Stylish Use of Textutre in Illustration: Wizje Magazine

Tomasz Woźniakowski shared a beautiful project on his Behance profile. It’s a set of illustrations he recently created for the newest Wizje magazine publication which is a polish collective of young people promoting poems of various writers. The illustration style is top notch, I especially like the usage of texture and depth. I feel that is a much better alternative to the ultra flat and vector look.

Izanami & Elvis — Manga Illustrations

I haven't always been a fan of Manga but as of late...yes! Why this series of illustrations really caught my attention by Christophe Starace. Christophe is an art director, illustrator, and motion designer currently based in London, United Kingdom, titled 'Izanami & Elvis', we follow his work through some character design and lovely scenes into play. I love how these illustrations are filled with drawing lines that completely stylize the mood and atmosphere. Make sure to follow Chris and check out more of his work. Hope you like it!

Editorial Illustrations for Morgan Stanley

Tom Clohosy Cole is a freelance illustrator, artist and director based in London, UK. He shared an incredible series of editorial illustrations he worked for Morgan Stanley which is an investment bank and financial services. First of all, make sure to check out the full project on his Behance, they are really great and quite stylish. Personally, I just love the visual style and the colors. Wow!

Singular Illustration

We have featured the work of Flavio Montiel a few times here on Abduzeedo, most of the work we feature of him was a mix of 3D with light effects, however this time he shared quite an amazing new piece that definitely deserved to be featured here. The Singular project mixes an old-school vintage look with a nice texture and style.

Typographic series based on isometric grids

Mario De Meyer has a series of typographic artworks titled Isotype. The second installment of the series, aka Isotype 2 continues with the mission of creating compositions mixing typography and isometric grids, always with a beautiful usage of color. 

Ouroboros Graphic Novel

Royalex is a French illustrator based in La Rochelle and was kind enough to share a colorful illustration project with us. Ouroboros was a school project for my final year in design school. It’s a short story about a stranger discovering a mysterious solar system, with which he feels a certain bond…In this colorful - almost psychedelic - travel in this weird universe, the stranger, who lost his ship, will discover a timeless planet.

Editorial Illustration - Dangerous Camouflage

Eiko Ojala shared an awesome editorial illustration post on his Behance profile. Titled as "Dangerous Camouflage", Eiko tries to provide a critical point of view of the addiction of society to electronic devices, in this particular case, the about soldiers using smartphones and how dangerous it is of reviling all sorts of information. 

Blockchains are Beautiful — NFT

The future is now, and RETOKA . join the future now. With this project RETOKA . launched their first NFT work in the Foundation App. The artwork is simply beautiful featuring a human figure type of composition made of chains with a glitchy look.  When Blockchains sculpt a human face.

Saigon Rainy Days through Illustrations

Let's explore Saigon, Vietnam through illustrations by a bunch of folks including: Maxk Nguyen, Thai Thanh Do, Kawako Giang Nguyễn, Nguyễn Thành Vũ, Thinh Le, Hạnh Huỳnh, Người Đá, Vũ Hải Long and Nguyễn Thành Chiến. This amazing crew has created a tremendous series by illustrating scenes from the streets of Saigon in Vietnam. I loved the visual approach and of course the attention to details for each piece. From eventually the rain, the lighting, the character and going all the way to the reflection of the water on the floor from the rain falling down. Makes everything else magical!

Girls Series by Lera Kiryakova — Character Design

Lera Kiryakova is an illustrator based in Tula, Russian Federation. She shared a lovely series titled 'Girls' which is an illustration series highlighting fictional characters and some of them you would recognize from the movies like 'The Queen's Gambit, Brave, Moana, and more. One particular really caught my eye and it's that character with the pinky hair holding a Coca-Cola can. What's really distinct is her eyes, her look and it's just really cool. Make sure to give Lera some love on her social networks.

Surreal Illustration Style: The observatory

The Observatory is an illustration and graphic design project created and shared by Anxo Vizcaíno. It is one of those projects that make your imagination fly away. It reminds me those old school 80s artworks, like you still can see some street artist doing on plates and stuff like that. It has the space theme but with a surreal style of presenting the human figure. It also reminds me of the Monument Valley game due to the isometric perspective. Anyways, I selected some images below for you to check it out.

Modern Street Demons Illustrations

Eduardo León is a graphic designer and illustrator from Mexico, Mexico. He shares a series of illustrations that really caught my eye in terms of style, concepts, and purely its execution. The results are really cool, they remind me of a series of characters from a game or an anime series. What do you think? I am excited to see more of the series in the near future. Make sure to follow the work of Eduardo on Instagram.

Japan Life Illustrations by Minaminani Take

Today was the first day back to school for students in Switzerland. It somehow reminds me of Japan because of how orderly, and structured was the students welcoming. I stumbled across the work of Minaminani Take who is an illustrator. based in Japan. She illustrates what I would call 'Life scenes', probably things that we would see across the world. But if you pay close attention to the details, you can tell it's Japan. Give it a look and make sure to check out the rest of her work on Behance.

Dancing Lion - Playing with 3D Shapes in Blender

BAOV chen shared a beautiful 3D project using Blender. From the description it seems that after learning about a model made in Blender, BAOV started trying to recreate the style by rearranging shape and topology. After that BAOV made some renderings of the effects and what we see here today is that. Quite inspiring.

Super Stylish Type Explorations

We have featured Huston Wilson in the past but there’s always more inspiring work to share. For this post we’d love to feature some typography explorations that Huston has shared over the years. I am a fan of the style, the textures and colors in addition to the flawless compositions. 

Gamepads turned into Monsters Illustrations

I always enjoyed featuring projects that are well-thought-out and completely out of the ordinary. Judging by the title, you can tell right away it's cool, thankful to share the work of Ilya Lyakh who is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Moscow, Russian Federation. We are featuring his work titled: 'Monster Play 19' which is a series of popular console gamepads turned into monsters. An inspiration he took after seeing a custom gamepad, great reference to a cool result. Check it out!

TYPE 0.3 - Colorful Type Explorations

Huston Wilson shared a colorful and quite beautiful set of type explorations, having fun with color, grain and shadows and some mockups from Yellow images. Huston also created a set of wallpapers for Always Stay Positive set.

Rain and Life Illustrations by Vipin Das

Vipin Das is an artist and illustrator based from Bangalore, India. I wanted to share the work of Vipin in response to the recent 'climate change' events that have been happening all over the globe. I am speaking especially about the 'heavy rain and even flooding' happening in Europe and Asia. I like how the illustrations describe multiple scenes of rain and also life scenes as well. Make sure to follow more of Vipin's work via his Behance.

Illustrations portraying a phantom of eastern block socialistic times

Marcin Wolski is a graphic designer and illustrator from Sopot, Poland. Marcin’s portfolio is full of some very stylish illustrations exploring a wide range of themes. The one that caught my eye was the set titled Eastern Bloc, described by Marci as a “Set of illustrations portraying a phantom of eastern block socialistic times.” — everything about these illustrations is great, the colors, the textures, the mood. Quite stylish. 

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