by yourself. A hint?

Zootopia — Beautiful Illustration by Kate Stepanova

Kate Stepanova has an incredible portfolio of illustration projects. I’d love to share one of them, this one in particular is titled Zootopia. At first glance I really thought they were 3D work. Well, they are 3D but not using 3D tools, just pure concept and illustration. The colors and the volumes, everything looks really nice, check it out

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