Interference of Light Illustration Series by Danny Ivan

Happy Friday everyone! We would like to share the work of Danny Ivan who is a freelance 3D Imagery maker / Art Director for motion based in Porto, Portugal. His illustration series is entitled: Interference of Light 2.0, a beautiful set of creative experimentations using Maxon Cinema 4D and of course Photoshop. As I quote here from Danny: "The big goal here is to transmit a certain of serenity with these abstract images on a technology electric world."

The Good Lord Bird Stylish Artwork & Illustration

Pedro Correa shared another stylish illustration project on his Behance profile. This one is the set of Artworks made for Showtime's series The Good Lord Bird to be displayed at SXSW 2020. The style of the work blends illustration with different textures and effects, sometimes halftone sometimes just normal print effects. It’s hard to describe but it’s truly beautiful, which is a constant when we look at Pedro's portfolio.

Travel Sketchbook Illustrations

David Leutert is a illustrator & letterer based in Berlin, Germany. David has shared a really cool series of sketches titled: ' Travel Sketchbook', it's a series of where I am pretty sure it's taken from David's past traveling around the world. With the summer season coming slowly and things are going back to some normality. It will be great for some of us to travel again, we all have been missing the thrill of things. In the meantime, props to David for inspiring to the near future.

Fruity Loops — Stylish Illustrations

I am a huge fan of the illustration work that Lena Vargas does. I have been following the projects and it always impresses me how fresh, clean and stylish Lena’s work is. This project in particular has a light, sort of pastel color palette with a bit of a 80s look, well for me if there’s sort of RGB gradient, my brain automatically thinks we’re talking about 80s style. Anyway, this project is called Fruity loops.

'Vaccines for All' Sticker Pack for WhatsApp

I think we all have our share of this never-ending pandemic, after more than a year things are slowly changing for the better. Even though there are still parts of the world where things are not doing so well. Let's try to be positive and pushing ourselves onwards. Burnt Toast aka Scott Martin is an illustrator based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He shared via his Behance a 'sticker pack' titled 'Vaccines for All' for WhatsApp (Agency: Just Global) with the collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Anime Mashup Illustrations

Geo Law, an illustrator based London, UK shared a cool series of illustrations mashing up his passion for anime and experimentations. These are doodles made in Procreate and the results are really amazing! If you are a fan of Japanese animations, you will easily recognize the sets of iconic scenes from Akira, Dragon Ball, and Astro Boy. I strongly encourage Geo to have more fun with these, this is what I decided to feature his series on abdz.

Game artist recreates iconic movie scenes through Pixel Art

As a huge movie rat, I can't help to really enjoy this Pixel Art feature for Gustavo Viselner, a game & pixel artist based in Tel Aviv, Israel. His work? Recreating movie and television scenes made of Pixel art. He is on a mission saying that Pixel art is no longer a graphic tool for games and as I quote: "...a form of art". I totally dig that! Try to guess which movies are shown in this collection I have put together, as I decided to leave out the caption titles for you to find out by yourself. A hint?

Zootopia — Beautiful Illustration by Kate Stepanova

Kate Stepanova has an incredible portfolio of illustration projects. I’d love to share one of them, this one in particular is titled Zootopia. At first glance I really thought they were 3D work. Well, they are 3D but not using 3D tools, just pure concept and illustration. The colors and the volumes, everything looks really nice, check it out

36 Days of Character Design

Many people know about the challenge that takes place every year called # 36daysoftype, for 8 years it has brought designers and artists from all over the world on instagram under a single hashtag. It has become very popular and I have been participating and trying to challenge myself for 7 years. This year Daniela Jiménez decided to do something different, convert each letter of the alphabet and 10 numbers into character design.

Dogma — A digital art series by Janusz Jurek

Janusz Jurek is a visual artist based in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland. I can't pinpoint if we have featured his work before but it's better now than never. I am sharing his digital art series titled: 'Dogma' and as you can see it's a monochrome approach or tribute to the 'man's best friend'. The dog. As I was scrolling for inspiration to feature, I stumbled across Janusz's work and I couldn't help to think about the memories of my dog as well. It's beautiful, make sure to check them out.

No villain is born villain — Illustration

Pedro Correa shared an awesome illustration project that was commissioned by the popular Brazilian magazine “Revista Superinteressante # 408”. The reportage is about the villain's journey, explaining that no villain is born villain, they all have a journey that took them there. All illustrations made in Photoshop using True Grit Textures Supply brushes and textures.

Illustration translating the feeling of global warming

Shangning Wang and Jiayan He shared an illustration project they created for Adobe that was used for Adobe InDesign 2020 splash screen as well as different materials. This is a series of posters that showcase the feeling of global warming. This project was created in May 2018, and published in early June 2018. In 2019, we collaborated with the Adobe Design Team, and one piece of this project is featured at Adobe InDesign 2020 splash screen.

Stylish Newspaper Cover Illustration

Anil Rinat shared an awesome illustration project for a newspaper cover. The work was commissioned for an exhibition curated by @zoharariso, Jerusalem design week. I personally love the geometric aspect of the illustration in a clean vector style. I always find it hard to nail this type of vector work because most of the time it looks not polished or professional. That’s totally the opposite of Anil accomplished, the outcome is stylish and full of personality.

30 Days of Shapes — Illustration

Maximilian Bolduan shared this illustration and graphic design project is paying homage to Isabella Conticello's #ageoaday challenge. Maximilian really admires her work and her skill to design a big variation of different layouts and compositions. If nothing else you REALLY should check out her work. While designing layouts he got a feeling for the balance and weight of objects and the right composition.

Watsons 屈臣氏 Illustrations By Mercedes Bazan

Mercedes Bazan is an incredible graphic designer and illustrator currently working at Strip. We are a fan of Mercedes work in general but we would love to focus on the illustrations, more specifically the Watsons 屈臣氏 Illustrations made for Watsons Moisturizing Facial masks.The style the colors everything is simply… inspiring! 

Collision —  Journey into a visual sci-fi universe

Collision is Eduardo da Floresta most recent project that consists in a book. It’s a non-narrative journey into a visual sci-fi universe, full of places to explore. Eduardo started this project in the beginning of this year (2021), inspired by the old sci-fi book covers and movie posters. He adds that it’s a book with around 100 pages full of obscure places, weird creatures and mystic universes.

A Magical and Tasty Lettering Series

What would it look like if you could put a foodie spin on popular fairy tales? “Hungrily Ever After” is a collection of colorful hand-lettered book cover art that reimagines fairy tale messages if their characters were big foodies. Filled with puns, parodies, and playful illustrations, this series will appeal to your appetite and childhood storytime nostalgia.

A bedtime story to bring hope and optimism to children’s bedsides

Forever Beta is publishing a bedtime storybook specifically written to remind and reassure children that there is hope and happiness to look forward to beyond the pandemic. It comes on the back of a University of Oxford study showing that children have shown increases in negative physical and emotional mental health symptoms during lockdown

Redesign of Rudo and Tecnico Tequila Labels

Anton Burmistrov shared a beautiful branding and illustration work for the redesign of the Rudo and Tecnico tequila labels. Tequilas Rudo and Tecnico are inspired by Lucha Libre, an extremely popular Mexican style of professional wrestling, and its rich cultural tradition.

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